oh shit.. i keep sayin tha i’ll finsih my chika bout family day buh im soo damn layzeeh.. haha. buh wha – evah happened tha day, it whuz ¢¾magical¢¾

hahaiz.. everyone, meet my new big bro.. roy. roy, meet my big brother!!  haha.


we didn’t have class but we all went to danao, me and my family tha iz. al we did there was eat, play billiards and watch tv. i didnt really swim but i did get bored.


well, i couldn’t wait to go home cuz like, i had to goto paradise village and film our video for english.. its all about requitted love poems. aww man. i love it so damn much! haha.

i saw carlos alvarez!! shit. on second thought, he is h-o-t haha. im bored ya’ll.

chiao. 🙂

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