Relaks, Puso Lang ‘Yan, Malayo Pa Sa Bituka

Hey everyone! Here’s a quick post before I cap off the year with my annual year ending post. 10 years blogging- YEEEY!

I hardly ever do product reviews but this organizer is just too cute to not feature on my blog!

This year, I’ve finally decided to let go of the slightly overrated Starbucks planner and go for something more interesting and functional, at the same time. I usually use two organizers every year because I like to separate my work life and my personal life (or maybe because I’m a loser like that, who knows) but I will only be featuring this beaut for obvious reasons.

The “Relaks, Puso Lang ‘Yan, Malayo sa Bituka” Planner 2015

(Don’t ask me what this translates to in English or Bisaya)


I was very lucky this year to be gifted this organizer by a good friend of ours. It’s witty, colorful, lightweight and entertaining all at the same time.

Seriously, I was going through this thing at the airport and I kept laughing, people thought I was gonna go crazy!

If you’re a hopeless romantic or if you just have a knack for quirky things then you will definitely enjoy this organizer.

Almost every page is filled with interesting lines and illustrations which are bound to keep you busy on days when you’re bored and you’ve got nothing on you but your trusty friend.












One of the things I really love about this organizer is how space efficient it is. I’ve never used an organizer as small as this before and I thought that I would have a hard time with it but so far, I haven’t had any problems at all!

For those who are wondering, each entry is lined so if you’re OC like me then you’ll appreciate this small but useful gesture.

** I hope someone makes left handed organizers next year. **

Find out more about The Relaks, Puso Lang ‘Yan, Malayo Sa Bituka 2015 organizer and how to order your own organizer on their

Facebook page

+63 906 465 2191


Price: P 480.00

P 520.00 in leading bookstores

Have a great rest of the year, everybody! :*



PHOTO DIARY: I Went To Manila For The Burgers!

Ok, totally kidding about the burger bit! But yes, they were a great part of my recent Manila trip!

I don’t get to travel a lot due to financial and time constraints but since it was my dearest uncle’s birthday, I decided to not let the opportunity pass me and I went to big, bad Manila on my own… for the very first time! #whimp

Here are some of the photos from my trip. I hope you enjoy!


8 Cut Burger. Awesome. Love it. 8/ 10


MIA: Bata. Buti nga. har.

Love you guys!

DSC_2968Just like my boyfriend


2014-12-19 12.10.48 1

2014-12-19 12.09.36 1

The Proposal Garden @ Tagaytay. Don’t get any ideas.

2014-12-19 12.10.36 1

I dreamed of this place.

2014-12-19 09.18.09 1

2014-12-19 12.10.02 1

2014-12-19 12.09.55 1

2014-12-18 11.04.16 1

Family – some

F2014-12-18 08.22.15 1

Don’t get the salad.

2014-12-17 11.28.54 1

2014-12-17 09.19.16 1

2014-12-25 11.27.12 1

2014-12-25 11.27.47 1

2014-12-25 11.27.31 1

Mostly what my weekend consisted of: Eating, sleeping and lots of drinking

2014-12-25 11.26.59 1



Reminded me of my sitter 😐

This post is making me soo hungry!



Tissle Tassel

2014-12-22 03.08.04 1A quick tip for any woman who feels like it’s almost impossible to incorporate red in their outfits because either

[1] You feel like red just isn’t your color

[2] You hate it when people ask you if it’s your birthday

[3] Ala Santa just isn’t your thing

There is hope for weirdos like us.

2014-12-22 03.08.15 12014-12-22 03.09.21 1

 For the slightly Erythrophobics like me, maybe a slight change of perception might just do the trick!

I’ve discovered that the quickest fix to my fear of the all bright red things can be fixed by playing down the hues and finding something more suitable for my skin tone, personality and style. Apparently it’s red’s somewhat lonesome and erotic cousin- Maroon.

