Purple Reign

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Gone are the days when matching sets were for 8 year old’s and grade school teachers. Now these terno pieces can be worn anywhere from the office, to the mall and even on night outs with friends.

It’s an easy way to look chic, comfortable and fierce especially if you never have the time to do that anymore! *cough, cough*

I’ve been on the terno bandwagon for quite some time now sporting all types of matching sets and pairing them with my favorite articles of clothing to make them even more interesting than they already are. As great as they already are, I still find it important to add a little more like a blazer or accessories to bring down the impact of the entire outfit especially for those with stronger prints.

For this particular outfit, I thought it would look best with a white cover up (or blazer, IF I HAD ONE. sheesh.) to tone down the shade of purple which is very prominent in these pieces. Quite honestly, the color purple scares me since it reminds me so much of Barney the dinosaur but I quickly learned that with the right styling techniques, purple can actually be wearable! Don’t you just love fashion?

A big thanks to Let’s Stylize for introducing these bad boys into my life <3

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2015-01-28 11.28.52 1I feel like a woman now. Thanks for asking!

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I’ve had this immense need to stop smoking mostly because I feel like I don’t need it in my life anymore. I’ve been cold turkey-ing myself for the past couple of weeks but I do admit to cheating a couple of times especially when I’m bored or pissed or… bored.

I read on 9gag (my chicken soup for the soul) that the first step to quitting is to be broke so I’ve only had 100 in my wallet for the past 5 days which really doesn’t matter when your boyfriend supplies your cigarettes. #fail

I have also signed up for the gym and as much as I want to go everyday, I also do not enjoy having to wash my sports bra everyday either. That and I only own 3 pairs of socks. I’m going to steal some from my mom this weekend though so don’t worry. Not that it’s your problem.

I wonder if other people at the gym have instructors who are fatter than they are, because I do. If you do, how does that make you feel? Is it like, “damn, why is this fat bitch telling ME how to lose weight? She’s got more mass than I do.” or are you just chill about it?

Also, she had the hairiest legs for a woman. It’s almost not even legal to have that much hair on your legs. Look at me ranting.

I gotta poo.


Island Souvenirs: Cut & Style 2015


Pit Senyor, everyone!

What a wonderful time it is to be a Filipino, with our extended holidays and the Pope recently visiting our country. Life’s definitely been great on my side of the world with the Sinulog festivities recently wrapping up and some really good news which I hope to share with you all in the upcoming months.

As the blog title and poster shows, I was in fact one of the bloggers chosen this year to help out with Island Souvenirs Cut & Style festivities. Sinulog is definitely not what it used to be before- it’s much more festive, colorful and most of all, fashionable!

So along with my other blogger friends of Cebu namely Etienne, Jean and Faith we shared our fashion expertise with the Sinulog shoppers and helped them pick out the perfect cuts and styles for their body types and preferences.



It was really a great opportunity to meet you guys and I specifically enjoyed helping out the more how should I say this… “mature” age group.

Believe me, the women of that generation have still got it! 🙂



With my girls Jean and Faith.

First of all, let me just say how I love hanging out and having random conversations with these two! I’ve come to the realization that you actually can  choose your friends and these two will always be on my list so I’m always happy to be around them every chance I get!

Now for my outfit of the day:




I have to admit my color palette for the day wasn’t very well thought of- I really think I should have worn something more bright and festive! But one thing I’ve learned after these many years is that when you want to seem “professional” especially at events, it’s best to stick to basic colors- in my case, black and shades on bronze.

Not only was I stylish, I was also comfortable which was really the main goal when I was putting this outfit together.




I especially love the leather detailing on my top and even if I’ve had this for over a year, it’s still in mint condition and as good as new!

It’s really the best kind of top for someone like me who still cannot fully commit to everything girly or boyish at the same time. #identitycrisis

Hat: Cotton On| Peplum Top: Forever 21 (gifted)| Pencil skirt: Forever21| Combat Boots: SM Department Store

Til the next,


Backyard Burgers in Cebu!


