Hey! what’s up? what have i been missing out on lately?

school is school and well, i just sit in class most of the time cuz i’ve been so school sick lately. [yes people, stc sick! got any problems with that?!] and like, this week is just not my week. i mean, yeah. i’ve passed all my test but, i need a better meaning. i need ta fell MY friends! imissthem soo fucking much! but mother says i havta graduate at MMCH. well, ambot lang. DON’T THINK ABOUT IT NALANG BEH.

i mean, it’s not like i’m limiting myself from having friends there or anything hap?! it’s just that.. ambot lang. see, ambot! 🙂

plus, i need someone.. i think i found him but then my head says otherwise. but, i’m too busy with school to bother.

ohh… i finally hit 500! wow. i’m soo proud of myself. wtf?!

school life: chika:

uhm, well. it’s nutrition month so we havta make alot of stuff like jingles and essay writing and slogan. stuff like that. not so interesting. our jingle is ayt. not near perfect but the best that we can get. diba?!

i’ve been paying most of the time.

oh yea!! i go to school [bus] wearing slippers cuz im too lazy to wear my shoes at home. hahha. mura ko’g taga public!

we had a talk on sex education. si georgia nalapsan.

i have alot of projects to do and u havta submit my article for the new school newspaper, lmao. im so proud of myself it kills me.


oh yea, we sports club today and we beat the juniors. sharring 😀

“don’t hate me bitch. i can see right through your jealous eyes”

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