From AM to PM

The focus of today’s entry will be these shorts. These glorious shorts from Trendable PH.

Basically what my lazy as always self was trying to do was use these shorts as my main piece and just try to work around it to create a day- night look. And yes, this time I have pictures for proof! (Disclaimer: My night photos aren’t as decent as my day photos but what do you expect from a point and shoot camera?)

Day look:

Imitation Raybans: Sutukil| Basic white tank: Forever21| Cardigan: On The Byas| Watch: Fossil| Shorts: Trendable PH| Sneakers: Converse

Forever a Chucks girl!

Last Friday was an extraordinarily busy day for me. I was overwhelmed with meetings and back-to-back events that I didn’t have the necessity to go home and change.

So what does a busy bee like me do? Simple, OVER STUFF MY BAG WITH LOTS OF CLOTHES! Sike. Just extra heels and a blazer!

Blazer: Laundry Clothing| Heels: Celine

I definitely think the blazer fixed all my fashion woes that day. And might I add, Laundry Clothing did an exceptional job at making sure I didn’t look like trailer trash for my event that evening. (THANKS A LOT, GUYS! :D)

It took me a long time to finally invest in a good blazer (my bad. No, my wallets bad) but I finally have one and for anyone who’s hoping to get a quick fashion fix, blazers are definitely the best way to go. I’m pretty sure it gave my look the upscale and sophistication it needed for that evenings event.

Oh, and look who it is! It’s BABEFORFOOD! Thanks for taking my photos again ^_^

Come back tomorrow or the next or ’til I get the chance to blog again to find out where we went and what we did that night!




Swap & Wear: The Swap Party with Tomato Time

Last Saturday, I along with my other fellow bloggers, were invited to check out one the newest fashion crazes to hit Cebu- Swap watches by Tomato Time.  The event was held at Alcology and was organized by Crinnovent Corp. (hi Ms. Jodie! Thanks again for the invite!)

And although it was not only raining but also flooding in Cebu, I’m proud to say that a lot of Cebuanos were still able to make it to the event… even if most of us were a bit late. (ehem* ehem* guilty!)

Now about the product. Drum roll, please!

Swap watches by Tomato Time

Swap watches are the newest fashion trend to hit the City. Having been released in Manila for a while now, they have already caught the attention of other bloggers and personalities in the area.

What makes this product unique from the others is your ability to mix and match it with anything and everything according to your outift, mood or personality.

The set mainly compromises of the watch face and strap that comes in different designs and colors from a gold watch face, to a mirrored one and endless colors of straps to choose from.

Not only are they versatile pieces, they are also hella affordable! With the watch faces costing at P500.00 and straps at P350.00, it’s easy for anyone to get addicted to it and well… throw their own watch party!

The Cebu Fashion Bloggers were lucky enough to be given a free set (perks!) but for those who are interested, they are available to the public for P1,000.00 which includes 2 straps and a watch face.


Screenshot from @beautyormadness with Yves Caminge and Rabsin dela Cruz

For my watch, I opted to go for a bright red strap with a mirror face. I thought it stood out with what I was wearing that night and well, who doesn’t love red, right?

Check it out!

Dress: Forever21| Heels: Celine

Swap Watches by Tomato time are located at SM City Cebu, Mandaue front KFC. By the way, they have an amazing staff!

I couldn’t contain myself that I bought a second strap so Paolo and I can mix and match. We even share watches now-well, this watch at least. Yeah, we’re that couple. harhar.

You can add like them on facebook here,

Follow them on instagram here,

or check out their website here.

Photo: with Cebu Photographer, Paul Gotiong. Thanks for the picture!

A special thanks to Paul Gotiong for these photos!

See you at the next party!



The Wall (And Other MYOH Pictures)

As you’ve all heard me say a couple of hundred times already, I was part of this years Make Your Own Havaianas at the SM Northwing last July 18- 21, 2013.

I’ve also mentioned being assigned at the Interactive Zone of the set up which was basically an area where everyone was encouraged to let their imaginations run wild.

Here are some of my favorite shots:

Of course my own doodle comes first 😉

By Raki Vega’s friend

Someone is extremely sad.. about loving himself. HAR.

By Kristine Roa of

By Marco Diala of


Blue Bacon by Justinne of

My favorite! HAVANAS special Christmas edition by Luis Quibranza of Bethany and Sun Star

By Bee Urgello

Definitely one of my favorites. HAHAHA

And here’s us! 🙂

‘Til next year! 🙂

How was your MYOH2013 experience?



Make Your Own Havaianas 2013 (From the working lines)

Hey everyone, I know it’s supposed to be a #throwbackthursday today but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to blog about my experience at the Make Your Own Havaianas 2013 event (aka #MYOH13) especially since I’m not just a regular walk-in customer!

This year I applied to be a part of the MYOH13 team and by the looks of it, I was lucky enough to get hired!


Here are pictures of me assembling my very own pair of Havaianas slippers complete with this years’ pins. And believe me, the best part of it wasn’t picking out my design- it’s getting to keep the slippers I designed. Yey!

