What’s Happening @ #HyperCebu

Hey guys! I just came back from #HyperCebu at the Baseline!

For those who haven’t gone yet, it’s totally fine! You still have about… 24++ hours or so before the event ends. (It’s 9:00 pm now, it ends at 9:00 pm tomorrow so I think my math is just about right. haha) So if you’re wondering what’s going on there, here’s a photo dump of what I experienced this afternoon:


Faith De Guzman

Liz Dumdum

Neil San Pedro

Gillian Uang

Rabsin dela Cruz

Dawn Sy & Sophia Sanchez

Their pre-loved items are sold for as long as P50.00! I got myself an origami skirt from Gillian for P100.00- it was totally worth it!

For those who are wondering, I am not selling my pre-loved clothes HOWEVER, I do have something big coming up next month so heads up on that 😉


Go Rage @goragesocks

The Graphic Tee Shop

Snap Ltd.


Filthy Project

Island Souveneirs

Knick Knackery




Grub Street

Azul (Tuslob Buwa)

Everything Bacon

FaiRy’s Foodboth


Now for my #HyperOOTD

Cellphone pouch used as a bag from Digi Babe

Clothes from Citi Wear

Here are a few of my tips when dressing up for a Rave party/ Bazaar/ Outdoor event:

– Be prepared to sweat. It is an outdoor event after all.

– Keep your valuables close & Pack light. I chose to carry around my cellphone pouch/bag and just keep my money in it so I didn’t have to carry a heavy bag while trying out clothes and looking at the stalls.

– Be comfortable. You will be walking around for hours plus the occasional pit stops when you run into friends so it’s a good idea to prioritize your comfort if you don’t wanna end up going early.

– Come with a budget. Don’t ask how much I spent today. I didn’t come with a budget…

– Have lots of fun!

Summer’s almost over for most of us so let’s try to make the most out of it!

Thank you #HyperTeam for the opportunity for us bloggers to meet up with our readers and just have a good time!

‘Til the next!



Take Me Places


Posting the last set of photos I took with Roger Cas. You can see the first set and read the melodramatic side of me on this post.

I’m proud to say that the picture above is my most reblogged photo on Tumblr and it has been featured mostly on bike enthusiasts pages.

For those who are wondering… No, I do not own this bike (unfortunately) but I do own my own racing bike. I competed last year during the Sugbo Triathlon in Oslob and if my knee allows me to, I intend on joining again this year. If there’s one thing I love as much as I love fashion, it’s sports (and I don’t even TRY to be the least bit fashionable when I play. shorts + big shirt = perfection!) which I think reflects me a lot. I’m not exactly a girly girl but I’m not a tomboy either. Well, on most days.

What do YOU love? 🙂

If you love events and if you’d love to meet me and my other Cebu Fashion Blogging friends, head down to the Baseline this afternoon for #hypercebu! I’ll be there from 1 – 5 pm and I’d be glad to meet you guys!!

I’ve seen my daily analytic… I know I have readers. Please be kind and say “hi” LOL

See you guys there and if you need more details about the event please check out this entry




Hyper – What my mom still calls me on a daily basis

Over the years, Cebu has evolved and adapted to the changes that the Queen City of the South has gone through. We have become a melting pot of different cultures. We, in itself, have become a lifestyle.Music. Fashion. Food. Gadgets. Travel. It’s all in Cebu and it’s all going to be at Hyper Cebu. We’re hitting five birds with one stone and bringing it even closer to home, right into the heart of the Metro, at the Baseline.

Established and stabilized by the JCI Cebu Inc. and strengthened by the commitment of the of Hyper Cebu Volunteers (Members of the young and dynamic students, young professionals and the media practitioners of the metropolis), Hyper Cebu will celebrate the Cebuano lifestyle and will merge everything and everyone together whether you’re a hyper foodie, a hyper fashionista, a hyper techie, a hyper traveler or a hyper musician. For 36 hours, starting on May 31 and lasting till June 1, the Cebuano lifestyle and all that it entails will be celebrated and there will be no barriers.

A Lifestyle Bazaar, a Weekend Food Market and an activity area, to be used as a Family Zone during the day and turned into a rave pit of awesome once the sun sets, will be the highlights of the event with a few surprises in store for the whole duration of Hyper Cebu.
Hyper Cebu is more than just a party. It’s a celebration of everything we are and everything we are proud of, something truly Cebuano. Something that can get us hyped up.

Gladly supporting my fellow bloggers and JCI friends!

Let’s all head down to Baseline on May 31- June 1 to celebrate HYPER Cebu.

See you guys there!



Street [sm]Art

 I honestly don’t know how I’m going to write this blog. These photos have been sitting in my draft folder for a good week now and every time I get to writing, I always find myself starring at these pictures with a loss for words.

I am madly in love with this set by Jing Pascual and Jade Caballo, it has every aspect I so deeply admired when I got into fashion blogging: a good eye for detail, a killer backdrop and awesome quality of photos.

