** Are You Ready To Have Fun?? **

jUz piCk oNe ghUrLz .. i kNow iTz hArd .. hAha. eRr.. nOt rEaLLy.

1. your idea of a perfect summer day icludes:

a. curling up on the couch and reading a great book from cover to cover

b. sleeping late, then going yo a friends house to hang out

c. hitting the pool early, so you can chat up to the cute lifeguards

2. time to go to the beach! what’s the most crucial item on your tote?

a. a pair of long pants [wtf?!] – you hate anyone seeing how pale your legs really are!

b. sunglasses – besides protecting upir eyes, you love “people – watching”

c. A frisbee – it’s the best way to meet guys

3. you promised to baby-sit your little brother, but then you rem. today is your bud’s party. you:

a, feel relieved to have an excuse not to go. you hate small talk

b. call up your pal amd ask if your brother can come, too. if the party’s lame at keast you’ll be able to duck out early.

c. beg your parents to let you out of baby – sitting duty. this party is waay important to miss.

4. as far as your concerned, the worst part of summer is:

a. how slow time moves! you feel like your always searching for something to do

b. those heat waves when you don’t want to step outside.

c. that it ends! you’re just hitting you groove come labor day!

5. you run into your crush at the mall. when he asks you what your doing this weekend, you:

a. shrug and say, “same as usual. nothing.”

b. put the ball in his court and say, “i don’t know. what about you?”

c. reel off your busy social calendar, hoping at leas one thing will interest you.

6. you’re addicted to the o.c. and gilomore girls, but there are only reruns during the summer. you:

a. watch them anyway. adam brody’s still adorable the secind time around.

b. spend time on the internet to find out the scoop on what’s going to happen next season

c. invite some pals to watch a movie instead.

7. to you, the idea of having a summer romance seems:

a. silly. why hang with a guy for only a few months?

b. kinda exciting. although your not sure where you’ll meet the right guy.

c. totally romantic. it’s so sandy and danny in grease.

8. your parents keep complanning that since school let out:

a. you never leave the house

b. you spend too much time on the phone.

c. you’re never home.

you want answers? well.. duh!! go to the guestbook. all the answer to the following quizzes are there.

if you like it, give me props. haha. if you don’t add a comment. if i get alot of props, ill some more.. 🙂 have fun. peace

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