The 30 Day White T-Shirt Challenge

Disclaimer: This is NOT an original idea. I know I saw this somewhere before except it was just soo long ago and I can’t pinpoint any exact source. So that’s for all the haters.

A shirt is just a shirt unless you see it for what it really is. But the truth is, you can never go wrong with your plain white tee because it’s a classic!

So in order to welcome the New Year, I’ve decided to challenge myself and many of you on the interwebs to try: The 30 Day White T-shirt Challenge.

The rules are simple. For 30 days, the only thing you can wear is a plain white tee of your choice. (I chose a V-Neck shirt) And within these 30 days, you must recreate each look to make it stand out from one another.

This is a great idea if you’re into fashion and want to experiment with different styles.

Of course, I suggest you go out and buy yourself 2- 3 pieces of the same shirt before starting cause you wouldn’t wanna go around wearing the same shirt for 30 days, would you?

To view my looks you can check out these sites:




The 100 Challenge

The rules are simple, you can only live on 100 things. Literally 100 things.

This is the challenge, do you take it?

Never in a million years!!

But I did do some clean housing. 🙂

Here are the before and after pictures. ENJOY!

My “study” desk


Bottom cabinet [short/ pants]

Top cabinet [underwear/ random shit]

Middle cabinet [perfume/ make up/ etc]

[sorry, I don’t know how to rotate this thing]


Of course, I did attempt to do the 100 challenge and got rid of a bunch of clothes before I took this picture. I still need to fix my dress cabinet.



approximately 60 tops plus my other clothes that’re in the laundry and the clothes we bought over christmas break 🙂


How do you plan to challenge yourself over the “new” year?

13 Truths and a Lie

There are 14 statements below. 13 of which are true and only 1 is not, can you guess which one it is?

1. Once when I was a little girl, I got in trouble for sticking my middle finger at some random kid.

2. I always dreamt of being a junior dog handler.

3. Sometimes when I’m all alone, I like to think my life is a music video so I act in certain ways that I think would look nice on TV.

4. I am ashamed to sing in the shower.

5. I poo everyday at exactly 6:15 in the morning usually listening to some upbeat music.

6. I have just recently gotten a Skype account and think it is the most useless shit ever.

7. I agree with people when they call me stupid and sometimes use it as an excuse to avoid responsibilities.

8. My biggest peeve is when I don’t spell the words properly or use the right punctuation marks when I send a text message.

9. I used to think that the people on the television could see me. So I never sat with my legs open.

10. I just checked, I have a blood sugar of 129. I heard the normal range is from 80- 120. With this information, I celebrated by drinking some coke.

11. I have never done drugs but I know a fair amount of people who have.

12. I like to sit down and watch reality series and after that bitch about how pathetic the whole thing is.

13. This blog is my life.

14. I am too lazy to bathe.

Well Slap My Knee and Call Me “Lucky”

Isn’t it funny how you thought you were so secured right where you were? Doesn’t it make you laugh that you thought the people who constantly praised you are first people to stab you in the back? Isn’t it just pathetic that you need to cover up the life that you live with lies because you think that in this lifetime the only thing that really matters is reputation? Maybe it isn’t something you in particular would be laughing about but you know what, it sure makes me sleep better at night.

Maybe it needed to take someone like me- passive, relentless and stupid in all imaginable ways to make you see the light. And you may not be seeing it now but one day you will be thanking me.

12. 18. 10 Mactan Bound

Today was an interesting day for me, to say the least. I finally met Paolo’s high school friends for the very first time in our 10 months together.


We’ve always planned on meeting them way back but something always came up and we ended up not going. I always felt bad about it and would encourage Paolo to hang out with them even if I couldn’t go but I guess he never really gave much thought about it because that never happened. But I have met most of them all individually on some occasions when we’re at the mall or on a night out and happen to run into each other. :]


Naturally being the freak that I am, I had always anticipated and feared this day for a very long time. I guess it’s because I have very  poor social skills unless of course being fairly intoxicated. lol. But seriously, in high school it took me at least about two (2) years to make friends and these friends, I hardly even talk to anymore. I do keep in touch with some of them like Jet and Joshua but I’ve known Jet since I was in RYPIT and Joshua since freshman year so we had history which made it easier to identify them. In College I was known as the “anti-social” of the class because while Nina was Miss Congeniality of the class, fun and easy to talk to, I was distant and chose not to talk to anybody unless absolutely necessary.


I guess I’m just very protective like that. I don’t like being around a large group of people and being vulnerable to judgement. I like knowing who I’m around first so I know what I’m up against. The general thought is I am weird. I like my assurance and I like knowing everything that is going on before I let anyone/ everyone know what’s going on with me.


Given all these things, today I was terrified. I just kept thinking that I wouldn’t be good enough for Paolo’s friends and that if I screw it up with them Paolo wouldn’t be proud to have me as his girlfriend. I over analyzed everything including how to draw my eyebrows! I even combed my hair! I also considered bringing my laptop just so I could remember their names because as we all know, I am very poor in remembering.