2014-12-22 03.08.43 1

2014-12-22 03.10.43 1

2014-12-22 03.09.30 1

 I’ve come to a realization that colors with darker undertones with hints of brighter colors do the trick for me. In this piece, I’m wearing hints of gold, pink and white which aren’t overbearing but still allow me to feel comfortably boho and girly at the same time- just how I like it!

Plus, the tassels on my top are a cute addition to my entire look. Don’t you think?

2014-12-22 03.09.38 1Shades: Rayban| Kimono top; Faux Leather Shorts & Tassle Top: Greenhills| Gold Sandals: Francesca CollectionHat: Topshop| Nails: GirlStuff



So You Wanna Organize Your Own Event?

Happy Holidays, everyone!

I hope you had a great Christmas surrounded by friends and family like I did! 🙂

As we all know, this season is all about parties and events and as I promised in this post, I am going to share a few tips and tricks I’ve learned over the past few years of organizing and working in events. Just so you know, event organizing is not my main source of income but of course, I do it every once in a while when I get the chance to.


I was recently asked to help work on the Great Cebu Closet Sale last November 29- 30 at The Marco Polo hotel. During this event, we aimed to sell as many branded pre- loved clothes as we could in order to raise enough money to buy equipment for the Cebu City Medical Center which is currently under construction.

DSC_2758It was a very successful event and even though there was so much work put into it, I enjoyed every single second of it because I was surrounded by amazing people and clothes, at the same time!



I started working on events when I was in my third year in college. Although I had worked on a few smaller events in high school and earlier years in college, I got my big break back while I was a Junior studying nursing. Since then, I’ve been able to work for other prestigious event organizers in the city and organize a few on my own which you can see here: [PORTFOLIO]

I’m not an organizing extraordinaire but I’ve picked up a few lessons which I think would be helpful for anyone when planning small parties or gatherings and eventually, bigger things!


Pre- planning is always the most important part of anything. During this phase you get the chance to practice your creativity and find out the basics that you will be needing. Mostly this consists of:

THEME of your party:

NUMBER of people/ WHO to invite:

VENUE of event:




 I usually find this the most tiring but most useful part in the end. This is when you start canvassing the things you need for the party like the venue which is in line with your budget, the cheapest materials (whether it be tables, chairs, sound systems, balloons, hosts, etc.) and whatever else you have on your list.

It’s always a good thing to keep a directory of all the resources you’ve collected because trust me, it will come in handy one day!


Sometimes things go down the drain and sh*t happens so I find it best to double check, verify & secure everything I need and have proof of whatever transactions I’ve done just in case I might need it. This includes receipts, text messages, emails and etc. which might come in handy in cases of need. Then, there are times when you just can’t control certain circumstances and you are pushed to think of something else… and fast! I find this the hardest to compensate for but you’ve gotta do it anyways so for instances of parties, I find it best to have a back up plan at someone’s house or elsewhere just in case reservations don’t push through.

This is when your directory becomes useful.


I feel like I always involve this element whenever I give talks or when I’m trying to give tips on this blog. I just really think that you shouldn’t do anything unless you enjoy it [despite the stressful situations] so this means, planning and executing everything properly so that you don’t end up suffering in the end.

I hope these tips are useful and if you guys need any help, ideas or contacts, feel free to leave a message or contact me through my social media accounts!

Merry Christmas again! <3



Fauxy Leather




 May the only thing that is fake in your life be leather and fur.

Issaplease, 2014

OK so HI EVERYONE, I am totally still alive!




Lately my life has just been so crazily blessed that I haven’t really had time to blog or do anything blog related (which includes events/ photo shoots/ etc) and I am so sorry about that!

I’ve recently switched careers or more like, added another career to my life, moved out and just wrapped up a big event which I will be blogging about in the near future- heads up to all aspiring event organizers out there! It’s officially dawned on me that I’m too fickle minded to just stick to one job as of the moment so I’m just going to do EVERYTHING while I still can and I’ve just been so happy since I made that decision for myself.

