[iM noT uR uZuaL bUnNiE…iMa hUnNIe bUnNiE]
Hey!  i hAvent beEn uPdaTinG mAh bLogZ  i hAvent beEn uPdaTinG mAh bLogZ [oR whAtEvAh yOU cAll tIz eFfin tIng!:)] welL, mY lIfe hAz bEen pretty ok. fights, school, night outs, concerts, laAg, yeaH![oR whAtEvAh yOU cAll tIz eFfin tIng!:)] welL, mY lIfe hAz bEen pretty ok. fights, school, night outs, concerts, laAg, yeaH!
oMg! sinulog was the bomb! concerts like C R A Z Y ! ! ! i watched K I T C H I E Ü N A D A L S concert and  M Y M P t0o. E D I S O N invited me to watch B A N G Ü T H E  Ü R H Y T H M wit im and  P A O L O invited me to watch sumthing t0o. bUh, i declined. [whAtthA!?]


on sunday, i watched the parade with C H A B E L, T I Z Y, N I K K I, H O P E, N I K K I, N I N A, B A Y O T, A L E X A, K I M and all mah other mates. i saw J O S H, K O H and i was dared to take tiz picture with a gay actor. [o G i e Di az]


anyways, so ive been back to shcool…


me and K A T H Y A had a fight.

K E N J I and me too.

C R Y tOo.


Hey! it’z nOt mY fult they caught me at THAT time of the month..




gHurlZ, you know what im talking about!:)


oh yea, C A S E Y turned 6! old!


and she had a party at mcdonalds and after that C H E S K A slept over.. it was the usualy get together that we always had! talking, eating, internet, swimming…


she told me ALOT of zecrets about the sixth graders.. it was all.. nauseating!






haha. and so on.. which makes me porud to say that..



                                               i l o v e b o y s 

a n t i

l e z b o e z

w i l l

r i s e..

t o d a y!


anyways, today is N I N A’ S birthday and i’m going but it’ll start at like 6 or something.


i bet there are gonna be alot of biotches there cuz the last time i met her friends.. there wuz tiz ghUrl, J A D E and she was soo effin mean and jealous cuz she thinks that me and A N G E L are like, soo into A N T O N! she was all ‘Ugh..’ when she saw A N G E L waering A N TO N’ S basketball jersey.



which is why i can’t wait for this party.. im gonna bring it!


 and she bettah bring it wit her too.


oh yeah, i came from the doctor today. i had an ecogram. it’s exactly like a n ultra sound except they focused on mah heart.


yeah.. i might have MVP or something it’s like when your heart skips a beat.. [sound like a friggin quote!] or like outta sudden my heart races really fast for no good reason!


last tuesday, i had an ECOGRAM and they said that my blod pressure, heart beat and pulse are ayt.. so thee’s really nothing to woory about.


.i hope.



















im the vocals.. and no one messes wit d vocals..m in mah very wn band.


make way for the pincess ya’ll..


ima bout t0 make heads bang,

asses shake


your bOom bOx rOarRin..


purEly pAranoId..


coming attCha!


 *I Love you…Ü*

And I bet you think that the more I say these words to you, the more I don’t mean them… but actually, the more I say it, the more I mean it.

I know that you didn’t really love me when you said you did. I know that you don’t love me and you might not love me tomorrow. But I know that when you finally do, everything that I’ve been waiting for will just pop out.

Do what your heart is telling you to do. I don’t want you to live your life wondering what would have been. I’m not and I’m definitely glad that I did what my heart told me to do. I know that in a few days I’ll regret saying all of this to you but at least now, I know that I am madly in love with you. No matter how much it hurts or no matter how long I’ll be waiting for nothing.

When your happy with her, don’t forget me ok? And how you promised that I would always be your boo. I love you… and NO, I haven’t said it enough yet. When will I? Never!! Although, I would rather spend my whole life showing you how much I do than to say it and say it over and over again.

It’s almost been a week since you last called me “boo” but I don’t mind that much. You haven’t made me feel loved or special since our fight and I know why. I know you love her and you won’t stop loving her soon but just in case forever ends a little bit earlier, I’m just watching your back… If you want me to love you, I will. If you don’t, I still will. Just so you know, tell me when you’re over her so that I can get over the fact that all the waiting was worth it.

It’ s all about patience and with you, I never run outta that. I love you, iloveyou.

Its hard right now, but I still love you!!Ü

Wednesday, December 08, 2004, 11:29:25 PM

-bEbE_pHaT- ;p 

 <– iSsA cHuA [vOcAlz/ bAck uP gUIitAr]