hEy!! Ü

wEll.. mY weeKz beEn, aCtivE.. LoL. oH, mE aNd peeyUh aRe gOod nOw.. gOoD tHaNg tHa iZ, aYe! hAha. we tAlkEd tHinGz oVah. bEtTah. [iTz fAce oFf rYt nOw.. sUx. iM sCaRed. mYt pEe iN mAh fRigGin pAnTz!] nAx.

iVe bEeN a bUmM aGaiN. aNd iD hAve tO sAy, iM gEtTin uSeD tO iT. hEll. i cOulD dO a VeRy gOod jOb aT tIz!


wEll, tUrNz oUt. iM noT a dAteLezZ chIca aFtEr oL. hAhA. dOnT waNnA taLK bOUt iT.. iT wUz fReaKy! f0r the record: i dO nOt wAnt A bOyFriEnd aNd i AinT eNteRtAinNinG AnY gUy sPeciAlly tHosE.. wanNaBe gHetTo mOmMaZ bOi hOmiE chiLLin nO soCiaL LifE dEzpEraDoZ.. shIT. tHa fElt gOOd.  bUh iT wAs aLL gOod, wEnT oUt sPenT sOme hArD cAsH aNd wEnt hOme bRokE. hAhA.


mE aNd pIa hAd “tHe wAr” sUm hArdcOre aSs kiCkin wEnT oN dUrIn sS tIMe.. heLL! bUh liKe, i wAs piSseD tHe whOle dAy sPeciaLLy wHeN i hEaRd ThA cUte jEsSe tUck fRom tUck eVerasTIng waS 22 aNd hAd a kID! i cRieD mAn.  i wAs sO dEpreSsEd i aTe 2 bUrgErz! mAn, tHatZ gOing sTrAiGht tO mAh tiGhz!! hAhaiZ. bUh, i gOt nEw cHux [bLack, clAsSic bEb] AnD a shIrt. “mAkE mE bLuSh.” hAha.

iLL uP daTe cHa’LL bOUt r fAmiLy dAy. iM hOpiN to SeE sOme cUte sTudZ!Ü

nAx. oH yEa, oUtbAck jAck iZ sOo fRuztRat’n.



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