Weekends Call For Shorts & Crop Tops

Yes, I’m in another all pink ensemble.
I think I’ve found the woman in me! Harhar. Not realy.

Crop top: Forever 21| Skort: What A Girl Wants (Thanks, Chay!)| Watch: Timex| Gold flats: GAP

Maybe it’s my body or maybe it’s the way I was posing but these pictures sure make me look like my torso is so much smaller than it really is. Maybe high waist anythings aren’t really cut out for me. I think I’ll give it one more shot before I draw a conclusion!

Are any of you like that as well? Are you still confused with your body type and what clothes best fit you? Oftentimes, I’m pretty aware that I don’t look good in loose tops and that there will never be a perfect pair of pants for my twig legs- but I’m only human and a very jealous human at that, so I often find myself breaking every rule and oftentimes horribly regretting it.

But if it’s any consolation, it was hot when I wore this and my sisters’ outfit shots were better than mine 🙁 *ugh*

Check her out on www.caseyperez.tumblr.com

– Issa

A Little Short on Summer

One last work outfit! Or not…

Top: Thrifted| Skirt: Thrifted| Stockings: Burlington| Wedges: Thrifted| Accessories: Aizilym| Ipod watch strap: iWatchz

Fun fact: this skirt was originally a long flowy 50’s inspired skirt that I had altered. Of course, at the time, skater skirts were not as trendy as they are now so I guess keeping this in my closet was a good idea. 😉

I’m in love with the whole skater skirt trend and I think they look great with sweaters or chiffon blouses! I used to say that I wasn’t a fan of following trends at their peak but these skirts are too trendy that I’m having trouble straying away from it. Just a word of advice, cycling shorts are your best friends. Don’t be a stranger. 😉
On another note, I really wish that I didn’t’ have to wear stockings to work but since I do, I refuse to settle for anything less than these Burlington stockings. Almost everyone in my work uses them and now  I know why. They’re really good quality stockings and you can tell right away just from the looks of it.
How do you like this look?
Happy Sunday, everyone!

I’m Going Home

I often wonder about taking a break from fashion blogging. I wonder what it would be like to get away from the politics, the oftentimes shallowness [trying to figure out what top to wear that wouldn’t make me look like a slut while trying to look “relevant”] and honestly, the vanity of it all. (I won’t lie and say I don’t enjoy it. It just gets tiring sometimes.)

I often miss not having to worry about how many hits I get in a day and trying to think of ways to be innovative enough to compete against all the ones ahead of me while thinking quietly to myself that I will soon have my day.

I sometimes miss the Issa who used writing as an outlet and found beauty even in the smallest of things. I remember how a branch in the middle of my way to work made me remember about how blessed I was despite all the despites, the Issa who thought that a smile was euphoric and the little girl who was weak but felt strong when words would just flow from her lips. Or finger. Or thoughts. You get the point.

I miss the run on sentences. Oh, I miss those!

Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion. I grew up in it, I’ve lived every day of my life in it and my childhood dreams revolved around it. And I guess to put it bluntly; these are dreams that I’m not quite willing to let go- maybe ever. But there are things that have happened in my life that have been left accounted for and sometimes, I think I’ve forgotten how to be grateful for them.

Recently, I’ve reconnected with my biological father after not talking to him for 3 years. Shortly after, I reconnected with his family whom I stopped to talking to, as well. And I let these things, as great as they are, pass me by without the slightest bit of gratitude or even an emotional input. Maybe because I wasn’t sure about how I felt about it or maybe because I was too busy caring about other things to even take notice. And thinking about it now, I think it’s a pity. I think it’s a pity that I never stopped to think about how lucky I am of not having to carry the burden of a grudge and to feel at peace with these things that often haunt me.

I miss not trying to be relevant or trendy or of thinking about how I could benefit from doing something. Simply putting it, I forgot how to go back to where I started. I forgot how it felt to feel alive because I was actually living. And I think that’s a shame.

Thinking about it now, the pass few months have usually been about me trying not to be so sensitive, trying to not overthink and trying as much as possible to block out feelings. In the process, I forgot how to feel and think and I learned the hard way that it fucks you up in more ways than one.

And I guess we can all be preoccupied with different things like a new job, a new hobby, a new boyfriend or [surprise, surprise] a new blog but I think it’s important to come back to the things that kept you grounded. You know, the little things that keep (or in my case, kept) you sane, alive and substantial.

I guess I just forgot that when I’m feeling down in the dumps or up in cloud 9 that I had this safe haven to come home to. But I’m home now. And this time, I won’t forget where I left the keys.

I’m sorry and I’ve missed you.

♫ I’ll Be Anything You Ask & More ♫

♫ It’s 20 seconds to the last call
Going hey, hey, hey, hey
Lie down, you know it’s easy
Like we did it two summer long ♫
-1901 – Birdy

Gold cardigan: Thrifted| Floral long sleeves: Thrifted| Salmon pants: IT Park Bazaar| Belt: Aizilym Shoes: Gap| Watch: Fossil
I tend to dress like this. You know, mix inexpensive items with my nicer ones. I’m not as brand conscious as I used to be when I was growing up and I know how to appreciate thrifted items a whole lot now as compared to before. Is anyone else like this, too?
I promise to lay low on the corporate dressing because I’m getting pretty tired of it, as well.
Happy start of summer, everyone!! 🙂

I Murdered Barbie

Surprised? So was everyone else!

