oh my god!

what is up? haha. sorry. i haven’t been updating this thing ina while. i mean, i want to.. i jst, don’t. simple. lmao. anyways, so this was like our first week of tennis and saturday and sundays are like, the only days i get off cuz i havta wake up hellah early. well, i had to cuz nikki and chub would come over at like, 6:30 but we changed stuff and now, i go to san case by my self.. okie ra pud. anyways, there are alot of theresians there. but mst of them are in the beginers classes, i’m in secindary and the rest [nikki, claire and kaira] are in advance. well, saon taman. anyways, at the start. i started hangin out wit em buh then, i dunno the freakin coaches started calling me signal number 4 and they were all, kaw, youre still new and pa badlong na au ka! fuck them all. i dont care. they ain’t mah momma’z.. so just shut up ***c***! whoopz. that was too much. i take it back…..

oh, there are alooot of cute guys there too! grabeh. but, who cares.. im a one girl anti-boy society. im savin my first kiss. keepin mah goodiez. waitin for my soldier, prince charming, one man who can do all he can.. to please me. talkin bullshit here, but it’s the truf!

d party:nigg

   yea. haha. okie, there was some stuff happenin. i showd some skin. danced like hell.. drank. ate,. not so much on the “singin” though, cuddled up like hell and screamed till we couldn’t hear our own voice’s no’ mo.! 🙂 niko, lagz and paulo were there. paulo had some freaky ghost stories but, i doubt that they were actually real. lol. it was all fun. for the moment. when i went home to tita annie’s house.. i felt.. weird. *this is the part where i shut up.

my baby bro:

world, i introduce PAOLO ALEXANDER CHUA! payts bah?! yea, i have another brother. i dn’t mean to sound un grateful or anything but i’m having doubts. my life is a mess.. tha’s why im serious when i say that i need that souldier! im waitin.


summer job.. chicz gotta spend. still waitin for that soldier wit the thick bank account.

okie, i gotta go.


iTz liKE tHA ya’LL!! dO yOu rEALLY knOw wHAt kiNdDa giRl i aM?!?! 😀

jopay!!♥catch me, ima bout to fall.. just hope not in bed ;p .. kiPpn tIz temPle fO’ d hOney mOon »

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