And Suddenly, I’m A Cliche

I’m mad at this dress. It was supposed to be an over sized dress just the way I like it… until my yaya decided she wouldn’t let me leave the house in it.

Now it’s an altered dress with sleeves too big and it looks like a Filipiniana. I’m never going to wear this dress again!

I guess that’s what happens when you let other people dictate you.

What the hell am I doing listening to my maid anyways? Pffft.

I Can’t Stomach This

What is that thing you get when there’s too air much on your stomach that causes a great amount of flatulence? What is it, what is it, what is it?

I’m scared I might get that one day.

But most of all, I fear that I may never get the bod to fully and confidently sport a crop top. WHY WAS I NOT BORN WITH ABS?!?

Posing in this ratchet top was really a struggle. I don’t know why I ever thought it was OK to pose with it, much more to actually go out in broad daylight in it (I blame the heat!). And let me tell you something, you can try to hide a belly as much as you want but when it comes down to it, if you have it, it’s eventually going to pop! As seen here…


I got a lot of beef for buying these hammer pants (aka sagging crotch pants) from i don’t know… ALL my friends. They pointed out how much it wasn’t in style, how it is soo difficult to wear and how incredibly ugly they were, but I just couldn’t resist. Plus, they were only P 250.00 at Gaisano Carcar (the ONLY place I shop at anymore) so I figured it wouldn’t be such a painful investment if I decided never to wear it again.

I decided to pair my harems with a cropped top because (…Paolo isn’t around to tell say “you can’t wear that!”) I thought it would be a good combination of tight and baggy. I always try to add a little volume (?) to my clothes by mixing it up like that. For example, tight jeans = loose shirt, leggings = oversized shirt, etc. That way I don’t look like a lumpia roll or a garbage bag.

The crop top may have been a bit revealing so when I went out that evening to have drinks with a friend, I switched to a longer crop top instead. Conceal, don’t feel.

Here are other ways to sport hammer pants:

And here’s how to hide.that.belly…

Behind a screen door!

Have a great Sunday, everybody!



It’s Really Hot & I Don’t Care

It’s been freakishly, unbelievably HOT lately. I honestly cannot stand the heat. It’s soo f*uickvng! insaaane!! And okaaaay, I know it’s summer and I know it’s supposed to be hot but seriously, it’s! -.- #iamsad

If there’s an upside to this weather, it’s that I can wear as little clothes as I please (or that I can get away with, at least). And since we do own a business that mostly manufactures t-shirts and other apparel, I figured that this summer I’d take advantage of it and have as many over sized and cropped tops as I want. So if I’m tagging #citiwear on my blog, thaaaat’s meeee!!

For this outfit I simply wore an over sized shirt that I was too lazy to have tailored once I got it. Initially I wanted a long fitted shirt but then I realized that this is grey and I must avoid sweat stains at all costs so… I settled for this. 😀

I have sweaty pitts sometimes. Yes, that is indeed a fact.

To jazz the whole look up, I paired it with a Golden State Warriors cap because REPRESENT, that’s why! I also wore a gold chain necklace just because it added a bit of character to my look and lastly, I paired it off with my favorite heels, added some dark lipstick and well… this is how I looked.

I also wore this to an event a last week and I added a blazer to make it more “appropriate”. 😉

Here are some of my tips when finding the right t-shirt for you:

1. If you’re looking for a fitting tee, keep in mind that ladies sizes come in curves and the sleeves are a bit shorter in length as compared to the mens’ sizes. This allows the shirt to hug your body better and show your curves.

2. The shoulder line of a shirt plays a big factor in determining if a shirt will look too big or too small on you. Make sure that it falls right above or shoulder joint (?!) and that it’s not draping your upper arm hence, like my shirt is. #sorrynotsorry

3. There are a million different types of material you can make a shirt with and they all have their pros, cons and functions. Learn them (or maybe I’ll share on another post. Lemme know!) and find out which one works the most for you.

… That’s all, for now 🙂

 Stay cool (not like this weather!)




Happy Easter, Everyone! I hope you are all out somewhere enjoying Sunday lunch and egg hunting with your families or out with friends soaking up the sun or… reading this blog. (Thanks for being here, by the way!)

I wish the holidays wouldn’t come to an end cuz I am definitely having too much fun doing nothing except sit in front of the computer, work out, take long drives and eat all while spending time with the people who mean the most to me.

And for many like me who don’t want to go back to work or Monday, here’s a quick outfit that could easily trick your brain into thinking you’re still on Summer vacation while still maintaining the corporate/ semi- formal feel.

Long, flowing skirts always send out a “i’m-off-to-the-beach” feel and a “i-mean-business” vibe at the same time which is why it’s always my go to garment when attending events when I’m not soo sure of the dress code.

