[Red Beanie: H&M| Trench Coat: Surplus Shop| Flats: SM Department Store]

[Striped long sleeves: Thrifted| Canvas shorts: Forever21| Belt: YRYS]

[Ring: Unisilver Jewelry| Necklace: Vintage| Watch: Fossil]

I was *this* close to not posting these pictures. I wore this outfit on the day of the super typhoon Yolanda since we were bored while waiting for the electricity to come back on and I went out to have dinner with Paolo. I didn’t want to be insensitive about the whole topic but… how else am I supposed to explain why I wore this trench coat without making Yolanda my excuse? #committedblogger

 This is the last you’ll probably see of my trench coat… unless I finally get a passport and take myself somewhere far away, cold and weather appropriate.

Ang init dito, mehn!


I’m A Superstar! Well… Almost Anyways

If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you’d know that I have recently been nominated for the Best Cebu Blogs award. It really is a great feeling considering that I started blogging for the love of fashion and now I get the chance to be awarded for it!

The organizers of the event, Best Cebu Blog,s have already asked the nominees to prepare a short 2 minute speech in case we win and I’m pretty sure my speech will be in the context of jumping down on one knee with my arms raised up while saying “SUPAHSTAAAAH”

Here is your reference:

The awarding ceremony will be on December 7, 2013 (Saturday) and will be judged by Vic Marion MadriagaNancy CudisRuben Licera Jr.Ria Jose  and will be hosted by our ever beloved Eden Villarba.

Not only will the event be filled with amazing people of the internet world but we will also be joined with an awesome bunch of sponsors and partners such as:




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Basic CMYK


Dr. Xavier G. Solis Dental Care Clinic


island grill 1994 logo






If you want to vote for me, you can do so by clicking the picture below and liking the post it links you to. Thanks!

Nominee43_Jean Louise Perez





Bang On

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to all of us for slowly making #bangonph a reality, for being great Filipinos (despite the political warfare) and for mostly putting others before ourselves. We truly are a great group of people!

Second, HATS OFF (not gloves) to boxing legend MANNY PACQUIAO for an awesome display of skill, determination and not to mention, perspiration! You did more than just win fights, you give this country something to look forward to and be proud of. #ikawna . haha


How do you like my new look? Is it ban(g)kable?

Ok, I can seriously think of a hundred and one puns to my new look. I love it!

In my desperate need for a change, I decided to get my bangs on instead of getting a pixie cut. I’m glad I made that decision because bangs are a lot to work with already but a short bob takes a lot of maintenance especially when you try to grow it out.

Paolo says I look more like a “fashion blogger” now… whatever that means.

My advise when opting for full bangs is to talk with your stylist first. I did not know this, but apparently, there are different types of “full” bangs (who would’ve known!). My stylist decided to give me a slightly messy, chopped cut that’s long enough to sweep to the side in case I don’t want it hanging in my face. So far, so good. Very little maintenance except when I need to pat in down in place.

Glasses: SM Department Store| Peplum top: Forever21| Pants: Tiangge Find (top and pants from Lorraine. Thank you!)| Wedges: 168| Versace inspired necklace: issa4sale| Watch: iWatchz

I think this look totally gave my new look some justice. It was the exact amount of spunk and spice that I wanted without going full on goth or bad ass. Plus, it was event appropriate since I wore this outfit to a press conference which I organized.

Yes, for whoever wants to hire me for events, I’M YOUR GIRL! 😉

My only fashion advice for this look is to be extra careful when wearing peplum tops with pants. The hinge of the Peplum is meant to be at the waist and if the hem of your top is too short, you can have a massive case of camel toe. No one wants to see that.

Ultimately, I would prefer wearing tops like this with shorts or a skirt but whatever, I’m not the boss (yet).

So there’s that piece of advice and also, when wearing maroon colored anything, opt for darker colors (except white). That’s pretty much it.

Gotta skidaddle, must get ready for family picture day!

Ta ta,


Yolanda Chronicles 6496291648638


12:06 am

It’s a start of a brand new day but I feel like I’m stuck in time as I go through the news, as I skim through my newsfeeds, as I walk down the streets and etc.

Life after the typhoon has definitely not been the same and we are all trying to find our places in this disaster. Like how are we going to help, are our efforts enough, while we wait and worry if and when we are finally going to be ok.

My country is definitely not the same country as it was a few days ago and that can go both ways.

On the bright side,I am always brought to tears in awe of how we have been brought together as a country. Seeing how everyone is getting together to pitch in in the slightest ways possible is always uplifting.My friends have slowly reunited with their families and there has not been a shortage in help especially from other countries.

