I’m no dick, so keep me out of your mouth!

[I love you lannah!


       Well. Heard em seniors been talking shit bout me and making me their bizack as if I give a shit1. They’re all in this phase that I’ve change or something like that shit. It’s about the racket… know, I’m not stupid! Just because I didn’t let em use my racket doesn’t make me less of a person. It doesn’t mean ima bitch or anything it just means that they should stop sucking up and get a life1 ugh. I officially hate em. I saw most of em skanks at the mall in their goofy wanna be outfits and they were all up on my grill giving me the look and acting all stupid… they should just lick it on a stamp and send it to someone who gives a shit about their obnoxiousness cuz I don’t. Last night this girl was all. “hey iss, musta?! I heard arte na daw ka.. people are talking bout you and they’re not good.” As if I care about what the seniors think. They’re just mad cuz I’m not obsessed with em. Lol. I crack myself up thinking of how much of a suck-up I used to be. I’m not scared of them.. and I will never be… who the hell do they think they are!? They’re Nobody’s well… at least to me. J


I love it when I mad!


Was at the mall the whole afternoon with Casey. It’s sort of like, a sister date or something The girl was such a brat,man! But it was all good even though I didnt get to hang out with my mates.Arden and em’where there and they hung-out with layla,ina,Daniel,Justin and marco.Lol. Making the most out of the summer, aye?!I can picture it now.. yeah. It’s all coming true.. L lord, I wish I could’ve … whatever.not planning to say “stay”]


oh yea, i went jogging today.. to forget the stress

Ok, so ima bounce It’s girls in love and I don’t wanna miss a thing.

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