yea. so it’s 6:28 in the morning and i’m all dressed up. it’s nothing new… it’s a saturday. sports is my life… so i’m living it. [that sounds so… cliche. bitch] lmao. anyways, as usual, i have volleyball practice but instead of going extra early… today’s “slow mo” day for me. [hehe. that just means i’m going ta be late.] haha. anyways, i’m not ina hurry today or anything man sad. practice will be practice… hopefully there will be imporvements. [big one’s if i pray hard enough]. people won’t be all up in my grill. fuckyou,******. eatshit, bai!

sorry. [stressreliever] anyways, my week has been… tiring. bitches, here and there. trying to make the most out of the time that i have. trying to come up with more excuses to play volley. hey, i don’t love it.. it’s just that… it’s the only thing i can do that keeps my head outta things.

my grades have been up and down. i got freaking locked out my math class yesterday… fuckyou,bell!! lmao.

people, well they talk. they make me the center of their world. but, i’m not complaining… just keep him out of it.

parents… what about? they try. but it’s late. so, whatever.

anyways, i have to leave ina bit so… ima snap out of my bitchynez and bounce.

hollah. 🙂

A K R H O > B L O O D Z > SECOND HAND SMOKE <> R A I Nonmyparade > T R U E F R I E N D Z [do they still exist?] > B E E R [need some]<– random shit.

yes, i know… life can be a bitch. deal.

–> whoever said “honesty is the best policy” was seriously disturbed<–

yes, i want to be completely, utterly honest. and that i am trying to do… but you see, it’s not just me… what about them??

fuckit. they don’t understand. they never will. parentz… what’s a girl to do?

–> next blog please…

i like him and he likez me… shouldn’t that be enough?

i’m soo sick and tired of people writting MY story. i hate that i don’t have the power to tell them how i feel. if i stand back at watch i know that i’ll end up in tears. and if i choose to take a stand i’ll end up crying and hurting more. but i’d rather see myself crying over something i had total control over other than, cry over something i could’ve changed but i was too scared to.

everyone tells me that the only opinion i should listen to is mine. but the voices in my head are evil. they want tou see me hurt. they want to see me suffer. they want to see other people happy over my misery.

should i hurt over something tha happened in the past that could never happen again or something that i could have yet they are trying to take away from me? i don’t know. you tell me because i’m dying to know.

i need you to tell me everything. i need to know how much you care. when someone else holds my hand… i want to know that you wish that yours were theirs.

i know that some people think that this is just another one. well, maybe it is… but i don’t need them to be all up on my grill. i know that they won’t understand me. i know i’m pretty stupid.

so, just bear with me. i need someone who can do that. can you?

don’t write my happy ending for me. i think i can do that myself

“i don’t know if i should hurt because i like you or because they won’t let me.”

sometimes, life can be so cruel. one minute, you have the world all to yourself. and then the next thing you know, rain pours down on your parade. [wait. i’ve always loved rain. so what’s the deal?] i don’t understand how people can tell me what to do all the time and everytime, i listen. Yet when my heart says something utterly obvious.. i turn away pretending to be deaf.

i keep hiding these emotions in pretending that their going to fade away. and i won’t lie to you… sometimes, i want them to stay. but if they do… i’ll end  up hurting a lot of people. i just wish they’d understand. i wish that everything was clear so that i don’t have to think that much. so that i didn’t have to analyze anything anymore. my life would be soo much easier. i don’t have time to think anymore.

i need someone.. wait! no i don’t. i need something to distract me. i need something to help me forget everything that i have to feel. that i have to suffer. i need your hands. i need your touch.

i just need someone who’s there… who’ll listen. who’ll understand. you won’t try to hurt me with their words. their comments. i need someone who’ll just be there to enjoy my happiness.

that someone hasn’t found me yet… so i’m still waiting.