These pictures are a product of love, passion and LOTS OF GUTS since they were literally shot in the middle of the round during rush hour on a weekday. Hope you enjoy them!

As Summer slowly comes to an end, it has become essential to be prepared for just about anything. Knowing Cebu and it’s sporadic weather, it wouldn’t become much of a surprise if it was scouring hot at one point and then raining like it’s nobody’s business the next.  I mean, it’s already happening -.-

On top of my “to buy” list at the moment is a pair of sleek knee high rain boots that I can easily sport when the rainy season is on full frontal duty. I’ve been doing most of my research online but while I’m still on the hunt, my ever beloved Doc Marten replicas always seem to do the trick- they’re good for taking long walks, walking in damp places and they bring out an extra side of bad ass in me.

Going back to the weather, I always find it safer to stick to my basic white pieces when dressing up. That way, if it gets to hot, I don’t have to worry about feeling so stuffy and keeping a statement cover up is always fun to keep around my waist or to have around my shoulders when the occasion arises.

For this specific shoot I decided to keep things at a minimum since I knew we would be shooting around UBEC Crew’s masterpieces along Rahman street. Their work is so vibrant, meant to stand out and I wanted to work around it, to be seen in it while not being consumed by it at the same time. I guess this is what I came up with.

It’s suddenly become a dream of mine to pose around another graffiti wall in a flouncy full length dress just because I’d like to think I’m ironic like that. (Afterall, I named my dog Meow and my pet rock Fluffy) So until then, I will keep my eye open for new places to shoot- Cebu is full of them! I love my city, I love the people in it and I love being a part of it! #cebukeepsmegoing

Outfit details:

Top: Terranova

Shorts: Department Store Brand (Gaisano Carcar, yo)

Plaid top: H&M

Boots: SM Department Store

Accessories: iWatchz, Aizilym, The Bead Shop


Issa Perez

Photos by:

 Jing Pascual

 Jade Caballo


Leero x Saike x Basic Lee x Flai x Gats

“The cebu artists are from ubec crew..gats and basic lee from method makers based in california” – Ubec Crew

Mad props!

Ziya Opens in SM City Cebu!

A new type of Boho Chic has bestowed their beautiful creations on the island of Cebu! Ziya, a fashion line that started in 2004, which is mostly known for the bohemian chic aesthetics has recently opened their newest outlet in SM City, Cebu! The brand that is known for their style beyond the ordinary shares to Cebuanos their gorgeous pieces that mix Asian and ethnic influences. By taking the old with the new, they are able to create fashionable and unique styles that can be easily distinguished as their own.

I was very blessed to have been invited to the grand opening of Ziya last May 16, 2014. I wasn’t just lucky enough to see their amazing products first hand, I was also able to meet Laureen Uy of BreakMyStyle. She was really great to be around 🙂

Here are some of my photos from that day: [I didn’t get to take fantastic photos because the place was FULL but at least you get to how successful their opening was ;)]

I love that Laureen is wearing the same dress as seen on the mannequin from my first photo. It definitely looks 10x better on a real life doll!

It was all just perfect timing that I was also on the way to the beach that evening and that I had also left my shades at home. I was able to buy a beautiful pair of round shades for only P200.00 and I still haven’t switched back to my everyday shades even now that I’m back in the city and my life is boring again. lol.

Ziya definitely stands out among the other bohemian themed stores in the market! I love how they play around with different fabrics and their printed dresses are to die for! Plus, throwing in the pillows are a great accent especially for those whose inner boho babe cannot only confined through pretty clothes alone.

Ziya is Located at SM Mall of Asia, SM Cagayan de Oro and soon to open branches in SM North Edsa, Gaisano City Super mall Iligan and SM Gen.San.

Check them out at the 2nd floor of SM City Cebu (near VECO).

You can also follow them on Facebook





Google Days Mandaue 2014 Photo diary

GBG Mandaue or Google Business Groups Mandaue is a community, supported by Google, wherein business owners can come together and learn how to utilize the internet, specifically Google tools, to make their businesses grow. Within this community, many experienced businessmen and internet rock stars share their tips and stories on how they made their presence online and how you can do the same for your very own businesses!

Having said all this, it truly is an honor to be a part of this group, not only as a member but as one of the five co-community managers. Together with Bjorn Bernales, Clifford Enoc and Mark Jamelo- we make up GBG Mandaue and we all work closely together to ensure that we can share sufficient knowledge to those who want to expand their businesses online.

Last May 10, 2014 (Saturday) at the Lakwatsa Restobar, GBG Mandaue held it’s first biggest event- GDays Mandaue wherein 200+ business owners got together for a day packed with fun, prizes and lots of learning!

Together with our sponsors, volunteers and guests, GDays Mandaue was a success and we’ve received nothing but heaps of love from all the participants!

Even thought our key note speaker was unable to make it (due to health reasons), the show still went on and we all had a wonderful time!

