Play House

I love it when we play house. When I come home to you and I race to kiss you first but your lips are already ready for me.

I love it when we play house and you’re the messy one and I’m trying to… not.

I love that the house smells of bacon and I’m kind enough to put my manicure on outside.

I’m in love with the thought of cooking for you but if I had to clean the house everyday I think you’d need to give me more than just a walk-in closet.

I like that you can be in one room and I in another or we can be across the street from each other and I can still feel you.

One day you’ll walk in on me dancing around the room with my headphones on while I’m listening to Phoenix’s Too Young because I’m currently addicted to that song and one day, I’ll catch you trying my lipstick on and it will just be the best time of my life. You’ll not only know but will EXPERIENCE Issa of no bathingland but you will also experience the issa of leavemealone land. And God forbid to I ever have an encounter a paolo of supergassyland and paolo of doeverythingformeland.

We’re playing house like it’s something that’s second nature to us except I don’t know your dogs rituals yet and I don’t have a desk with a window with a view and my own desktop where I can write my Sunday mornings away. I have Pharell’s “Happy” on constant replay resounding in my head and you know what, it really isn’t a bad thing.

You really aren’t a bad thing.

To The New Grads, Photogs and Everyone In Between

I admit I’ve been a bit off with my timing lately. I totally forgot about the graduation season (although one of my very close friends just graduated) and it’s a ga-zillion degrees outside yet as I am typing these very words, I am covered in 2 layers of clothing and a jacket. #insaneinthemembrane

I can only think of a million posts I could’ve shared with you guys like “tips of what to wear for graduation” or something of the like but instead, I’m going to share my sentiments with you. You know, I sort of think that’s better.

Sorry but I just HAD to post my graduation picture (to be appropriate) but don’t worry, I won’t steal your facebook thunder by making this my profile picture. Not pointing any fingers. Or am I? *smirk*

Let me tell you a funny story…

I only found out I was viable to graduate on the night before our graduation itself… at around 8:00 in the evening! Clearance signing is a bit different if you’re a nursing student and let me tell you, the road to my graduation was a long, bumpy and agonizing road!

To make a long and very emotional story short, I eventually did graduate after a lot of tears, pleading and raging. On the day of my graduation, and I think everyone of CDU BSN 2012 can attest to this, I was perhaps the most emotional person amongst all 700+ of us. Man was I a mess! I cried to entire time from the graduation march to the receiving of diplomas and I was even crying when I received my special sports award. There are no nice pictures of that day, I tell you!

And honestly, I wasn’t crying because I was sad that I was leaving college. I was crying because I was relieved that I was finally done with it because I strongly disliked college. I was lifted because my 4 years of torture had come to an end, I was free from fulfilling other people’s dreams (nursing. Need I say more?) and I was ecstatic to finally start fulfilling my own.

So my message to all the graduates is:

Congratulations! It’s time to start making your dreams a reality. Carefully but diligently fill your book with lessons from the real world- travel, fall in love with life, get a new hobby and learn as much as you can. Learn the things that college could never teach you and let nothing hold you back now because, nothing should be holding you back! Correct your mistakes, make up for lost time, get lost and find yourself in the wreckage. Do something out of the box, find your dream job and try not to settle for less. Find your direction or at least try to map out where you want to be and where you’re headed. Don’t let the past traumatize you and don’t let the future intimidate you. And please, do it for me, enjoy every passing moment. The world is yours for the taking and isn’t that invigorating?

Change is inevitable and even my mom can vouch for that (despite how old she is) so don’t just roll with the punches, be a bad ass bitch and punch back! Be grateful everyday no matter how hard it is and always try to remember, things could be worse- you could be wearing an expensive mink coat and have animal rights activists cover you in paint and set you on fire! And lastly, don’t forget the people who’ve always had your back. Success isn’t fun when you have no one to share it with.

Be real and if you’re closet gay, it’s high time you admit. You don’t have to carry that baggage anymore and everyone will just be relieved that you’re not the only person who doesn’t know it anymore. (Ok the last one doesn’t really count. Just a dose of my weekly frustrations. hehe)
And since you have a few more months before you actually have to find a job, why not try something amazing on your last “real” summer by enhancing your photography skills with Australia based Filipina photographer, Malu Dingal! (great segway, right? uh huh, uh huh)
For only 8 days, Malu Dingal, will share her expertise on Engagement/ Pre- nup photoshoots from May 15 to May 23 at The Movenpick Hotel, Mactan.
For those who are hoping to make a career out of photography or for those who want to brush up on any skills or learn from someone else, this opportunity is definitely something you should look out for!
 [secretly screaming inside: why is everybody getting married?!?! in a frustrated/ terrified voice. There is still PLENTY of time for me, right? #nopressure]
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Fashion posts coming up soon!
Issa Perez

A New Perspective

Aside from the new layout, a lot of things in my life has changed lately. I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned this but in case you’ve been out of the loop of what seems to be my crazy life, I am currently running our family business. And this may sound like something wonderful in it’s own state but let me tell you, it’s… well, I’m still not sure. lol

As much as I love being able to manage my own time, I don’t necessarily start work at 8:00 and end at 6:00- I am almost always working. And that doesn’t even touch the surface of things! Since I’m in charge of everything except for finances, I need to do time tabling for our production, purchasing and meet with clients (which is often times the most tiring part of the job).

