The honeymoon is over…

I know what it’s like to love someone with all your heart and fear the thought that one day you might wake up lost and clueless because that person isn’t there anymore. But when you fear things like that… what is there to do? or rather… what can you do?

You are so scared that i might find someone else, that you might lose me, etc. but by holding me back and choking me up- it just doesn’t make any of this any easier. sometimes, the more you try to hold on tighter to the person, the more you start to lose them. That’s something i learned the hard way and it’s not something i want you to learn from me because i don’t want to have to go anywhere before it starts to sink into you.

i love you and i want to be with you and for the last time, i’m not going anywhere so stop pushing me away. i hate it.

i can’t keep fighting over the same things. i can’t keep forcing you to believe i’m in this for real if you never want to hear it.

I’ve Been Gone But I Was Never Missing



and i swear to ALL the gods that it was one of those infinite moments where the world can just stop and if you HAD to die in that moment, you wouldn’t mind. i want that moment again. i live for those kind of things.

i’ll update my pictures when i have the time. lately i haven’t 🙁

yes bitches, i am in this picture!

so i was basically in manila for that and then i met up with some friends and relatives. it was awesome and i’ll update again soon.

gtg i have finals today. WTF.