Here are some of the photos:

Here I am hosting the event. I got a fever in the middle of the show but the show must go on! 😀

With my mom posing in front of our tarpaulin for Citi Wear, our family business

On stage with Bree Esplanada, Cebuano fashion designer

Ruben Licera Jr. talking about Marketing Online

Clarissa Briones- Bernal of Pinoy Great Deals also talking about online marketing

Jr D. Padiila giving his marketing spiel

With the designers of the Fashion Institute of the Philippines and Aileema27

Our sponsors

 Credits to: Sheanne Photography

Wilson Ng talking about innovation

Fleire Castro being awesome!

With the CDR King

Credits to: Ryan Orcullo Photography

 Check out some of our promotional materials/ videos used during the event:

GBG Mandaue article on yahoonews. I am NOT the owner of panay.directory.com -.-

For those who are interested in joining GBG future events, feel free to contact me at iamissaperez@gmail.com 🙂

Thank you soo much to everyone who made the event possible and I can’t wait to see you all again in August for GBG Women.



#AWholeNewWrap: Jafar’s Shawarma Station

I know I like something when I insist on going there twice or even thrice in a row.

Last night’s dinner with a bunch of my friends was the minced beef shawarma wrap (P79.00) and today’s lunch, which I am still digesting by the way, was half of a chicken wrap (P79.00) and half of the US angus (P129.00) wrap which I happily shared with my mom.


At Jafar’s  Shawarma Station at the Banilad Town Center

I’ve got to admit, lately social media has been no friend of mine. It’s those times when there are countless pictures of mouth watering food while I’m suffering from an empty stomach that keep me up at night. And this month, Jafar’s Shawarma Station has been anything BUT discrete on my facebook, instagram, foursquare AND twitter feeds.

So being the curios and hungry cat that I am, we sought out for Jafar’s Shawarma Station on a busy Thursday evening… and then I came back Friday noon time and if my schedule permits, I’ll probably be back for dinner. I am HOOKED. Wrong movie but OK.

Minced Beef Wrap

Chicken Wrap

US Angus

Here’s their menu:

Here’s my ranking for the 3 wraps I had over the past 2 days:

1. US Angus

2. Minced Beef

3. Chicken – I’m not a big fan of curry or anything or the sort but this was still pretty good!

Follow Jafar’s Shawarma Station on instagram for more updates: @jafars_shawarma_station

And if you run into the owner, please make sure to ask him if he’s Jafar… I just think that’s the funniest thing to ask him :))


Issa Perez


Jafar’s contact number: 0936 900 5747

A Basket Full of Dreams

Recycling some thoughts I shared on my personal blog, www.issatalks.wordpress.com

Everyone is always in such a hurry these days and it’s the rush, the hustle and the bustle that scares me. It’s that feeling of not wanting to get left behind and the thought that “what if the whole world is rushing, moving forward, succeeding and here I am floating” that pressures me. I feel this way all the time and I guess I’ll keep feeling this way because I tend to stress myself like that. And because I know the fighter in me is gonna want to keep up, I’m going to keep striving, working hard and hoping for something better. I think this is my ultimate goal: to not just follow and catch up but to be ahead, to lead, to be someone others can look at and be inspired of.

I keep saying this is my head and I keep wanting to tell people this so I might as well go ahead and say it: Life is different when you’re in the back seat especially when it’s from the back seat of a motorcycle (in my case, a habal-habal). I am constantly being brought back to that moment because it really did make a huge impact on me.

A couple of weeks ago I rode a motorcycle from Badian to Car-car at 9:30 in the evening and if you’re from Cebu, you’d understand how freakishly dangerous this was. I felt stupid that I did it, I was scared and I can’t even remember how many times I just wanted to get off and say, “I was wrong, I want to go back.” But looking back, I would probably do it again. I’d do it again so I can be scared and unsure. I’d do it again to feel those emotions, look up to a sky full of stars and feel… at peace. I wish there was a more dramatic way to say it. You had to be there!

I keep re-telling people it because it’s a great reminder [and a great story!]. Because honestly, I am always scared. I’m scared of everything! I’m afraid of defeat, of not being successful, I’m afraid that I’m not good enough or pretty enough or to simply put it, I’m afraid that I might never be enough. I know a lot of people are like this and it’s a silly thing to feel, really. But still, we feel it anyways regardless of how pathetic it may be.

So when days like this come along, and they come a lot, I tell myself to look up at that sky from the back of that death ride. I tell myself to picture myself on top of that motorcycle again at godknowhowmanykilometers/hour and managing to find some kind of peace and it’s been working a lot!

I want to go places but I suffer from a different type of Wanderlust. I want to travel my soul and find a place that no adventurer could explore but myself. I want to find that place in me that is capable of doing great things and is powerful enough to become someone wonderful. I want to tell my stories of climbing the mountains of my struggles and being in that black pit knowing that there was knowing that there was no way to go but up. No, I don’t want to brag… I want to inspire.

My basket of dreams is filled to the brim but what is a full basket when there is no heart strong enough to carry it?

I want strong arms to carry it and a stronger heart to conquer these dreams of mine.

Are your arms strong enough to carry yours?

Credits to Roger Cas

Shot at: IT Park