yea. so it’s 6:28 in the morning and i’m all dressed up. it’s nothing new… it’s a saturday. sports is my life… so i’m living it. [that sounds so… cliche. bitch] lmao. anyways, as usual, i have volleyball practice but instead of going extra early… today’s “slow mo” day for me. [hehe. that just means i’m going ta be late.] haha. anyways, i’m not ina hurry today or anything man sad. practice will be practice… hopefully there will be imporvements. [big one’s if i pray hard enough]. people won’t be all up in my grill. fuckyou,******. eatshit, bai!

sorry. [stressreliever] anyways, my week has been… tiring. bitches, here and there. trying to make the most out of the time that i have. trying to come up with more excuses to play volley. hey, i don’t love it.. it’s just that… it’s the only thing i can do that keeps my head outta things.

my grades have been up and down. i got freaking locked out my math class yesterday… fuckyou,bell!! lmao.

people, well they talk. they make me the center of their world. but, i’m not complaining… just keep him out of it.

parents… what about? they try. but it’s late. so, whatever.

anyways, i have to leave ina bit so… ima snap out of my bitchynez and bounce.

hollah. 🙂

A K R H O > B L O O D Z > SECOND HAND SMOKE <> R A I Nonmyparade > T R U E F R I E N D Z [do they still exist?] > B E E R [need some]<– random shit.

yes, i know… life can be a bitch. deal.

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