I wore this outfit to the Summer Polish Party held by Beauty and Butter last month and it made me feel like I was spot on with what’s trendy and sophisticated at the same time plus, I wore this to a client meeting right after and they seemed to like what I was wearing. Except I heard a couple of smirks from a couple receptionists that went something like “pffft… I used to have a body like that.” *eye roll* okaaaaay.

So a word of advice to all my wonderful readers: if in doubt, go for a long skirt! Take control of the liberty to dress it up by adding heavy jewelry and some dark make up or play it fun and laid back with a crop top or basic tee. The possibilities are endless for as long as you feel good about yourself and confidence will surely follow. 😉

Still the best manicure I’ve ever gotten!

Cross ring: Aizilym


Crop top: Forever 21

Skirt: Citi Wear

A big, bad shout out to Rabsin De la Cruz of for these wonderful photos!

I love you! You make me feel pretty <3 hihi

Happy Easter, Everyone! Keep it holy!



Life From The Back Of A Habal-habal

Everyone is always in such a hurry… that’s basically what’s been on my mind for the past two weeks. This is basically how I knew I has going to start this blog entry. Somehow, I need to figure out how to end it.

I was feeling a bit gloomy lately- without any logical reason to feel that way. I guess it’s a girl thing or my unending feeling of “uncontentment” [it’s not a word, I know.] or maybe it’s because I like to create drama in my life. Maybe it’s all those things.

I felt for a while that maybe it was because I had grown tired of my routine: work on weekdays, province on weekends and maybe something interesting would pop up in between. It occurred to me that maybe I was not getting the most out of life and maybe I just needed to get more out there… which to my surprised happened to be a night adventure at the back of a habal- habal. [I’ll think up of the most random shit when I’m “weird”]

Sure it was pure chance, sure it wasn’t premeditated… sure I had a choice NOT to get on that damn thing. But I sure as hell did it and traumatic thoughts and stories aside, I’m glad I did it.

Here’s what happened: I rode a habal-habal [motorcycle] at 9:30 in the evening from Badian to Car-car. That’s an hour and thirty minutes away and believe me, it felt longer.

I did it because it was new, I did it because I felt like I needed a sense of adventure, I did it because I was stupid but mostly, I did it because I wanted to go home. It was a long and scary ride/ drive because 1. I’m not from any of these places and 2. don’t be stupid, you know why it’s scary! lol

Looking back on it now, I probably wouldn’t do it again. I would not spend P400.00 on a machine of death, no siree. But I would do it again for the sky. I’d do it again so I can be scared and unsure. I’d do it again to feel those emotions, look up to a sky full of stars and feel… at peace. I wish there was a more dramatic way to say it. You had to be there!

Because everyone really is in such a hurry these days and it’s the rush, the hustle and the bustle that scares me. It’s that feeling that what if the whole world is rushing, moving forward, succeeding and here I am floating that pressures me. And I feel this way all the time, I guess I’ll keep feeling this way for a long time. And I know the fighter in me is gonna want to keep up and so I shall persist but I know I will always have the sky.

I just made you read 500 words about looking up. you fool.

My Summer Essentials [feat. Polyvore]

Summer Essentials
Got a little bored over the weekend and decided to have a little fun with polyvore. At first it was just supposed to be one set but I guess I got a little bit carried away and well, now I’ve made an entire blog around it.
If you’re wondering about the lack of style and diversity in my choice of bikinis… it’s because it’s true.
I’m a bikini girl and never will I be the type to sport a one piece unless I’m training for a meet or a “thlon” of some type.
I am in love with triangle bikinis and only recently have I discovered the joys of a bandeau. Also, this year sporty is in so I’m looking forward to seeing more ladies in sports bra types of bikinis especially with fringe 😉
Cover ups
Cover ups
I’m basically in love with anything I can throw on after a quick dip especially one of good material that isn’t too heavy and takes forever to dry. Ladies, a shirt is not a cover up. I’m not saying this to make fun of you, I’m saying this so you don’t have to worry about putting something on and waiting forever for it to dry up.
Can I just be totally honest and say that I don’t use sun block? Sorry! But I know it’s important so that’s why I included it in here. The main idea was just to include a bunch of hats and shades and call it “protection” but I know it’s soo much more than that. Hey, I even threw in a picture of some lip balm to remind you to moisturize your lips! #itssomething
[see cover ups]
Flip flops, striped wedges, boat shoes, JELLY SANDALS!!
So this post has sort of been in my draft folder for about two weeks and if I don’t post it now, I’ll never be able to do it! I kind of faded towards the end though since I don’t really have a lot to say about them, I just really liked the pretty clothes I saw. heee.
Show me your summer outfits and summer sets on my facebook page!