On the not-so-bright-side: There’s always doubts about our flawed government and people who have been deemed to have lost their morals, when in fact they are only trying to survive. I have friends who have not seen or heard from their families and friends of friends who are missing. And then there are the occasional 1 minute wonders who always have something bad to say and those who are just plain insensitive.

It’s not a perfect world, deal with it.

But despite all these things, no matter how imperfect we are, no matter how many times we may question these peoples morals and dignity or self control- no matter what, we will NEVER be them. We will never know what it’s like to have a hungry family with no clothes, water or shelter. We will never know what it’s like to walk among a sea of dead bodies… which is why we shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

I am deeply struck by the events that has happened to my country. Never a day has passed when I’m not checking the news, weeping for the dead and rejoicing for the living. Never a day has passed when I am not worried for my country and grateful for the aid that has been given. I still find myself in disbelief of what has happened… it still feels like our biggest nightmare magnified and materialized. It is that bad.

I know in time we will all be ok, we will come out stronger and better and braver and smarter. We’re Bamboo’s like that. But in the meantime, let us not stop helping, praying and doing our parts. We are all needed to put back the pieces of our country back together.

Bangon, Pilipinas.

What The F* Was That?

I literally just woke up from the narliest dream ever.

I am soo thirsty and soo hungry and I want chicken and milk tea.. except I’ve been told to lay off the chicken. FUUUUU.

I’m so happy I get to blog again. It’s like talking but I’m not opening my mouth. Which is a good thing because my breath probably smells like alcohol and cigarettes.

Top of the morning to ya!

Yolanda Chronicles III



I am writing this after having a bottle and a can of some beer I can’t even pronounce.

In my current state, I’d say I’m one of the lucky ones.Electricity is back, water is back, wifi is fully functional and well, there’s really not much I can do about my dog but at least it’s not raining which means, her ass will not be in my face the entire night. Yes, when it rains and she gets scared, she likes to strategically place her ass in my face.

Thank God that the worst is over (but I cannot attest to that) and we are all safe.

I read something on Facebook that the Philippines is stronger than any typhoon and yes, we are and above all, we are lucky/ blessed. Whichever rocks your philosophically maneuvered boat.

 Tasi, Labangon still has no electricity. I guess Paolo will have to sleep without the comforts of a fan or air conditioning tonight. My poor baby.

Good night, everybody.

Praises. (To who ever you wish to pay your praises to!)

Yolanda Chronicles II


8:33 pm

Shortly after my first entry we lost electricity and unfortunately, until now, the most part of Cebu is pitch black. A part of me wants to go ghost hunting. It is still early November, after all.

The eye of the storm was not as bad as we had expected (thank god!). I am very grateful that there were no floods in the area and that we were all pretty much prepared.

Here is what I did today:

* Painted my nails… thrice!

* Slept

* Read all the newspapers and half the stalks of magazines my lola has kept under her coffee table

* Eat (bilong- bilong (my new favorite food), chicken with soup and SAYOTE!!!

* Eat (the chips my lola bought). They were useful, afterall!

I am currently at my friends house in Banilad to find relief in cans of “imported” beer Paolo decided to splurge on.

They have electricity. Lucky them -.-

Outside is still pretty loud but life is slowly going back to normal. Everyone in my family is safe (parents in V. Rama included) and my dog is still needy and has stinky breath.

I don’t know how much damage the storm has really done but I guess I’ll have all the time to figure that out when electricity at our place is back.

I hope everyone is safe.



The Yolanda Chronicles


9:38 am

 It’s an estimated 2 hours before the eye of the storm hits my city. I am currently located in lot 3, blk 4, Park Vista Townhomes, Apas, Lahug where I am stuck with:

  • A paraplegic grandfather
  • A loony grandmother
  • A pregnant maid
  • The neediest dog in the entire world

I am writing because this house is too small for the 5 of us and if I don’t write, I will lose my mind. Also, I fear for my family who are all in V. Rama and I guess writing will help me get my mind of things.

Outside my window there is a fiesta of rain, wind and flying debris. Thank God, I am safe and sound with a roof over my head and wifi to spare. On the other hand of things, I do not know where my boyfriend is, I was forced to shower before the water shuts off and there’s really nothing to do at the moment but wait and worry.

My current thoughts as of the moment are: “my grandmother is going to kill all of us.” In the last 24 hours she was able to:

  • NOT panic shop.
  • After much persuasion from my mother and aunt, she finally did. She went out and bought… junk food. I’m going to die of starvation.
  •  At 9:00 this morning, while the wind was strong and the rain was pouring, my grandmother, in all her glory, asked the maid to go out and restock on BEER and COKE which we sell at home.
    • Businesswoman of the year.

