oK.. this day was JamMin.. iT was like, FINALLY the last day of school and it would probably be my last day at stc .. jy. haha. it was c0olazZ cuz we took the test .. maybe cheated for the last time this schoolyear and went wild!! haha. i honestly wanted to cry because it would be the last time for alot of thanz like, the last time alintaya would give me “cool shoes”. or the last time i would ever talk back to my fuckingβ„’ teachers .. or the last time i would be walking down those halls in my st. theresa’s uniform .. God, i’m happy but still, i feel like crying. i’ll emote when ecerything is finally ayt? haha. cuz i gots a lot to say.

so, we went to ayala .. i spent most of my time with nEeneE, aRdEN and nIkKi .. it was the four of us .. well, duh!!

we ate at desert fac. we all had caesar [how the hell do you spell it?!] salads .. yuumm.. hahaha.

it was all good. meeting up with people who you would normally see on a saturday at the mall. but oh, i saw a couple of you knows and whatchama – callits. [wtf!? did i just say that??]

hhaha. i saw r o y .. haven’t been textin or hearing from each other ina while and .. that’s ayt with me.  i mean, i wasnt bein mean but yeah, things are better so, yeah. shuttup!!

anyways, me, mom and papa had our usualy date. i was spoiled ..  i got new bed sheets and liek i was supposed to get the lamp but then, bast aloong story and it’s not worth typing. πŸ™‚ hahaha

we ate at tinderbox. [sossy] i swear the shit there is soo freakin expensive!! Ü haha. i mean like, 500 bucks for a freakin steak .. omg! good thing it tasted good.. πŸ™‚ haha. and like, while we were eating layla came in .. hahah. not much to say bout that .. it was just weird cuz i saw em in ayala earlier .. i wanted to like stay and talk to her tha time but then .. like, i’m guesing their stil pretty pissed off at me .. well.. whatever !

oh, i have a mother who’s a tiguwang igat! she’s all made up and shit. she had her eyelids and her bows tattoed.. oh wow.


uhm.. i went to church .. went to yala .. and oh, i went to mia’s birthday dinner.. kim a and karl was there.. naka points si arden .. sweet love.  mia’s room is ssoo cool and im jealous haha . Ü i had fun .. yeah .. i would definitely do it again .. πŸ™‚


oh my god .. it ws so.. yea!  i had a hot oil .. now my hair smells guhd.. haha. then i went to maria montessori children’s house .. its soo freakin far . but it was worth it .. πŸ™‚

the place is soo fetch .. wa dyud ka tungga ang stc and im just being honest and im not trying to diss my own school .. its just like me saying, i’m prettier than she is .. it’s the truth .  haha. just messing.

anyways, so apparently.. im moving there!! :)no worries.. or maybe there is .. my grades and my moral conduct or something. damn. what am i gonna do?! i dont tink im gonna get it .. i mean, i wasn’t one of the best .. in fact, i never was .. ir maybe in my dorky suck- up years but tha’s like .. so history!! Ü


ima buhm at home .. im hungry and its 5:51 i still gotta find out a way to add pictures t this dump! it’s soo freakin boring!  

hahah. okie .. i gotta go .. bye ..



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