been grounded and i hate it but one months almost over. i found a way to go online and i couldn’t help myself from uupdating tiz for you all.. enjoy!! miss you tatak theresiana’z!! 🙂


Another week in the walls of Montesorri and being grounded


June 13-18



        No classes! Cuz it was like, a holiday!



Well, the only thing I remember about Monday was what I wore and that’s my new shirt from penshoppe. [That’s the shirt I got after being grounded! And although the skirt IS cute, I still hate being grounded!] Oh, Kathya wore her p.e. uniform for the first time and that was kinda freaky.



        Now, it was my turn to wear the p.e. uniform and well, I don’t know… I look like, Issa except in really baggy jogging pants and a Montesorri shirt that I probably borrowed from a friend. See, I’m still Issa no matter what you do. : D




Oh Thursday, how could I forget Thursday? Well, I wore my official Maria Montesorri children’s house uniform on Thursday! But it was just supposed to be for picture taking but it lasted until the wee hours of lunch. Lol. And like, I never realized that some of the people were starring at me, I ended up feeling like a… well, a feeler. Cuz I wore my uniform with chuck tailors. But, that’s me… either you take it or not cuz I’m not gonna change. Not for anybody! J But hey, why do I care? Oh, and like this guy named bouviere said I looked in my uniform but I think he was just saying that. And they started teasing me with this Dominique guy. Pleeaze!



LBM… kuno.

        I have the pink itch! Been wearing pink a lot these days! But Friday was the highlight of my pinkness mainly because I wore velvet pink jogging pants with a white sleeveless and my pink and gray jacket still from penshoppe. J Anyways, rem. Dominique from Thursday? Well, he ate off my plate. [Talk about a way to loose you appetite!] No offense or anything. Maybe having guys eating off my plate is still something I have to get used to. And I ever do, I’ll tell you ASAP.J LOL.

        We had our clubs and I’m officially in the sport club. But we only played volleyball and I kinda ended up wishing that I signed up for basketball. But if I did, I’d be the only girl and that would be… well, for me that would be weird. Lol. 🙂 but if you think about it… I am kinda weird. ;p


That’s how it is stuck in the walls of Montesorri. And you know what? I don’t hate it. J


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