7. 18 – 22, 2005

monday: lmao. nothing important happened. i forgot.


we watched herbie! fun fun fun!


miguelito’s birthday! and toshio and isabel’s!

swoosh, guys can be soo gay sometimes noh?! basta, the “gender equalityness” started really early like, mga 7 something ciguro. tom is bigaon and he wanted to try on some of edna’s powder [because he’s soo friggin dark! lmao.just playinh] but edna said, “no” so, being as nice as i am.. i let tom borrow mine. then francis followed and next thing you know, all the guys had powdered faces! but that’s not the end!!! then, si toshio the only guy i know na manghulabot ug butang [wel, di man sad gyud xa guy so.. paytz rah!] started messing with my kikay kit and found my LIPGLOSS!! and passed it on to all the guys! so, powdered faces and glossed lipz.. what else you say?? eyeliner!! omg. the worst! no, actually… si tom man ang worst because he enjoyed it soo much and you could tell! unlike toshio, who pretended not to and as if he didn’t know how to put on lipgloss… i saw right through him bai!!

but, i’m kinda glad that the guys broke my lipgloss.. that proves something!! i hope!

on wednesdays we hae Pe’s… which makes wednesday’s one of my dyas in the world. but this wed. was diff. toshio man gud! malas! malas! malas!

cuz like, we were practicing and it was just sloppy and then it started tio rain! wtf?!

plus, i found out that the next day [thurs] we’d have to go to sto. nino vil. to practice volley which meant that i couldn’t visit stc!! and like, i miss them soo much. i feel like dying!

that nught, i spent it at granny’s with francis and louis and the family.. well, they said they were family. so be it. me and louise traded phones. we talked, laughed, felt depressed and discover something. hmmm.. haterz. we all know they all bitches!

thursday- bai! grabeha oie!

swoosh. this day was weird weird weird. just when i thought tha i was strong enough to suffer, everything backfired.

my chest and back we’re heavy  and i knew why this was so           but i tried to pretend i didn’t so that the people wouldn’t know.       but in the end i couldn’t fake it my insides, they were weak            my depressions leaked.

oooie, oa!!

di bitaw, i was sent to the er! wel, because i was soo pissed about stuff that…you know my condition na baya! so yeah. couldn’t breathe, felt like fainting, was shaking and turned a lighter shade. so yea. it was fun. tha should happen again! 🙂

so now, i have more medicine. but at least i was spoilt. shopping!!!! my drug!! 🙂

in, i did not collapse! hhaha. kaw gyud

friday- mommy!!

back to school na naman! sports club! try outs na wala diay nah dayun! practicE! a soar hand! teacher bus! the bracelet! argh.

k1 with lay and em. ice cream after and a week full of memories i can’t wait to forget! 🙂

well, that’s my week.

someday we’ll know.. yeah. are you meant to be mine?

you know what? i don’t think anyone visits my site nowadays. proli cuz i’m getting boring or the loss of interest. kiss my ass! ;p nooo… just kidding! lmao.

uhm, im planning to add pictures here, was thinkin tha site for that.. forgot what you call it but, i’d rather do it here.

sorry people if im too lazy tp change the skin or whatever’s getting bpring. slow connection. no time and etcetera [did i spell it right?] lmao.

cge. cge.

read on, i had an interesting week baya nah. weeeeh.

happy birthday josh!

happy birthday josh!

happy birthday!

omGosh. i can’t believe i forgot that it was josh’sbirthday?! i am soo evil.

happy birthday josh!

it’s notmy fault ga dungan dungan mo tana ug birthday!

Hey! what’s up? what have i been missing out on lately?

school is school and well, i just sit in class most of the time cuz i’ve been so school sick lately. [yes people, stc sick! got any problems with that?!] and like, this week is just not my week. i mean, yeah. i’ve passed all my test but, i need a better meaning. i need ta fell MY friends! imissthem soo fucking much! but mother says i havta graduate at MMCH. well, ambot lang. DON’T THINK ABOUT IT NALANG BEH.

i mean, it’s not like i’m limiting myself from having friends there or anything hap?! it’s just that.. ambot lang. see, ambot! 🙂

plus, i need someone.. i think i found him but then my head says otherwise. but, i’m too busy with school to bother.

ohh… i finally hit 500! wow. i’m soo proud of myself. wtf?!

school life: chika:

uhm, well. it’s nutrition month so we havta make alot of stuff like jingles and essay writing and slogan. stuff like that. not so interesting. our jingle is ayt. not near perfect but the best that we can get. diba?!

i’ve been paying most of the time.

oh yea!! i go to school [bus] wearing slippers cuz im too lazy to wear my shoes at home. hahha. mura ko’g taga public!

we had a talk on sex education. si georgia nalapsan.

i have alot of projects to do and u havta submit my article for the new school newspaper, lmao. im so proud of myself it kills me.