I got assigned at the Interactive Zone where my partner and I man the “freedom wall” and the “yarn wall” (for the lack of a better term). Most of the time, we’re pretty much busy capping permanent markers, getting ink on our hands and helping out customers.

Keep posted, I have a very special dedication for this wall 😉

This years special edition design by Filipino Graphic Designer, Dan Matutina (aka twistedfork).

These pair are the first commemorative glow-in-the-dark slippers for Make Your Own Havaianas and since they are special edition, they will only be available during the event.

These babies are selling like hot pancakes and I must say, they look super cute with a lime green/ fuschia strap 😉

By Eli Razo

Last Wednesday was the Media launching of Make Your Own Havaianas 2013 and we definitely celebrated with a bang. We had a lot of guests over, media and fun performances from street magicians, stilt walkers,  balloon formers, etc. and trying to stay true to this years theme: “Imagination”

Btw, there was food. And LOOOTS of it!

We only got to tast the large hot air balloon cake and although I’m not a lot to have sweets, I’d still say it was the best cake I have ever had! Now I have to find out who made it @.@

We are located at the SM Northwing from 9:00 am – 9:00 pm starting today (Wednesday) until Sunday.

Price ranges from P845.00 up.

We also accept Mastercard and Visa credit cards.

Suggested times to go: lunch time and afternoons around 4:00 😉

See you guys there!



Make Your Own Havaianas 2013

Hey everyone! I’ll be a part of this years Make Your Own Havaianas team and I am so super dee duper excited! (The perks of FUNemployment)

From July 18-21, we will be at the SM Northwing happy and fully equipped to serve you!

We’ve got a great bunch of choices to choose from for everyone this year including an exclusive design by Dan Matutina that you can customize with your choice of top straps and pins. Plus other pins that are “out of this world” 😉



Don’t miss out on the fun!

See you guys at the SM City North Atrium from July 18- 21 (mall hours)!

You can catch me at the Interactive area facing Forever21. 🙂

Don’t be a stranger!



Cross My Heart & Hope To Die

I’m cam shy. And my teeth are totally going out of alignment on account of my wisdom teeth. This is really depressing. 🙁

In all honesty I’m kind of wishing that I didn’t go all out crazy on leggings this year. In total, I bought around 6 leggings and I still haven’t come around to using some of them yet. Either that or my 3 month rule is still in full effect. hehe

… But not when it comes to these cross leggings. I absolutely adore them! I feel like I could do so much with them and well, they’re just the right amount of comfort and versatility that’s enough to make me wear them over and over again. [I’ve probably worn them 4 times already… or more!]

Top: Thirfted| Leggins: FashionDiaryCebu| Sneakers: Robertsons| Bag: Bally’s

When it comes to wearing printed leggings I always like to play it safe by wear white blouses or v-neck shirts. I think it’s always the safest thing to do. When I’m a bit more confident and when I’ve reclaimed my black heels from my mother, I’ll definitely put on a nice leather/denim jacket and deck them out in accessories and some bad ass shades.

How does THAT sound?

Watch: iWatchz (as usual)| Necklace: Mom’s from the States

Look at that bucktooth, it’s killing me!

A big thanks to Marielle for my pictures and for always keeping me updated about the world. I love you and your kilay forever! And to Kevin, we miss you!

Thank God for 0% milk tea. Not the way I used to have it but milk tea nonetheless.

Have a good one, guys!



Cebu Fashion Feature: Alex Eturma

I’ve known Alexandra Eturma, who goes by Alex E. (emphasis on the E.) for a long time. But not as long as she’s been sketching, which started at a young age where she would adorn her grandmothers’ office walls with.

She was probably around this age:

Photo: Miga ta ayaw ko patya hahaha

Stylish even back then 🙂


I first met her in grade school where I perceived her as the quiet skinny introvert with a knack for art- I had a rude awakening. Fast forward to present times, Alex E. describes herself as someone who is chatty and energized at times and dreams of being a mermaid. I was head on about the skinny part, though. She says she cannot NOT eat at least every two (2) hours and that she’s a coffee zombie. I wish I had her metabolism. -.-


At 21 years old, she is currently taking up Fashion Design at the University of San Carlos and is gracing while at the same time, is being graced with the soon-to-be big fishes of the fashion industry of our motherland.

But I guess her love for fashion started at an even earlier age, having been influenced by Amber Heard, Rooney Mara, Kristen Stewart, Mary-Kate Olsen, Emma Watson and Pauline Prieto- all whom our generation has pretty much grown up with. So for her fourth year high school graduation ball, she did what every girl wished they could do and designed her own ball gown and she hasn’t stopped putting her creations to life since.


During her academic years, Alex has been able to join Maribago Bluewaters Beach Resorts designing contest wherein they had to incorporate recycled materials into a design. With her love for mermaids in mind, she made use of used curtains, bottle caps, rope, nylon and a fishing net to create a beautiful mermaid-like dress which bagged the 2nd place. Recently, she also styled Sun Stars Back to School Special, showing off her amazing styling skills. I was definitely grinning with jealousy at that article. HAHA.


