You Just Got Served!! Ü


6:00 pm

Dacay bldg.

Escario street

Youth on Fire



Yea, baby! Ü you just got served, baby! I did my thing and I did it good. At first I was really freaked out that my mother was going and all cuz she was gonna take a video and that’s like… soo humiliating!! Haha. But by the end of everything, it was all worth the humiliation cuz now I can watch myself shake my ass… ohh la-la [when vain people attack!] Ü LOL. Arden and Nina went but Nina didn’t get to watch me dance… but it’s all good. Chabel, axel and Donnie tried to go but they couldn’t is all good.


anyways, ima tell you bout my day but it’s 3 in the morning. thi princess need some shut eye.

peace nalng.




“you were the best thing and i let you go. you didn’t follow me. and i don’t think i wanted you to but now, i wish you did,”



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