I was truly surprised though because once I met them, I didn’t feel like I had to impress anyone. They were really nice and warm and they made me feel like I belonged- something I haven’t felt in a while. Paolo’s “sis” even gave me a headband that I refuse to remove until now. HAHA. Which taught me a lot today, I need to stop being so guarding all the time. I try to hard sometimes to pull away or be distant from people that it may have affected the relationships I have now. I need to stop being so manipulative and meticulous and consider letting things happen in their own ways.

 I was sweetly surprised today. Thanks, guys! :]

Once Upon 20 years Ago

Once upon a time, there was a little girl whom everyone loved. They loved her because she was obedient and pleased everyone and because she did everything everyone expected of her. If you asked her to dance- she would, if you told her that everything would be ok- she would believe it and she always tried her best not to disappoint anybody.

But one day that little girl grew up. She grew up the hard way and learned that you can never really trust anybody. She grew up to be a lady with a mind of her own and made her own decisions and learned from her mistakes. She saw the world a lot much differently from what she always pictured it would be- with all the glitter and glam. She grew up and decided that she was her own person who has a mind of her own and who was entitled to her own opinion. She realized that you may not be able to please everybody but at the same time she wasn’t going to try. If she was arrogant, outspoken, out of bounds, out of this world- she stood by it. If she had something to say- she would say it. Most of the time she talked without any remorse and cared less for the people who were affected by it- she believed in the freedom of speech. She was a lot of things but if there was one thing she wasn’t, it was a liar.

As she grew up and as she grew into the person she is today, she started to disappoint a lot of people. People liked the little girl more and couldn’t quite accept the fact that people change. They still just saw her as that little girl who had no right to anything. They probably thought she was stupid because half of the time, it came out that way.

And because I’m all grown up and people still see me as that little girl, I have been all kinds of nasty to them. Because they thought that opinions never change, that respect is something constant and instilled instead of something learned. They think I am out of line most of the time for having an opinion or for having feelings that they think I’m not allowed to have.

But the reality is, everyone started started out as a little girl and a little boy and we all just grew from there. We all made our mistakes, said our parts and etc. So before you start to say that I’m the bad person maybe you should look at yourselves. Isn’t it frustrating when people belittle you for being the person you are? am i such a bad person for having my own opinion and voicing it out the only way I know how? Call me a hypocrite but name one person who isn’t. I’m not a saint and I’m not self righteous and I would gladly enumerate my flaws.

When you point a finger remember 4 fat ugly fingers are pointing right back at you. I hope you keep that in mind so that the next time you point them… you make sure they’re clean.

Despite All Odds… Post Stroke

If i come to think of it, things could be worse… But they aren’t. My grandfather could be a vegetable right now or open his eyes in the morning and not even know who I was. Maybe he wouldn’t be able to sing when he was happy or scream in frustration. If I think about it really hard and play out the events of that day that led to today- he could even be dead.

People always say that God makes things happen for a reason and even if I’m not the strongest believer in God, I like to think that God has some role in this interesting turn of events. I like to think that through this humbling experience we’ve all learned as a family the importance of one another. I’ve realized how fake people can be and how you can take the rodent out of the streets but never the street out of the rodent.

I’ve learned how Pathetic people can be all for a little attention and sympathy- and how facebook can you make you sound like the best shit in the whole world when in reality you’re just a little piece of turd floating around in that filthy toilet. I’ve seen how giving my father is and how moms best decision was deciding to have a family with him. I’ve learned how much life can change in one split second without even giving you the opportunity to prepare yourself. I’ve come to terms with the fact that the people you used to look up to the most can be the most disappointing ones and that denial can be of no help. When change is happening and when your FATHER needs you, sitting in coffee shops, eating expensive dinners and dating numerous men cannot help. I wonder if you lay in bed at night and wonder who’s taking your dad’s blood pressure or if you can even name 5 medications that he’s taking. I wonder if the men you sleep with give a fuck about the person who raised you. I just hope that if they think of him, they don’t think that you are a reflection of how you were raised- he raised you better than that. Stop humiliating yourself.

Then again maybe I’m just biased and sour graping because here I am in the middle of the night wide awake making sure he doesn’t poop all over the floor. But like I said, things could’ve been worse. At the end of the day useless aunt aside, there’s no other place in the whole world I would want to be. Sure I miss my family and sure I miss my old life but when lolo smiles it’s the best thing in the world. When he kisses my hand after figuring out what he wants after 10 minutes, it makes me melt.

I cannot count the number of times I look at him and want to cry because I know he never wanted this. This isn’t the lolo I used to know and it never will be. A lot of times I want to ask him something that requires an intellectual answer because I know he’s the smartest person I know and forget that he can’t talk but even his jibberish sounds outstanding.

But things could be worse. Keep telling yourself that….

Maybe one day you might start to believe it.

I Need To Put You Into Perspective

Maybe some things happen for a reason and some people come into your life to remind you of what you have and how lucky you are to have it.

Maybe things happen so you get side tracked on purpose because sometimes it’s better to see things from a distance…

But why can’t I stop thinking about all the things I can’t have? And why do I sometimes think that I would be able to let go of those things in order to get something else?

oh the joys of being me.