yeah baybeh, i did it!! Ü ill add mo piciez when im up to it ayt .. got people waiting fo’ me so .. gimme props for the good work!! 🙂 hahah

fuck the pictures!! screw them!

anyways, today is the 2nd day of summer and like, i;ve been a buhm .. i’ve been online and to the grocery and places. ima get my requirements so i can take mah test by saturday ..

there’s not much to say bout today .. lol.

oh yea, i have a new big brother.. donnie and i have him wrapped around my finger [in the words of kathya] he’s sending my pins over .. i dunno about my pencil case though .. haha . not that i need it or anythang.

i need to do something productive .. damn. save me!




haha. juz loose it crazy [biotch] !!

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