General Decorum When Ordering Apparel

Please allow the bitch inside of me to release itself of all constraints held against her. I’m really not in the right place, emotionally right now and well… If you ever decide to place an order, I hope you keep this valuable piece of information in mind:

1. Be aware of your timeline and deadlines. Please do not place an order and suddenly drop the bomb on us and say that you suddenly need ALL of them by the end of week expecting that I will drop all my other clients and deadlines just for you.

2. Pay your debts. This goes for both us and the clients. Debt is never good. I would never wish on anyone’s life especially on mine to owe anyone anything.

3. If you are the contractor and you set the deal with your own client, DO NOT GIVE THEM MY NUMBER. The nerve you have to give my number to YOUR client because you simply DIDN’T WANT TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH THEM ANYMORE!! Oh my God, how dare you ever…

I’m going to change my number after this.

4. Stick to your original order. Don’t suddenly change your orders in the middle of production. A referee doesn’t suddenly change the rules. NO ONE DIED AND MADE YOU GAY KING BITCH OF THE WORLD. Get real, bitch.

5. DON’T ASSUME THAT I RUN A MAGICAL SWEATSHOP! REAL people make your orders, it takes TIME to make it and if you think that they just pop out of your asses, you’ll have another thing going up yours.

That’s is all. Now go die.

You Are My Silver Lining

I asked God for the sun

but instead He gave me rain,

I asked God for a miracle

but then He gave me pain

I asked life for a river

but I have no place to soak my feet,

I took a risk and took a leap of fate

but I ended landing on the hard concrete

And in my strife I asked,

“God, are you even there??

If I got on my knees and cursed you,

Would you even care?”

I’ve stopped asking and I’ve stopped hoping

But if there’s one thing I wish you knew,

I got my rain, my miracle, my river

The moment I met you.

Gold Cardigan: Thrifted| Silver Skater Skirt: Cebu Fashion Diary (online find)| Bag: Bally (vintage)|  Watch: iWatchz| Oxfords: Artwork

Doing some elementary level rhyming because I badly miss Paolo.

What a shmuck.

How are things on your side of the world?



Oh My Darling, Valentines

I didn’t get to celebrate Valentines this year. Instead, what I got was a whole day of running around the city and meals in the passengers seat.

This year I had coffee while being feasted on by mosquitoes and long term postural damage from lugging around a bag that’s too heavy for my own good.

This year I didn’t get flowers (although I never do) or chocolates, not even a single I love you note.

But I get to spend every single day with the most important person in my life and that is so much better than one day out of the many to look forward to. 

Because I would follow you on Christmas, on my birthday… even on Hallow’s Eve even if it meant having to over charge my DS and the pad just to spare me the boredom. I would carry big baskets of floor matts and plates, even if we don’t get to share them, if it meant just being around you.

I would ride a bus and sit beside a stinky baby who leans in too much, too much that I can hardly see the damn screen, even if it’s just to kiss you hello because I love you.

And I’m not going to see you as much anymore and this makes me sad but we’re doing bigger things now so I shouldn’t be.

But it’s a god damn Sunday and I’m not used to not being able to kiss you good night.

Life As Of The Moment

Haven’t made a list in a while.

Here’s one for the road:

Lately I have been:

1. Constantly hungry  starving

Things I am craving for: Yakski BBQ

2. Such a movie junkie

Movies I want to watch: The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, The Lego Movie, American Hustle

3. Slacking off on my reading

Currently reading: The Night Circus (Maybe this book isn’t so great. It’s taken me 2 weeks to read it -.-)

4. Playing to much on my newly acquired DS

Just finished playing: Life Signs: Surgical Unit

Next: Final Fantasy: Cock Chronicles (Yes, that’s what it says on my DS)

5. Dying to watch SHERLOCK SEASON 3 and the rest of Friends season 7.

6. Not saving. So bad.

7. Excited and sad at the same time about 711 opening. I will miss my best friend 🙁

8. Missing my real best friend (Raissa Alexandra Ong Oh)

9. Tied up. Time is really not my friend at this point.


Also, I think it’s important to mention that on Weekdays I live at my parents house and I come HOME on the weekends. If the weekend consists of me being in my room or wherever Paolo & I end up crashing.

I don’t like my current living situation and I just want to move out this year and live somewhere closer to work. Also, I badly want my own house. I’ve been going to hardware stores waaaay too much these past two months.

I miss blogging. I miss just being able to talk even when nobody’s actually listening.. cuz we all know how hard it is for me to shut up. :>




Sinulog 2014 Photo Diary

Belated Pit Senyor to all my Cebuanos out there! I hate to be on the Sinulog hangover bandwagon but hey, I’m not going to enjoy Sinulog as much when I’m old and saggy so I might as well gloat in it now.

Oh Sinulog, the mother of all Filipino street parties, you just keep getting better and better!

I’m proud to say that this year was my most sober Sinulog to date but the experience was bountiful and memory filled… exactly how I like my festivities- Sober enough to remember it 😉

Paolo & I in our matching shirts from Rhipstop and watches from Tomato Time

Sorry, this blog has no filter!

How was your Sinulog 2013 experience?