Day 3

My views on drugs and alcohol

Wow. Ok.

Let me start with alcohol. I’ve been drinking since I was in the 6th grade. During that time, I would buy a can of cali and drink it with a box of matches to give me a feel of drinking and smoking. All because I’m weird, yes. I grew up surrounded by it and I always remember a can of beer laying around the house somewhere cuz of my dead beat of a father. I don’t think that I was influenced by it though but I discovered it on my own. I never saw my mom drunk and she never encouraged me to do it either. But once I started drinking, she never really had any complaints for as long as I knew my own limitations.

At some point in my life, it did become a big issue though. I was so depressed it would come to a point where I would be drinking by myself or even busting all of my money just to drink. Let me tell you, those were sad times. It became my escape and I look back now and remember all the stupid things I did and I really do wish I thought a lot harder before..

But I’ve never done drugs. I’ve considered it on more than one occasion. I’ve been around people who use it, a lot of people I love are addicted to it. But not me. Maybe never if i’m lucky.

Probably never because I’m a coward.

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