oh yea, we sports club today and we beat the juniors. sharring 😀

“don’t hate me bitch. i can see right through your jealous eyes”

could my day get any better? let’s pray it doesn’t get worse.

hey! i had such a fun day today! 🙂 i went to ayala and like, i played at timezone like crazy. i hung out with bayot, lik, j.lu, kim and neenyuh. i saw alot of mmch peepz like, nikko, pao, christian, anthony, yumi, alvina nd em peepz. it was soo cute. oh yeah,luoy kay si josh… i forced him to go to yala and then we kept on ditching him. not allooot of people there though. college peepz naman. no offense but i have a feeling life gets boring once your outta highschool. but whatever.

it’s almost my mom and migz birthday. still planning something great for my mom. lmao. 🙂

fill ya in with more. im theme whoring now!


**what the fuck?! Don’t poke me!**

hollah if ya think my skin is geting borring!! HOOLLAH. well, my opinion is enough, thank you very much. i can’t even find the jellies. haii nako.


anyways, my week was ok.


i remember crying in front of the 3rd year classroom while talking to teacher J O J O about wanting to go back to S T C. i mean, yeah.. i like MMCH and all, i really do but i have this feeling nah, i belong in S T C. but, when i start to think about it, i end up in the beginning thinking about WHY i transferred in the first place. it’s a sacrifice that i did for my future. [suddenly, Lanni popped into my mind. hmm] anyways, yeah. so, ambot lang if i’ll stay.




yeah baby! the highight of my week is going back to STC with all my mates and i got to hang out with them. it feels soo nice to be missed..Ü hmm.


i bought  a spongebob casing and i have mms and gprs nah so, i’m SPONGEBOB crazy. well, uhm.:)


uhm, me and b r y c e traded phones for a day. it was suppossed to be me and c h r i s t i a n first but then, ambot. i lost track. lmao


o yea! i missed the bus!! and i ended up missing classs!! wtf?! 🙂 ana diay nah noh? lmao


it wa bayot’s birthday and i made her a reaay long letter and i made her a shirt.


ina’s, nina’s and aya’s and yss’as and the others had their reco. boring daw. wtf?! 🙂


tc peepz. im out

on a skin hunt


peace! 🙂 

i don’t know why i’m shaking.

yea, so what if i’ve been crying for the past few hours? it’s not like it’s gonna change anything! so what if i know how it feels like to be… yeaah. chub, back me up here, hun!

haiz, i don;t kn0w nah. i’m not supposed to be like this because i’m better. i think i am. i don’t need them! but it’s just that, basta.

why do tears run down my cheek when i don’t want them to?

i need help.

i’m still shaking.

If love is soo great… then how come I can’t do it?


          One day everybody’s talking about how they met their special someone and they picture themselves with that person for the rest of their lives. One day everybody’s talking about the sweet things that person did and all the promises they made.


          It’s like a dream come true for them. Finding someone who can take them out of their loneliness and save them from their pains and make them feel loved. And when I think about it, I end up feeling down. Everyone says that being in a relationship is the best thing that happened to them and that I should consider it even with the absence of “real” love.


          And then, one day everybody’s crying. Everybody’s running to me and telling me how that other person lied and ripped their heart into pieces. Everybody’s complaining about how he broke his promises and how they could turn back time to be happy again.


          I try to tell them that it wasn’t meant to be and how they should move on. Some listen while others are hesitant. And in the long run after feeling bad, mad and then regretful they all go crazy.


          After a few days, they’re talking to their friends asking them to hook them up with someone new. To make the same promises, to subside the loneliness and probably to make the same promises the last one did.




          Everyone’s looking for someone to “love”. Everyone says that there’s someone waiting for them just around the corner. But really. Is that how it is? Love isn’t found, it’s something that we discover unexpectedly. Love isn’t about the promises made and the promises broken but it’s how hard we tried to keep them. Love isn’t about finding someone to take away all the loneliness and the pain, it’s finding someone who would stay with you through all the pain. It isn’t about rushing things, and how often we say “I love you” it’s about feeling it and showing how much we do. And love isn’t about everything being perfect, it’s about loving someone loves you through your imperfections.


          Sometimes, people get so caught up with the whole dating and the status of being in a relationship that we forget the whole essence of being in one. And it’s sad.


          Although, this all could just be my fear of commitment but I’m not in a hurry. So I’ll live my life the best way I know how.

‘don’t hate.. discriminate!’

for all you haters, back off. if you don’t like what you see… you can always leave. that’s why there’s an exit button. Learn you technology. sheesh.

don’t hate me cuz i have the guts to air out my POV. It’s a gift that i appreciate, so please. back-off before i loose it.

wa ko nagpa dung-og sa na igo ha? but, whatever. nag pa gawas lang ko sa akong kalagot, G?!

don’t be all up on my grill when i see you. don’t nod your head like i care. don’t make me hate you, because we could be close friends if you gave me the chance.


pagka tae!!