— i can feel the pressure from the blood that’s rushing out of my veins. i can feel the intenseness and let’s just say… if i think about it too much.. i might just go insane.–

nothing i do will take my mind off what’s going to happen. people will want to talk which will make me start to think. if i don’t stop thinking about it… i’m going to have a nervous nervous breakdown.

i can’t defend the team by saying, “we deserve to win.” i can’t defend them by saying, “we’re the best team.” so probably, the best thing i can say is that “we deserve to play a fair game.”

the team has been training for a month.. i bet others have been training for years. but within tha month, we;ve trained our asses off up to the point where we couldn’t feel them anymore. lmao. and like, i know we ain’t the best. we ain’t championship material or anything but… Lord, give us something to brag about. hehe.

tomorrow’s the game. i wish we didn’t have to play against usjr.i really do. but i understand. god works in mysterious ways. i know, right?!

basta, GUYS [God]… this is for you.

kick ass, tom. aiight?! dili usik ang pangasaba ug ang practices. you can do it. i know we can. lovesyouall. mwah!

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