Avril Lavigne Ruins Everything


  Min’na saikō arigatō,

K-k-k-kawaii, k-k-k-kawaii!

[Sorry guys, I just HAD to!]


Here’s a quick look to add some sunshine to a gloomy day!

I am still very much obsessed with my slip on dress from Blind Clothing and this floppy hat I got from Vaniila Ice Cream’s, Gizelle Faye. So I can get away with wearing the same dress over and over again, I like to pair it off with cropped tops with interesting prints like this department store Hello Kitty top.

I’m not ashamed to say that I run out of things to wear and that I like to repeat a lot of my looks especially if I’ve acquired a specific liking to it- I’m not a one time done type of girl when it comes to dressing and I’m OK with that. It’s also extremely easy to tell what items I am obsessed with because I’ll constantly wear them and rave about them on my blog. As to my memory those items are: this hat, my white polo shirts and soon enough: my rain boots.

Some things I will never be comfortable wearing: hoop/ dangling earrings, one piece swim suits and a heavy amount of pink. Funny, cuz I’m wearing hoop earings in this photo. [long story!]



Have a great weekend!



I Use Protection


I’ve got a reason to smile during this rainy season and I don’t need to walk a mile to get it- they’re already on my feet!

Since my job requires a lot of walking and commuting, what better way is there to face the rain and winds than with a pair of durable and not to mention, fashionable rain boots? They’re light, functional and on a fashion-over-function perspective- they definitely catch a lot of attention!

To say that these boots get the job done would certainly be an understatement… they not only keep my feet dry but since they come with a felt lining, they also keep my toes warm and toasty. Now I don’t need to worry about missing out on deliveries nor do I need to worry about ruining my favorite shoes on account of the rain… I’ve got protection 😉


I can’t figure out where my love for the rain came about. Having grown up in Texas, California and then the Philippines; you’d think I’d love everything sunny but my true love comes in the form of a dark overcast, strong winds and layers on top of layers… on top of layers.

When mixing and matching pieces, always remember the vital parts of your body that you feel need the extra warmth. In case of crazy winds, I like to keep a scarf in handy to protect my ears, neck, nose and mouth.

Fashion godess, Lauren Conradhas a 5 step play-by-play as how to go about with layering which I just have to share because it’s absolutely “bible”. She suggests starting with a lightweight basic like a simple cami followed by a cute cardigan, topped by a coat but since our weather isn’t THAT cold, I say choose between a cardigan, coat or a jacket and spice the entire look up with a cute scarf, beanie or even some gloves in case your fingers need the extra attention.


Stockings are always a great and easy way to counter the weather especially for those who work in offices and colder areas. They’re also a great way to add proportion to the boxy/ over sized top combo and they’ve revolutionized so much over the years that they’re just really fun to wear!

My collection of stockings mostly come from Forever21. You can check them out here.



There’s no to excuse to “lazy weather” especially when work needs to be done. Sometimes we just need to get off our “soon-to-be-toned” butts, put on an outfit that makes us want to take on the world and actually do it!

And don’t forget your umbrella!


Here are some photos from the Everything Online Bazaar we attended last weekend:

everything online weekend bazaar, cebu bloggers, cebu fashion bloggers, jean yu, anything goes by jean yu, cebu bazaars

everything online weekend bazaar, cebu events, cebu bazaars, cebu bloggers, cebu fashion bloggers, cebu, anything goes by jean yu, jean yu

[From left- right] The Kat’s Meow, The Curious Chup, Miss Everything and Nothing, Issaplease and Anything Goes by Jean Yu

[I’m such a loser for not having a tag line. HAHA!]

everything online weekend bazaar, cebu events, cebu bazaars, cebu bloggers, cebu fashion bloggers, cebu, anything goes by jean yu, jean yu

Photo credits to:

Anything Goes | Jean Yu | Cebu Fashion Bloggerby Jean C Yu 



Not Your Typical Rainy Day Essentials



My body clock seems to be all wrong- the colder it gets, the less clothing I want to wear! And with the sane weather patterns officially out the window needless is to say of my fashion choices.

I think I’ve always been ironic like that. After all, I did name my dog Meow and I went throughout the Summer in long skirts and matching suits!

Besides, what else do I need to protect me from the rain? I’ve got everything I could ever need: a big hat to protect me from the rain, a coat to keep me warm and boots to keep my feet clean! (But let’s see how I feel about this when I’m down with the flu! lol)




Crochet cover up: Thrifted| Crop top: Forever 21| Boots: Moms’


Hat: Bought it from Gizelle during the Cebu In The Bag



On a more weather appropriate note: when trying to keep the Boho-chic vibe alive during the rainy season you can never go wrong with layering and maintaining earthy palettes and of course, to stand out: that one key piece!

Imagine this: long flowy dress + over sized patterned scarf + dark earth toned cover up + rain/ ankle boots


A geometric tunic blouse/ dress + faux fur vest + black stockings + boots



I’m still trying to soak up what’s left of the sun but I’ll be on my way pretty soon!



Credits to Jean and Faith for my outfit shots :*

Waki Waffles: The Waffles I #ReallyLove

Fun fact: Belgian waffles aren’t really from Belgium! In fact, not a single waffle is identified as a “Belgian waffle” within Belgium itself however, the Belgian waffles are distinctly known for their use of baking powder instead of the traditional yeast.

These interesting concoctions whether you’re a having them for dessert or an afternoon treat stand out against the American waffles with their distinguishable larger size, lighter batter, larger squares and their higher grid patterns that form deeper pockets.

[Thank you Wikipedia!]