***** ******** ********!

FILIPINO             82

ENGLISH             83

MATHEMATICS            86

MAKABAYAN                    88

            *AP                   87

            *TLE AND            86


            *MAPEH            92

            *EP                   82


AVERAGE:                       85.75





I had volleyball practice today. Practices are well… stressful. The teams basically a mess and yes, there is a lot of room for improvement. Kathya’s decided t o switch to badminton, GOD knows why. But coach [katong paso ug nawng] decided to make me captain ball. It’s kinda shocking though, considering the fact that I screwed up with all my serves during practice and I suck. But I don’t hate it. J


Well, mother and I had a pleasant conversation on our way to school today. Lmao. Actually, it wasn’t. It was like I was being interrogated for this little issue. Apparently, they think that I’m going steady. Hahaiz. [dun roll your eyes, thinking, “not this again!” But, after she reads the letter I gave her she’ll understand. I mean, it’s not like she can stop me from making my own mistakes. Sure, she can talk and try to guide me all she wants but… when it’s gonna happen. It’s gonna happen.


->One day, I’ll fall madly in love. And it won’t matter how many times I think I will. Every romance will be different and there won’t be room to compare. I won’t have to hear people reminiscing certain events that happened in the past that I’d rather not know. He’ll be mine and I’ll be his. We’ll have each other. And nobody will be able to change that. Not even em bitchez.


Yeah. My mom did say something about not being able to stop me, but she just doesn’t want me to. Well, it’s my life anyways. She’ll have to deal with the decisions that I make. Hehe. Was that evil?


Well, I spent the afternoon at Kathya’s being a computer hog. Looking for cute layouts and well, I found this… I hope it’s al right. I think it is.


Now, I’m at home, I just finished the design for our t-shirt. It’s not that great our anything but, it’s aryt I guess. I bet the people are gonna hate it. Sorry nalang daan. J


I’m out. Hollah back. J






            Happy birthday, you! J [oldie! Bleh! ;p]

model behavior ;p [iloveit].n.E.r.D.  [i] maybe different. bUt i stiLL blend [i]n.  liKe, i know wE aRe.. so what's YOUR excuse?!

me and my chicks. me with my clicks.

guys your gonna have to be perfect for uz. we won’t faLL for yer trickz.

**i love them. am soo lucky to have them.** i couldn’t ask for anything more but your friendship**you’re the best**

hey. i’d like to write about my week but then..nothing really happened. secrets unveiled [the best secret of all] and uhm, alot of sleeping going on.

volleyball practices are tiring but they keep me sane.i’m proud to say that. lmao.

i visited school yesterday!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHABEL!! you’e the best! im soo sorry bout what happened! ima make it up to you on saturday!

we don’t have class tom. so, im free. i love it. mwah!

** i love holding your hands. stay.**

Im feeling better now… thankyouverymuch. The week if FINALLY over! i survived my first grading at school and i am soo happy! otz have happened over the past few weeks and i’m soo psyhced to fill you all in. [soory, poor kog spelling.. lamya dayun!]

last week:

July 25-31

well, at MMCH we have these contest every single month [yes, talk about torture] and since last month was nutrition month, we had alot of stuff to do like, jingle making, poster making and all that esay shit. And as usual, Annabella won.   as if you didn’t see THAT coming. So, anyways… i wasn’t excited for the jinggle making concert although there were alot of conflicts revolving around it and like, even if  we did practice really hard. See i was dead scared bout singin in front of the whole school! and if once isn’t enough, i had to do it twice! ka duha! pisting igit! the first one was for the jinggle “sanay masabi sa awit kong ito, lahat ng ninanais nitong puso ko… ” and the second one, dung dung dung dung… was for our band, i had to learn the day you said goodnight in like, 1 night! hey, is it my fault in not goo goo gaa gaa over hale?! So, anyways.. everything was AWESOME. except for the sound system though. messed up shit. tsk tsk. but i’m over it. we won 3rd place which is great cuz like, naa to’y plus points ang pag dedicate ato ni t. lisley. GO FOR THE GOLD.