I’m not the girliest girl in the fashion scene. I sport heavy blacks on most work days and I’ll wear heels once in a while… if I can ever find a pair to fit my tiny feet.
So when I came to work in an all pink ensemble, almost everyone noticed.
Talk about an eye sore!
I started out with the hot pink skirt that I’ve kept for a while now. I’m not a fan of it to be honest, but it makes good for office days when I’m running out of things to wear. The color is so bright and distracting, so I decided to lighten up the rest of my look by wearing softer shades of pink.
I opted to wear gold flats and accessories because I’ve always felt like gold matched pink well. I hope I’m right!
Knit Cardigan: Moms| Floral Tanktop: Thrifted| Pencil Skirt: Robinsons Department Store| Gold flats: GAP
Accessories: Aizilym
Don’t ask me for the reason behind the sudden change in color preference- I don’t know either. Hopefully, this is the start of a color love affair 🙂
How do you like the change?

Maong, Manong

I’m having a hard time deciphering whether my bag is dead or if something died in it.
What do you think?

And my blog titles aren’t getting any better either, are they? Lol.

Skirt: Thrifted|  Stockings: Burlington| Wedges: Thirfted| Bag: Thrifted
I’m sort of glad that I’m petite and that I don’t have to throw away my old clothes for not being able to fit anymore. I’ve had this denim top since I was in grade school (although, it was a little bigger then) and years later, I’m proud to say it still fits! 😀
Also, I buy my flats in the kids department. Which will probably also explain my lack of heels.
How are you?

Let The Mayhem Begin

Who says you can’t re-wear event shirts? I definitely never did!
Especially if they’re as cute as this!

Let The Mayhem Begin Official Afterparty shirt: Isabel Cui & Co.

Gold flats: Gap

Was particulary stumped between wearing this cute necklace that I recently bought. This battle literally went on for 5 minutes straight and until now I can’t decide whether I made the right decision of not going to work in it.
I figured the length of my necklace did not match the plunge of my top so I opted to skip it. But the pictures speak otherwise.
Seriously, there has got to be bigger problems than this. lol.
Would you have worn it?
Accessories: The Bead Shop & Aizilym Ent.

In other news, we’ll be shooting our 2nd episode of The Cooking Fashionistas very soon.
Is there anything we could fancy you with? 🙂
Let us know!

When You Take Away The Safety Net In Your Life, Life Becomes More Challenging And Scary But You Can Do Better Things

Thanks to Gizelle for posting this quote from Hithcock which served as my inspiration for the week that went by!
To counter my manic depression, I decided to trash the grieving streak I went through [no pictures of that, sorry] and decided to dress like life was going to be kind to me. I guess I figured that if I’m not going to believe in myself then nobody else is going to, right?
Apple green sweater: Thrifted| Salmon Pajama Pants: IT Park Bazaar| Shoes: SM Department Store| Beanie: H&M
Opted for bright and playful colors for the chilly weather since it was raining when I wore this- good thing too, cuz Cebu’s sporadic weather proved that I have to dress like I’m ready for it’s bipolarity. Who else is having this problem?
Fashionwise, I don’t think any other blogger is going to forgive me for wearing a baggy sweater with baggy pants because rule of thumb is to proportion everything. Loose top = tight bottoms and vice versa. But I’m going to dress any way I like and I wanted comfort, as always and well, is there any other excuse for being lazy?
My moods swings. Bow.

New Feature: The Cooking Fashionistas Vlog Series- Of Quesadillas and Ombre

It’s finally out! <insert awesome background music, please>
The Cooking Fashionistas
This collaboration is something that Justinne and I have been conceptualizing for a while now. Basically, what we have in mind is to share with our viewers some tricks we know in terms of food and fashion.
But honestly, it all just started with me begging her to teach me how to cook. Because apparently, that’s what women do… we make sandwiches and watch over the kids. (Not!)

How’d you like my dance? :> :> :>
In case you can’t view the video, here’s a walk through:
Ombre Shorts
Things needed:
·         An old pair of shorts – (free)
·         Spray paint – (P99.00 at your local hardware store)
·         A bunch of old newspapers – (free)
Step 1: Prepare your work area
You’ll need a lot of newspapers as to not get any on the floor or furniture (although, we highly suggest that you do this outside). Also remember, spray paint is combustible so stay away from any fire, etc.
Step 2: Start from the bottom
Because the concept is from dark to light, make sure the base of the shorts is heavily sprayed on.
Step 3: The higher, the further
As you go higher from the base, pull the spray paint further away from the shorts to get that faded effect
Step 4: Leave to dry
Once your done and once you’ve got the shorts looking just the way you like, leave it to dry under the sun. It usually takes up to 2-4 hours tops.
And you’re done!
You might also like to try:
·         Using 2 or more colors (I suggest using 2 of the same hues)
·         Using fabric glitter
Get creative and don’t be afraid to get down and dirty!
Lemme me know what you think about our first episode of The Cooking Fashionistas and what you would like to see in our future episodes!
Special thanks to Ejay Williams and Rachelle Arandilla for the awesome videography and for the amazing set we had!
Also, thanks to Zage Media Productions for producing this vlog!
Don’t forget to tell your friends!
For step-by-step directions (is that even the word?) on how to make Justinne’s Ham, Cheese and Mango Quesadillas, check out Justinne’s blog here.
I’m hungry now.