Aside from working with my family, I also had to “sort of” move back in. I say sort of because I sleep at my parents house on the weekdays and I go back to my place on the weekends. But since Paolo moved to the province and I try my best to spend weekends there, I sort of feel like I don’t really have a permanent address anymore.

I entitled this post A New Perspective  because my life has really changed in the last few months. I’ve been taking on bigger responsibilities, I got an assistant and I’m just really trying to be a big girl now and mark my territory on this tiny city I call home. I don’t think I see things the way I used to see them and since this is after all a fashion blog first and foremost- I guess I can say the same about clothes.

I’m pretty sure every girl in the world has done this at least once in her life!

One of the down sides about not having a permanent place to stay is that you have to plan your outfits ahead unless you can afford to travel from one place to another AND still have time to visit clients. So to address the problem, I’ve resorted to drawing because 1. I find it very relieving and 2. It helps me organize and picture out what I like. I also label them because well, I’m a very weird person and I don’t know why this still surprises you!

One thing I’ve learned from avoiding the commute from the South to the Metropolis is that you can never go wrong with a white polo shirt. Duh! It’s not uncommon and I’ve practically overused this rule but gosh, who am I kidding? I’m a white polo girl foreverrr. There’s just something about a crisp white polo that fixes everything and instantly screams, “I mean business! TAKE ME SERIOUSLY!” which is usually what I’m trying to portray when my clients think it’s funny that a 12 year old is handling a family business. #thatshitseriouslygetsold

So whether you’re 12, 20 or 60- never be ashamed to whip out that bad boy! With the help of the right accessories, it’s easy to achieve the look you want. I decided to wear my bib necklace that I got as a birthday gift from Justinne because I thought they went along great with the new loafers I scored when I went to the province. I’m always such a sucker for cheap finds and I kid you not, I will over use them!

Loafers from Car car @ P240.00
Scratch on my left foot from falling into a canal playing with my dogs @ Priceless

Shades: Forever21

Necklace: Terranova @thebabeforfood

Polo shirt: Loalde

Belt: YRYS

Skater skirt: Thrifted

Bag: Hand me down

Have a good weekend!



The Heat Is On

I don’t know what side of the world you’re on right now but from where I’m from-  the sun is out and is unforgiving!

In my opinion, Summer is either the best or the worst time of the year because: (and let me run this by you real quick:)

– It’s the perfect time to go to the beach

– I no longer have summer vacations
– I like to dress in layers

But in total contradiction to what I just said ^^), I tried my best to welcome the blazing summer by dressing down (braless and everything. It just had to be done!)

I really love my Blind Clothing slip on dress (I’ve already worn it here) and I’m really glad that this is a complete contrast to my first version- this look definitely shows a more playful and youthful side of me. And, how lucky was I that it went along great with a DIY project my sister gave me? #perksofthebusiness

Although I won’t be able to enjoy a full pledge summer vacation, I’m still looking forward to quick beach trips with friends and family. I can’t wait to be more adventurous with my looks this summer especially because I plan to be posting a lot more often in the next months to come… so watch out for that! Hopefully, no more backlogs! HAHA.



What Would Taylor Wear?

I should probably post this before it becomes outdated.

Damn it, I’m always doing that- waiting too long to post ’til it becomes inappropriate.


When I wore this outfit (months ago!!), Cebu was still going through its crazy, weird weather where it would be raining one moment and them BOOM! it would be raining sweat the next. And well, with weather like that, you really don’t know what to expect. So instead, you prepare.

Moments like these are when I try my best to cover myself enough if things go south, I can easily cover myself up with a cardigan or a scarf.

And how convenient was it that I had a striped top that matches my skater skirt? Coincidence? I think not. #outfitplanning

For anyone who came here to see something wonderful of some sort and ended up seeing this dreary post of an outfit, maybe I should apologize.

But if Taylor Swift can get away dressed in something so simple and yet still look fab, then so can I!

Taylor Swift's The Great Catsby Cat sweater

I’m seriously going to attempt this look!





I am at an internet cafe in carcar. Yes, this is where I am at 8 in the morning.

It’s been like this for about 3-4 weeks already, me on the weekends in Car-car which is an hour away from the city. But at least I’m with Paolo.

I hate to say this but, I would go anywhere with him.