Eevryone’s a Hypocrite

… including myself.

I keep telling this girl, i long to the thin here on xanga to keep holding on and that she’ll make it. When i, on the the other hand, who doesn’t even have it half as hard as she does, is having a hard time merely making it through the day.

My mom and paolo’s mom could possibly be fighting because of some rumor. I find my mom the biggest hypocrite of them all and i personally cannot wait for every single thing she’s done to bite her in the ass. She speaks for poorly of a lot of people and in the process makes herself sound as if she is or was any better than anyone else. Well, she’s not. She thinks that her opinion is the best opinion or like she’s never been in that position before. It’s about time that someone attacked her. She’s a bitch [even if i love her, i’m not a liar] and she deserves whatever horrible thing that could happen to her. [socially speaking]

ugh. i’m just so tired of hypocrites.

i mean, who gets a burberry bag and lies about buying it? Yeah, she won’t seem to admit that her “new”bag was given out of this charity shit her friend is doing. And who buys a 40k LV bag and says that we don’t have money? she does. It’s nice to know where half of my allowance is going. yeah, she cut my allowance in half.

a hypocrite and a liar. God blessed me so much.

I’ve Found My Calling

i’ve just had the best 2 weeks of nursing in my entire life! i was just on duty at the Psych ward at VSMMC center for behavioral sciences and i think i’ve just found my calling.

A lot of people to discourage psychiatric nursing cuz they think it’s really risky and stuff but i see it in a really different way, i suppose. I mean, i get how a lot of people or even most people don’t understand these people and if i can’t understand them all the time, i would like to think that i am one of the very few people who wouldn’t judge them. 🙂

ive been feeling really depressed lately and i’ve considered cutting again. i have a new blade.