i LoVe mAh siTe .. πŸ™‚ hAha. dUn bE haTin.

i would tell you bout my site but hen, im too lazy.

yesterday was the bomb though. haha. im too lazy to write bout it so, here’s chub’s blog. sorry fpr steaing chub. πŸ™‚ haha.

anyways, it’s the same shit so. peace!!

just got home from issa’s and IM SO TIRED, and yet SO HAPPY!..driver dropped me off and me and issa ate lunch..daghan kayo kOg gi kaOn, which is why im nOt eating dinner anymOre. hehe.. we went to JY square! it was fun, we went to these different kid stOres. ahaha, issa is sO Obsessed with barbie nOw. i knOw na what tO buy her fOr her birthday!.. ahaha πŸ™‚ we were suppOse to play gunbOund.. but then all the i. cafes were FULL, as in. so we went out and walked to the nearest i. cafe, just to find it full tOo!, and the next One.. then the next. realizing di jud will ni lord, we decided to head home nalang! WE WALKED HOME.. ahaha, we need the exercise. we almost got hit by a taxi AND a jeepney. but lingaw ghpOn! oh yeah!, issa bought this REALLY great mag with chad on the cover. he’s sOo cute. i might marry him someday..[shOx, a girl can dream] sO when we gOt hOme we dipped our feet in the pOol and read the mag. then we gOt in her mOms rOom and watched tv. then we went out to play with her “hObbit” neighbOrs. ahaha! jOkeΓΌ we played vOlleyball.. which i really suck at!:) then we played basketball.. which issa is really gOod at. but then i always get the ball kai i push her man.. hihi πŸ™‚ then we went biking!, i got tO ride this really petite bike, that issa’s really small yet chubby neighbor owned. i gOt tO go arOund the place ringing the bike’s stupid bell, lingaw kauu! πŸ™‚ then, we all went to the pOol place. and issa was like.. “kung di gani mu mu swim di nata friends!” ahaha, ka luOy tawn sa mga gagmaing taO.. they listened tO her.. sO they all swam!, xcept me thOugh πŸ™ kai im sOo afraid Of the water.. i dOnt even knOw how tO swim! πŸ™ sue me.. ahaha. lain pajud kau coz i told guada and dodi na i cant swim they were laughing their heads off!!.. sO mean! :p and yea, sO i was just watching them swimm.. and they were splashing water at me. and shit.. nasuya jud kOo!.. yOu knOw what i did?.. i jumped ui!.. i gOt rid Of my fear na. and issa’s gOnna teach me swim, di jud kO anang instruuctOr2x kai i dOnt trust them..[lOong stOry] and when my mOm came tO pick me up, she wasnt even mad!, she was happy im nOt afraid of hΒ²o na! πŸ™‚ i may sound lame tO yOu guys, but i dOnt care.. ahaha:p lipai kai kOo.. oh yeah baby. i might go to their house tomOrrOw tO swim.. yeheyy πŸ™‚ i had sOo much with issa tOday.. and i lOve her even mOre. hehee.. i lab u esa. *mwaaaaaaaah

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