don’t stop me from doing this and i know you’ll get hurt with what i have to say but, you’re not the — only who feels this way.

honestly, i let you go because i know — i hope — i wish — i pray that things would fall into place. but if you could stay — if i could keep you, i swear to God, i would. if everyone respected us like they should’ve, i wouldn’t let go. but, i guess,  things aren’t supposed to end up the way we dreamed it would – how we prayed it would.

i won’t deny it, this time i want the world to know.. you meant something to me. and i don’t care who see’s it or who reads this. ** you won already, let me do my bussiness.. let me tell the world i care for him that i can’t see him like this ** turn around.

i can’t tell you all the things i want to tell you because, i know you won’t undestand, if not… i know that you would think i’m someone else — someone completely twisted. but, honestly, maybe i am. i never wanted it to be hard for us. i never wanted to pretend that i wasn’t happy when you were around.i admit, there were times when i didn’t want to see you but.. i have my reasons and only god knows and should know them.

hahaiz. i don’t know what to say in order for you to understand that, hurting you is just something i have to do. it’s not something that i dreamt of doing.. of course not. i can’t do this anymore.

– and when all the pieces fall into place, when everything is all right.. i’ll find you. i don’t know how and where but i will. and when i find you, i won’t say anything… i’ll just stand there, look into your eyes and say, ” i might have fallen for the *wrongest* one. but, you’ll make everything in my life all right again.”

i know you’ll judge me; i know you’ll discriminate and i won’t stop you. but all i ever wanted was for you to cut the bullshit. this is the last time i’m listenning to anyone.

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