FYI, you’re going to see a lot more of this white wall and rack while I’m still tripod-less and photographer-less. Unfortunately, dearest yaya couldn’t come with me in this exciting new chapter of my life. 🙁



So as colorful as my life has been apparently, so have been my clothing choices! 😀

I was recently gifted this amazing faux leather skirt from Let’s Stylize and with the weather we’ve been having lately- leather definitely wouldn’t hurt anyone!

Because of the playful hue of this skirt, I was able to woman it up a bit by pairing it with this colorful top and of course,my big floppy hat to make it seem more me.

Usually when you see leather, biker chick’s immediately come to mind but I wouldn’t say the same for this look.

10822451_743924465702270_634804750_n Let’s Stylize


Hat: Topshop| Dress used as top: July| Leather skirt: Let’s Stylize| Heels: Zalora



P.S. The power box on the side of my photos will eventually grow on you. It did on me. 🙂



Caffe Dara~~ Love, Sweet, Savory & Magic


Love, sweet, savory & magic! Not exactly how I would imagine using these 4 words in one sentence but it’s definitely charming, delightful, delicious and homey at Caffe Dara!


This is what I love about Caffe Dara:

Caffe Dara
1610826_729523880475662_4536942948532716972_n  I love the cute graffiti/ wall art that is plastered all over the walls, the cozy environment and the fact that it’s a good place to go to if you feel like getting away from the common hang out places in the city.


The warm coffee, other drinks to choose from and lots of dessert are definitely SWEEEEET! I love how they use geography in their drinks [lahugccino, among other names] and the cute containers/ drinks that they serve.

Ok, I’ll be honest… I mostly love how they serve beer at any time of the day! Scroll down for their STRAWBERRY BEER.

Caffe Dara

Blue Lemonade


Iced Dara Latte


Almond Cheese Cake


Strawberry Beer


Sauna Tea


The different Korean food available on the menu! They have so many food that isn’t common is other Korean restaurants and I’ve seen their upcoming menu which is also equally awesome.

Caffe Dara practices an open kitchen policy which means that anyone can go in the kitchen and check the ingredients they use to see if they’re safe to use which I think is totally cool. I’ve tried almost everything on their menu [even the ones that haven’t been served yet] and it’s definitely something everyone who loves to eat should watch out for!

Caffe Dara

Spam Mayo Rice




Dara Dara Toast


Cheese Noodles


Korean Military Fried Rice (Actual Korean fried rice served in the military. True Story. The owner recently served in the Korean army for 6 months)


All the wonderful memories and the great time you have when you’re there!


Caffe Dara has been one of my most recent hang out spots whenever I have time to just sit back, enjoy good food, wonderful company and even to just relax. I’ve also been getting most of my make up here since they also sell Korean products there for cheaper prices.


For those who are wondering about their other products, here’s their menu:
Caffe Dara

Caffe Dara

Caffe Dara

Caffe Dara is located at One Kenji Place, La Guardia St., Salinas Drive, Cebu City.

Operating hours: 8:00 am – 12:00 mn

Contact no.: 0915-390-8611


See you there!



Just My Luck

So the first week I move out and there are reports about a killer typhoon that is set to hit the SOUTH of Cebu… Hello, Carcar.

But it’s still pretty much sunny outside so I’m going to make the most out of the little time I have by going to the bank and then the parlor. So much stuff to do, I haven’t even gone out and bought curtains for my room yet!

Ok, I really shouldn’t be blogging right now.

But in case I die… I love my family and someone should get a pug in my memory.


Today Was An Emotional Day

Today I moved out of my mom’s house and into my new apartment all the way down in big, bad Carcar.

I’m currently 1 hour and 30 minutes away from the city by car or bus and I have no friends here other than Paolo’s staff and my landlord.

I’m staying in a quaint little room that I intend to KEEP bohemian themed and chic as ever.

It’s been a wild journey and I can’t believe that things are finally happening. It’s been some ride.

I guess that every time you gain something, you will always, without fail, have to give something else up.

I’m happy and I’m sad and I’m nervous but most of all, I need to learn how to wash my own underwear.