This is how I am going to die. In a two story house, in my pink and green room, with my crazy family, with my annoying dog all over me because she won’t leave me alone because she is afraid of the rain because she is wimpy and I should have traded her for a bulldog when I had the chance.

God bless you all! Live a prosperous life for me!

I Left My Heart At Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort

Go. To. Mangodlong. Paradise. Beach. Resort.

That’s all I’m going to say and dammit, you’ll believe it!

I am currently typing this blog entry with a sun kissed tan and the sound of the waves still resonating in my head. I’d like to call this a beach hang over… one that I would like to share with all of you!

Over the memorial weekend (memorial of the deceased and memorial of the saints), Paolo and I took a trip up north to Camotes Island in memory of (haha, jk) our annivesary.

It literally took me months to plan the entire trip and I wanted to make sure that everything was perfect and according to plan because quite frankly, Paolo deserved it.

After much research, I finally settled on staying at Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort and I was pleasantly surprised. Actually, my socks were blown away.

Initially, we booked their standard room that cost P2,500.00/ night. All I did was reach their office through their landline, make a reservation and drop by to make my payment at their office located in Subangdaku (Kimwa compound). Their staff was also kind enough to teach me how and where to go to book our tickets after realizing that  I have never planned an out of town trip ever in my life! (via Jomalia shipping lines. Economy: P180.00/ Air con: P200.00) *noob*

When we got to the resort, we opted to get an upgrade and transfer to the Cabana so we could have a little patio to stay and drink coffee at and a place to hang dry our clothes.

Here are some of the photos of our room:

Twin beds.
We decided to join them together which their staff happily helped us do.

His and Hers.
Flat screen tv and fridge for Paolo.
Lots of storage space and a vanity mirror for me.
Plus, complimentary water and coffee.

The bathroom.
They’re never greedy when it comes to fresh towels but I’m not so sure about their heating system and if they actually have one or not.
Nevertheless, I got to shower in warm water at least once.

The little patio where we would have our morning coffee

It was actually my third trip to Camotes and Paolo’s first. What I loved the most about Camotes was their vast shoreline especially during the low tide and the impossible to miss sand patterns that I’ve never really seen anywhere else.

Unfortunately, Paolo and I weren’t able to see it this time. Our theory is that Mangodlong was built on a rock which explains why the water gets really deep really fast and the fact that the sand patterns can’t be seen on that side of the island. That, and the neighboring resorts were also… rocks.

Sand patterns or no sand patterns, that definitely did not stop us from being sun children and making the most out of the sun and sand. The water was so clear and so peaceful that even if we were the stingy to rent out snorkels, we were still able to get a glimpse of the underwater activity by just standing right above it.

When we weren’t at the beach, we were frolicking away in their huge infinity pool. They even had a  bar where you could order drinks from and well, you know I just had to get my drink on! 😉

What I really liked about their pool was that it wasn’t very deep which made it completely safe for kids to spend the whole day at and… of course, it’s plus points for us short people. lol

open area fronting the pool and beach

Me pretending to do a yoga pose.
(behind me is a dock where we saw a lot of tourists jumping off it)

The absolute best part about our stay in Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort was that I was able to plan a surprise anniversary dinner for Paolo and I.

I didn’t really think it would be possible since it’s in a different island but Mangodlong Paradise made it happen and for a lack of a more splendid word… it was perfect!

The set up.
A candle lit dinner by the beach with background music and flowers.

Our set up

Cheer for 2 years!

Our main course: Fillet Mignon
Appetizer: Spicy Chicken Wings
Soup: Onion Soup
Dessert: Cookie Ala Mode
(Cost: P2,000.00)

My final surprise: candles and flowers on the floor of our room and a very special video presentation *gushing*

I also thought it would be a good idea to include Mangodlong Beach Paradise’s menu in this blog entry since it was one of my concerns prior to the trip. Since I knew would end up mostly dinning in the resort, I was a bit concerned with our budget. Luckily, we made everything work out! And because I love you all so much, here is their menu (because I couldn’t find it anywhere else):


Did I just type the entire menu or Microsoft Paint? I believe I just did. LOL #goodblogger

 I was really glad that I chose to spend our anniversary weekend in the wonderful island of Camotes. But above all, I was really glad that we spent it at Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort.

I’ll admit, it’s not exactly a “back packers” fun bag but for people who just want to kick back, relax and splurge a little… I honestly doubt that you can go wrong here.

Thanks again, Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort! <3

Contact them here:

Cebu office: 238 0500

Camotes (direct line): +639399216835