Alex dreams of taking full advantage of her prowess in terms of fashion and art. She plans on owning her own boutique, retail in RTWs and even lingerie! Aside from that, she aspires to become a freelance photographer, stylist and even design and sell furniture at the same time. That’s definitely a well thought out of future, friend! If you thought that wasn’t enough, she also dreams of owning her own drive-in theater that shows old movies.


With all these things under her belt, Alex still believes that “you shouldn’t try too hard.” In her opinion, if you’ve got, you’ve got it and that you shouldn’t worry about getting it right every single time. Spoken like a true blue trooper!


So what does this wide eyed dreamer do on the side? You know, when she’s not making plans and dreaming of Europe, living in tiny villages there, taking lots of pretty pictures, buying local fabrics and making great friends? Easy. She enjoys listening to music, watching old movies, chilling at Cafes, thrift shopping, sketching and/ or cozying to a good book! When she’s feeling adventurous, she enjoys going on long drives while playing loud music with her friends and loved ones. But of course, there always has to be food. We can never forget that!


Alex E. is definitely living my dream life. She’s got the talent and she’s making her way to the top with her evident talent. With practice, hard work and dedication- it won’t be long ‘til she’ll be walking the ramps of fashion shows and getting everything she wants in life.

By the way, she also wants a tiger 😉


To contact Alex Eturma, you may contact her through:

Cell phone: 0923 180 0313


Pink Aztec

In more ways than one, I really am proud of myself- you know, lifewise.

Aside from quitting my job, I’ve begun to really push myself out there and find that one thing that I love the most. I applied and got an interview for that Visual Merchandiser position at What A Girl Wants, declined it to take over the family business (hopefully for real this time), got hired at the Make Your Own Havaianas event (I’ll be going to training in a bit) and most of all, I FINALLY FOUND IT IN ME TO BUY A PINK SHIRT!

Baby pink, but it’s pink nonetheless. bite me.

This really is the only pink top I’ve ever owned in probably 10 years.

PINK top: Forever21| White Cardigan: Thrifted| Flats: SM Department Store

Necklace: From CANADA!

Watch: iWatchz| Bag: Hong Kong| Shorts: Stylish Chique

I never really thought I’d be that girl who bought Aztec shorts and wore pink on a Saturday afternoon but they seem to work.

I guess my advice for anyone who’s trying to transition from being a tomboy to being girly is to do everything one step at a time. First the pink and then, the shorts which isn’t completely girly except maybe for it’s color template.

Next thing you know I’ll be in heels and a dress.

Have a happy Sunday!



Off Duty

Imitation Rayban shades: Mactan| Pearl necklace: Gift from Mom| Mint off shoulder top: Styletogo Cebu| White pants: Ayala Department Store| Sandals: Ipanema (I think)| Bag: Lacoste

Shorts: BNY Jeans

Here’s a quick post of what I wore a couple Saturdays ago to watch a movie with friends and attend a birthday party after.

I had to change from pants to shorts after realizing that the zipper on my pants was broken and in no way salvageable…for that day, at least. (QUICK TIP: If your zipper if broken, place a ring hoop in the zipper hole and hang it around your pants buttons. Works like a charm!)

I’m really glad I dove into the off shoulder/ tube trend. I really think it’s one of those classy and timeless pieces along with Peplum tops. I’ve been thinking about getting another top in black but  seeing as that I am currently unemployed and dying to buy an origami skirt, this craving will have to wait.

Stick on bra: Tickled Pink

I was very lucky to have this stick on bra at hand when I got this top. It totally eliminated the stress of choosing what bra to wear and having to pull up a strapless bra every god-knows-when. Plus, I like the texture this stick on bra has as compared to the silicone type ones. I don’t even have to worry about it falling off when I sweat 🙂

To a happy (hopefully alcohol-free) weekend!

Cuz I miss you, fools. And also because I look like a buck toothed man without make up. SHAMELESS!

Throwback Fashion Thursday: Denim

Denim, denim, denim- we just can’t seem to get a break from you can we?

First it was my mom’s old denim jacket from the 80’s…


that we turned into vests…

That we eventually tie dyed, metallized and customized…


Then came the birth of the Chambray shirt, the Chambray dress, the Chambray hoodies, the Chambray skater skirts, the Chambray caps, the Chambray underwear- literally the Chambray EVERYTHING … (ok maybe not underwear :P)



And how could I forget the denim high waist shorts? The denim shorts that started the epidemic of studs and spikes and tie dye…


[It’s sad to be 22 and not be able to wear these anymore. I’m too “uncool”]

And you know, just when I started abiding by the rules of fashion, DENIM on DENIM was suddenly HOT instead of a mortal NOT. Although I never really understood why it was frowned upon to begin with.. It’s so beautiful.

I would say more actually but it would all just be in spite.

As much as I love denim, I live in the freakin’ Philippines where it’s too damn hot to wear ANYTHING.

Check out my first throwback


Manic Issa will be back tomorrow.