** More duhrt**


I know I promised not to talk shit about the teacher cuz I in this ‘new life’ phase or something like that but this ain’t really shit. Iz **chicka**


Teacher Lisley: Well, actually, she’s aryt but there’s just this little system in my body [my brain to be exact] that keeps ticking whenever she’s around. In short, I hate her. Well, not all the time that is. She’s our homeroom teacher and she’s just weird and paranoid! Plus, she loves giving us sermons that are just soo goddamn annoying!  Plus, I don’t really like the way she teaches, it’s kinda like she’s a fast-forward once we’re in Filipino class.


Teacher Sean: He’s our computer teacher and he like graduated from IT. He’s cool but he looks like Frankenstein. Sorrynaged. I like him and I heard he had a girlfriend. :’c Sayang. Just playing. 


Teacher Brazil: OMG. She’s like one of the best substitutes for T.H.E. and the best in Math soo far! She can really teach and she’s like, so outspoken and basta, she’s the bomb! I love her! She’s one of the teachers who supported my shirt, “boys lie” but she added “and so do girls” but I say, we girls always with it.


Teacher Emilin: She’s short fat and ugly and as an English teacher well… lets just say, I’ve had better.


Teacher Jojo: He’s cool! He gave us JOJO candy on the first day of class and he’s our civics teacher. He’s the bomb digity! J


Teacher Tontette: She’s our CLE teacher and she knows my secret. She’s aryt.


Teacher Juvelyn: Ugh. If Ms. Sombrado was a Science teacher, T. Tonette would actually make her look pretty good. ;p


Coach Joy: he’s fun. Well, duh! He’s our PE teacher gud, he should b

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