It’s not everyday that Cebuano’s are graced with amazing burgers from different corners of the Philippines. Luckily, this year in line with the Sinulog festival, Backyard Burgers from Davao will be setting up and giving us a taste of their gastronomic pieces!

Backyard Burgers takes the business of burger making very seriously and I love the fact that all their burgers are made of fresh ingredients, proving to us that burgers can in fact be hearty, healthy, fresh and top quality.

Make sure to catch them at the Mercado Sinulog and Sinulog Invasion 2105 from January 14 until January 19 to sample their top of the lines beauties such as:

<10898083_834805379907466_2210511955392475138_n10892030_834802973241040_3208836645224983021_n10891616_834797783241559_5243699004802174365_n10891589_834804989907505_8663020152899176994_n10689507_834803009907703_1486796954389934470_n (1)10422561_834811806573490_7052817408054684700_n10401876_834810249906979_5577023138943311543_n10360361_834810046573666_6607497048384055066_n10294358_834807049907299_5776275565085995023_n1904001_834807996573871_8377841892535293497_n1506934_834803063241031_5901599323226318421_n10906539_834812146573456_7899276323691345415_n10898331_834806386574032_4754827116568869774_n/

Don’t they all look amazing?

Backyard Burgers surely does not disappoint! Not only are they bringing in their famous pieces here to the Queen City of the South but they are also giving away free burgers to 20 lucky people simply by filling out the survey here.

Can’t wait to see the guys behind these burgers, I’m definitely getting my hands on them! I’m lusting for the Cheesy Steak and Signature burger 😉

Backyard Burgers is located at:

#88 Quimpo Blvd. (Beside Lechonero’s Across from TireSmart)
Ecoland Phase 1
8000 Davao City
Davao del Sur

Inside Pard’s Compound,

E. Quirino Avenue(right across ICOHNS tower)
Ilustre Davao City
8000 Davao City
Davao del Sur

Check out their





Offical hashtag:




Lesson Learned

Do not pinch a man’s balls when you’re mad- as great as it is for you, it could get you kicked out of the house! HAR. :>

Do turn on the exhaust after every dump and it also doesn’t hurt to bring in a can of Lysol with you. It shows that you are thoughtful.

Do not talk to yourself openly. Some people find that weird. It also gets kind of weird when the person you’re NOT talking to joins in on the conversation and throws you completely off track, making you forget what you wanted to tell yourself in the first place.

Do cheat on SimCity BuildIt but make sure someone else does it before you so you can assure it works. If and when you have to be that person, come up with a good wager in case it back fires.

Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT tell anyone you cheated. To ensure full secrecy, make sure your biggest competition cheats as well. This is your new deepest, darkest secret. hihihi. $$$$

Do thank Paolo for doing all these nice things for you even if he shouldn’t cuz you just squeezed the living day lights out of his nuts. He’s a sweetheart and we intend to keep him. Even if he very rudely interrupts me when I’m having conversations with well… myself!

Blank Space

2015-01-07 11.12.28 2

2015-01-07 11.12.37 2

Starting the year with a blank canvas and sporting an all white ensemble to symbolize the start of something new and awesome!

While many may think that white can be plain and boring, I beg to differ especially when mixed with the right textiles and patterns like this piece from Style Haven.

2015-01-07 11.12.49 2

2015-01-07 11.13.01 2

2015-01-07 11.14.02 2

White is always a great color to work with especially when trying out new colors (or new eyebrows. Never again, I promise) which can oftentimes be scary.

I’m slowly trying to incorporate rustic hues in my life which can be seen from my sheets and white has been a great medium to ease me into it.

So there, my first piece of advice for 2015: start simple and build up from there. 🙂

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Monday Ramblings

I don’t want a good year, I want a good life.

It is not easy being mayor of a.city. Trust me, my Sims aren’t quite pleased with all my mayor decisions in the past week.

I had a cheeseburger and jolly hotdog for dinner. I feel FAT.

Gay paranormal erotica is the best. The absolute best. Beats all erotica, hands down.

Paypal sucks.


I blended this photo so people won’t make fun of my feet.


My face is so round, it makes me wanna be bulimic. Kidding. Maybe. Definitely.

Good night!