mAn heLL oF a dAy!  hAhaiZ! it wUz r faMiLy dAy aNd i hAd a ri gReaT tIme bUt naTuraLLy, mY fEeT hUrT aNd i hAd tO fiNd a pLacE tO pUt mAh bAg aNd aLL mAh gOodiEz. NaX. hAhaiZ.

anYwEiz.. shUtTup nEgGroZ aNd lEt Me tEll ya’LL mAh fAirYtaLe.. tIz aiNy bOguZ!

oK, sO hErE i gO.. 1-2-3.. gO!

so, tIz maWnin i wOkE uO aT 7 cUz o’ d freakIn aLaRm tHa’ i toTaLLy fOrgOt bOut tHa’ night bEfOrE hAhaiZ.. bUh bEinG mY eArLy biRdiE seLf i wEnt sTrAuGht tI thE bAthrUm aNd tOok a sHowEr.. a lOonG 1 too! aNywAys, wHeN i Got to school i realized that i left my brand new shades that i worshipped and adored so i asked my friend, k e n j i if she could come with me back home to get my shades and my g o d s will, she said yes!! haha. anyways, so when we came back from school a lot of people where starting to come in which was a good thang. and like, while i was walking, i noticd thiz really really cute guy whom i happened to see before but i couldn’t rem. when or where. amyways, we had to go to the mass that morning in he gym but everytime we woud go there i would keep runnning into that guy which was a good thing.. for me that is..


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