and now she’s back. back on track. ima be big. ima be bold. ima be hot. ima be a scold. <- iz that right? i just like rhyming and using sensless wordz nowadays.

im on a count down to my first day of school. i have been so paranoid now! ask JET. homeboy!

anyways, chub is coming over and we’re gonna get a head start on shopping. sa watsons ra nuon. lol

but seriousy.. moving isn’t soo bad.. right?! wa ta kibaw, mu excel pa ko ngadto.

wa sad ta kibaw, ima turn into a slut. hahaiz.

ima scared.

get back to you. 😀

ima miss stc and all the thingz we’d do.
talkin back to the the teacherz and cutting class
too. ima miss all my matez who’ve i learned to
love. ima miss STC ima miss STC. ima miss all
you thugz!

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