HEY! WELL, I LOST MY GAME AGAINST KATHLEEN BUT IT’S ALL-GOOD. I KNEW I WAS GONNA LOSE ANYWAYS. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT?! IT FELT PRETTY DARN GOOD AT FIRST CUZ THE SCORE WAS LIKE 5-2 [GUESS WHO GOT 5?] AMAZING AS IT IS BUT IT WAS I! Anyways, it was fun cuz most of my services actually went in! wweeehhh. Too bad that chub wasn’t there to watch my game though.. But I totally understand. J


          So after the great loss… me, Ben, Gerard and his crazy bro.’s [sorry, I never got the chance to ask them their names] walked outside and I went to ayala to SHOP TILL I DROPPED! And it’s a good thing that I caught up with my TRUE BLUES, Nina, Nikki and Kim cuz they we’re a really big help.


       In the afternoon, I went to chong hua cuz poor arden had dengue.. L amazingly, she didn’t seem to be sick at all. Minus the dextrose or whatever you call it.


      Okie dokie, ima havta lay low for a minute. It’s soo hard to type with long nails! J



      And all this happened om the 26 of may 2005! [I like this color!]


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