whats up vRi1? uMaseNso ang buhay koh pare! i had my room painted tiz hot pink and apple green.. i juz got mah new bunk bed too! buh ,mah freakin bed sheet stinks.. ginna shop for new ones! sucha drag ma, i have to be nice to my sistah and let her fat ass stay on the top bunk!! i hate it. ugh! haha. but i always get my way and i will wit this one. lol.


xhub came over today.. we watched raise your voice.. oliver james is soo hot!! :0 we went to jy to eat at mcdonals.. i studied and made our the since.. i dont wanna talk about me.. might start a fit!! 🙂 chub played iwth casey the whole time.. wow! nindot. then we watched wimbledon.. soo f-u-n! :O


made my projtect.. heritage.. nindot!! not!! i have a weird family.!!





This is supposed to be an introduction, but it’s hard for me to do so because I don’t know how do you put into words great honor and respect for someone. I might not see this man all the time and I’ve probably spent half my life growing up without him. I might not get to hear from him as often as I would like to, but even though distance has kept us apart for so many years, never has it made my love for him lessen in any way. He may not know all the struggles that I’m going through in my teenage life and all the hardships that I have to face but I know that he loves me like I love him and that’s without end.


There are times when I wish that he were here right now, that while I

am writing this, he would be here wiping the tears that are falling from my eyes. But then, there are also times when I assume that I don’t need him anymore and when I think that I go on with my life without him. But you know what? Deep down inside, I know that as much as he needs me, I need him…I just don’t want to admit it.


Like I said, I can’t find the perfect words to introduce one of the special people in my life. And I can’t do this because for one, I know that I owe him so much more than I have been giving him right now and for a whole lot of other reasons. He is the one who gave me my first kiss, the first to hold me in his arms and call me beautiful. The person who proves the saying, actions speak louder than words, the guy who possesses the attitude I find most annoying, assuming ness. And even though I am not fond of people like that, he still finds a way to make me laugh with his tacky impressions and corny jokes. The hardest workingman alive who has the most creative mind yet, my father, Alvin Patalinghug Chua.


And I know that every kid in the world thinks that their dad is the best because he goes to work, puts the food on the table and brings them out once in a while but in reality, their not. I’m not trying to say that my dad is the best because he’s not. But I know that my dad can beat anyone else’s any day because I’ve lived with him not being able to kiss or hug or play with me most of my life but I still know that he’ll always be there for me. That’s why he’s not the best dad in the world but he’s so close. J











Having me was like 15 minutes of pleasure, 9 months of pain [but for me it was more like shame], 48 hours of labor that landed her with a baby girl with no last name.


I have lived an amazing life, a life that required me to face every situation maturely. It was like, I didn’t have time to look at the world like a game because I was in the real world, I was living a hard knock life and I just had to accept everything that happened in my life without having to know why. I’m not saying that I didn’t have a childhood because I did; in fact, I would say I had a really great one. And the because of everything I’ve been through, there was the necessity for me to face everything maturely. I wasn’t forced to, maybe it just comes naturally and like a flower, it bloomed at the right time and molded me into what I have become today.


I have to say that one of the main reasons of my personality and what I am today is all thanks to my mother. She is the most amazing and the strongest person I have ever met and because of that, all my life I have tried and tried my best to be like her… and I think that I already am, except with a little bit of something more. J


We’ve been through a lot together, we’ve gone the ups and downs and the sides of life but somehow, and we faced it. We’ve had our good and our bad days but the best thing about everything was that we never had second thoughts of giving up.


The best thing about this woman is that, when she falls down, she immediately stands up and finds another reason in life. Her drive in life is contagious and she always knows the right things to say at the right time. Sometimes it might seem to me as if she doesn’t care or as if she hates me or I was a mistake but when I think of it, I think that it’s not true because she never gave up on me, even through the ghetto days.


So I’d like to introduce my superwoman, Catherine Butler Inocencio Chua- Perez, my mother… and the only one I’d tend to have for the rest of my life.













Some people may think that I’m crazy because I don’t live the same way they do or I have more than what they do… but I’m not, I just have a different reality.


There will always be that one person in everyone’s life who will knock you off your feet and show you what life is truly made of and for me, that person has already arrived and swooped me off my feet and for me, that could only be one person, my step dad.


Honestly, I don’t look at him as my step dad anymore because he’s done so much more than what a usual step dad does, for me I will always have two dads and I will love them equally even through the distances.


I owe him so much because even though I’m not really part of his family but, he let me in anyways. Took me in and made me feel like I was always part of it, like he envisioned me to be in it before it even happened and I thank God for him because he was the missing piece to my puzzle.


He has taught me so much in life, respect, how to forgive others and he’s help me discover myself and what I want in life at the moment, that is. He’s taught me a great lesson about second chances and how to give them. And I love him with all my heart and soul and I never regret having him in my life because he keeps me breathing. J



He’s my savior [after God], my Spiderman, my Philippine man, my DaWg, my homeboy, he’s Leandro Bautista Perez, he’s my papa. Ü



haha. enjoy. peace, mwah!

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www.badette.com/cebu [st. theresa;s college] highschool dapit.. pyter!!


 [hey… iz a pic.. dont be decieved!] Ü

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