Thankfully, we don’t need to travel all the way to North America to be able to enjoy these sweet gifts from heaven-Waki Waffles has finally arrived! Named after their son, Waki, entrepreneurs Pia and Wayne Congmon are now offering authentic Belgian Waffles using the best imported ingredients availble and are made using waffle irons specially flown in from Belgium!

Customers are given the option to choose between sweet and savory waffles wherein the sweet waffles are heavily coated in sweet. dessert toppings while the savory waffles are coated in more filling ones.


From left: Death by Chocolate, Mango Float and Rainbow waffles


Pizza waffle


Bacon and Caramel waffle


Blueberry Creamcheese


Chocolate Marble Waffle


And if in case you’re feeling a bit more creative, you can even create your own Waki Waffle and cover it with their many selection of fruit, spread, cream, drizzles and sprinkles!

My next-in-line waffle would probably be: [1] A Brussel Waffle, [2] Cream Cheese, [3] Strawberries and Peaches, [4] Whipped Cream, [5] Grahams = P 140.00

It sounds weird, doesn’t it? I’ll let you know how it works out!


With the guests at the media launch [photo grabbed from @jeancyu]

Located at:

2nd floor of Ayala Center Cebu, Active zone

2nd level of SM City, Fiesta Strip

Official website





Outfit shots soon!



Sundays Are For Ladies






Growing up I would often hear my mom tell us to look our Sundays’ best during the Sabbath.  Of course, I try my best to look my best everyday but Sunday dressing is always a little bit more thought of and special. For this particular Sunday look, I was unable to go to church but I made sure to it that I looked my best for Cebu In The Bags’ last day- even if it meant looking as girly as ever!

On most days, I really have a hard time incorporating girlier pieces into my wardrobe but this top from Let’s Stylize fit so well that any prohibitions I had about my experimental look quickly went away!

Ladies, It’s not a crime to want to try new things especially when it comes to fashion. People tell me all the time that if I want to establish myself in this industry I should “distinguish my style” but you know what, I’d rather be myself (crazy and unpredictable) rather than boring. I am not going to be defined by fashion nor will I be identified for singular style, I’m going to be one of the few who defines it and is unapologetic about what I want to wear and when I want to wear it. So here’s my advice to the tomboys who wanna dress sexier or to the girly girls who wanna look edgier and fierce: DO IT! If it doesn’t work out the first time, try again and find what really makes you comfortable and don’t let others opinion defy you.

I’m usually comfortable in shorts and loose tops but when days come when I want to feel a little bit sexier, I’ll wear a little polka dotted tube top, a midi skirt and some black wedges… I’ll even throw on a bohemian hat for a little familiarity! And if people don’t get it, it’s ok, sometimes people have tiny brains. 😉

Hope that inspires the hell out of you!

From one tomboy to another,


A special thanks to Let’s Stylize for my top (and others which will be featured on the blog)!

Check them out on Facebook for chic and affordable fashion <3

Pugs Not Drugs

Posting my second look from Cebu In The Bag that happened a couple of weeks ago.

To see my first outfit AND a special give away from Go Rage socks, check out the link [[here]]

[Leather cap: Gaisano Tabunok| Pug shirt: The Chillout Project| Boots: SM Department Store| Denim shorts; Red Girl (department store brand)

For the second day of the event, I wanted to show off a more laid back side of me so I decided to come in denim shorts, a men’s shirt and lot of attitude. Also, I figured that my choice of clothes for the day were weather appropriate since it was either really hot or really cold and this outfit worked well with both (weather).

It’s not very often you’ll see me on my blog sporting over sized shirts and denim shorts simply because I like to keep that type of depressing out of the interwebs. Let’s face it, sometimes a shirt and shorts aren’t the most fashionable of things but with the right amount of accessorizing and styling, any plain and dreary outfit can easily be turned into one that’ll make you stand out loud and stand out proud!

I’m a very anti-fuss type of girl which means I like to stick to my staple pearl earrings and leather watch but, there are other articles of clothing that I don’t mind upgrading and down grading when the occasion arises.

For this particular outfit, I wanted the main focus of my outfit to be around my Pug shirt from The Chillout Project. I decided to match it with equally attractive accessories like my leather cap and boots which I felt, brought my entire look together by adding lots of attitude without being painful to look at.

Lastly, I made sure to put on some dark red lipstick to add a little femininity to this testosterone filled outfit. Amazing how clothes and make up can’t do without the other. #itsamaaaazing

On other news, catch me every Thursday on Magic 92.3 from 10:00 pm – 1:00 am with DJ’s Tom Candy, The Smurff, Suzzaaay and I for Happy Endings.

We like to talk about a lot of random things and I try not to open my big fat mouth too much. Paolo likes to listen 😐

Stream us 

And remember kids: Pugs, Not Drugs,


I Am Not The Girl You Marry

I kind of hate myself for that emotional warfare I put myself, and everybody else, through for an entire year. I am utterly disgusted at the thought of how much I wanted to get married last year, with what?! with who?! Ugh, I am so sorry for that, internet and real life friends.

That ship has already sailed and thank God it did! I think for a while I forgot that I was still 23 years old and that I had so much time to figure out what I wanted and who I wanted to be- and that in the real world, people don’t get married right after college anymore!

Maybe for a while I forgot that I had so many dreams in life and that this was the only time I had to fulfill them. Maybe I fell in so much love that I forgot to love the things I used to love just as much. There are a million maybe’s to these babies but at least I can live my life without the fear of “not getting a proposal today”. This is all very real, my semi psychotic friends.

Yes, I still wanna get married at 25. Maybe get a proposal at 25, get hitched at 26, decide to have babies a couple of years later. I want the whole shebang! But who cares want I want in the future, I can hardly have the things I want now. So I might as well work on these things now.

Besides, I’m not the type of girl you marry.