now, don’t come up to me as that this isn’t love or loyalty because you guys are my life and i would go to the ends of te earth for you. i would cut class for you, bitches. let’s just thank god i didn’t have to cut today. [thankyouthankyouthank]

today is stc’s iintrams and i am like… soooo excited!! hehe. i bought their intrams shirt and everything. i;m ridding with arden today and i’m going to meet up with the guys at school at around 9. weeeeeeeeh. stc fever.

i swear. if going back wouldn’t be so hard, i would’ve.

my week at school has been revolving over the fact that today is the day i get to spend with all my matez and no one can tell me what to do or what to wear kay.. di na gud ko student ngadto. that means, i can get away with bringin my phone. haha. priviledge.


i gotta bounce. the shower calls.

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