hey!! i am like, so knocked out! speaking of which, pacqiao lost against morales!! i hate it. im like, so depressed. darn it! 🙂 Lol.


i was practically out the whole day, like in the morning the whole circus a.k.a my family went to mcdonalds for breaky. i saw elen a, sj, lesty and love there. i think they we’re joggin or something. haha.:) then, we didn’t go to church to watch boxin. shesh!!

in the late morning we went to maia luisa cuz it was sofia’s birthday. it was .. fun. hahaha. well, not really to be honest but it was better than her other parties especially the ones that i had to host! anywys, andrea was there and as usual, we had a sleepover!

it was aryt. late night reading and talking and watching dvd’s till we coudn’t take it anymore. JOY!!


well, my stinkin grandmother dragged me to meet this girl that i was “supposed” to know.. haha. so i went.. total boredom!

i didn’t do much today cuz yea, beats me.

casey is pushin me t play with her. jeez!!

aryt. ima go now, the b/witch is getting touchy .. specifically with my hair.


oh and one lasy thing:

my prince turns out to be a frog.:) oh well, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

what the f***

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