Cupcake Fever @ Douce Amor Pastries, Cebu


It’s hard not to fall in love with cupcakes especially when they come in pretty designs and taste better than they look. My sugar intake may be limited but my sweet tooth gave in to temptation one too many times with this box of red velvet cupcakes from Douce Amor Pastries.

I truly believe that passion makes everything in life so much better which is how these amazing red velvet cupcakes came to be. The proprietors, Alani and her boyfriend, Erlo aren’t bakers by profession but because of their passion, they were able to create something amazing. Also, I love how Douce Amor also means two love. It’s so inspiring! <3



Douce Amor Pastries offers frosted cupcakes at P500.00/ dozen and fondant cupcakes (which tastes amazing, btw) at P700.00/ dozen. And since we all know how everyone loves a good cupcake design, Douce Amor Pastries strives at making the perfect ones for your special occasion whether if it’s a cartoon, something elegant for a wedding or naughty cupcakes for a good pre- wedding gag.

They also offer cakes that start at P 1,500.00 depending on the size and design and dessert buffets and set ups for any special events.

cheap bridal veil


For orders/ inquiries, feel free to contact Douce Amore Pastries on FACEBOOK & Instagram (@douceamorpastries)

or contact them directly at 09238575024/ 09434340625.

Have a sweet Wednesday,


30 Things I Learned About My Mom After Traveling To Hong Kong

My mom wasn’t my best friend growing up but she certainly is now. I was a stubborn teenager (and should be adult but dili pa gyud gihapon) and even if I should’ve listened to my mom, I really didn’t. But she was always there for me and she let me learn from my mistakes while indiscreetly nagging in the background.

We just got back from our wonderful trip to Hong Kong and it really was an eye opener. I had soo much fun and I cant’ wait until the next time we get to do something like that again. So in the meantime, here are a few things that I learned about my mom from our 4 day trip:


1. She is very Arianna Grande about her photos. She will ask you to take a bunch of photos of her, go through each and every one of them and tell you which photos you can and cannot upload. She doesn’t know how to operate her Instagram or Facebook but she knows how to delete a photo.

Sorry, mom. You didn’t approve all these photos :p

2. She REALLY likes pictures. Is this an Asian mom thing or just an Asian thing in general? She’s a selfie queen and will take selfies on the bus, on the plane, in the room- God knows where else and will also make it her cellphone wallpaper.

3. You will also fall victim to her selfies (because you NEED 20 pictures of yourselves in different location EVEN if you CAN’T see the background) even when you plead her to stop.

4. And when you tell your family about it… she will deny EVERY allegation and tell them that I exaggerate too much. Psssh, sure mom!


I’m tired of your selfies, MOOOOM!!

5. She also like blotting oil paper and will carry it around with her and use it openly.

6. And when you comment on it she’ll say, “So what?! I don’t even know these people…” And she’s kinda right about that.

7. She’s traveled to more places than you have and even if she’s been to Hong Kong for the nth time, she’ll still go around with you cuz she loves you. harhar. (P.s. She chose Hong Kong, not me.)

8. She will make you come up with an itinerary, figure out how to get around with NO help at all and when you get lost (because it was bound to happen anyways), she will surprise you with her ninja navigation skills.

9. And then she’ll say it’s because she wanted you to learn.


10. She has a bajillion scarves which will come in handy when travelling because you own none.

11. She has a bag for EVERYTHING. Little bags inside of a big bag and coincidentally so do you! Now I know where I got it from. Except, she is waaay more organized than I am.

12. She likes dragon fruits and knows how to peel them by hand. Not that other people can’t do that but… I just never thought that she knew how. :>

13. She will pry while you’re on social media and will constantly ask you things like, “who was that?” or “what was that status about?” as if she knew the person even after you explained it to her. #MYOB

14. She will also ask to borrow your phone to look at the photos you just took and will end up going through ALL your photos, like ALL your photos.


15. She is everyone’s friend. She’ll say hi to the janitors, talk to the flight stewards and if she runs into a friend; you can see how excited they are to see her. She’s always that person that people love to talk to and listen to when they need some form of entertainment. I bet she was a clown in her past life.

16. She’s kind of racist, tactless and blunt and will take advantage of this on public transportation by talking in Bisaya while saying, “so what? It’s not like they understand me anyways.” She is also right about that, too.

17. She will lure you into taking a photo of her by simply saying, “Ate, that’s a nice place to have your photo taken. Do you want me to take a picture of you?” And when you decline, she’ll go on about it for a while until you realize that she actually wants you to take a photo for her. #themoves


18. She will also try to take your photo a lot and teach you how to pose with matching, “stand up straight, this is for your blog!”  Well, I can’t complain. It shows she’s supportive. #stagemom

19. She LOVES bread and bakeries. Odd because I do not. She will literally stop by every.single.bakery even if she’s already been to it like 3 times already.

20. Also, she will exaggerate this by shouting, “I really love bakeries, noh?” when you point it out. #artistahin



The selfies really were non stop.


21. She can take a pretty decent photo and she will take your photos for you in the middle of the road despite the heat and the fact that you are lugging around a huge luggage. She loves you, supports you and will do anything  for you. You are lucky!

22. Going to Ocean Park will not make her appreciate the ocean more. In fact, it will make her crave for fish even more. After Ocean Park, she literally devoured an entire fish.

23. If she is in a good mood, she will buy you anything. Well, almost anything. So DO NOT get on her bad side because it can get really annoying, really quick. #naggerella


24. She loves you so much that she would walk the ENTIRE Ocean Park with you and not complain even if she’s such a reklamador! She’ll even go on some of the rides with you cuz you don’t wanna look like a loser going on rides yourself. She supports your inner dork and she’s also a badass for getting on a roller coaster with you.

25. She always puts her children’s happiness first. She’ll only buy herself nose strips while buying her kids toys and whatever they asked for. And she’ll bad feel about not getting Mr. Bean’s teddy for your siblings which is kind of cute because nobody would actually use it anyways.


26. She likes to eat. The best part about HK was the dinning experience and she won’t skimp out on meals either. “You want that? Ok, but you better finish it. You can’t finish it na, Ate? Ok, mine nalang ni.” hahaha. life is so easy with my mom around! :))

27. Everyone will think that we are sisters- even Chinese people with a very limited vocabulary. Each time she will smile as if it is was the first time she’s heard it and she will sound so kilig. She knows you dislike this comment but she’s having her moment so you just let her be.

28. She is always often times right. I hate to admit it but a lot of times on the trip I wanted to do certain things my way but once my mom would step in, everything just became easier. I guess it’s true, you do become wiser with age…

29. I will always be my Momma Bear’s first baby. My two other siblings got nothing on me. She will still hold your hand in public and hug you if you ask her to. She will also scream at you in public if you piss her off…

30. She has nice armpits. And she’s not ashamed to show em off. Werk it, girlfriend.


If you’re a teenager or you’ve never really taken the time to get to know your mom, I really suggest that you do. Take a trip. It doesn’t have to be somewhere far, as long as you go together and you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn about each other and how much you actually mean to one another.

I’m really glad that I got to do this with my mom because I feel like we got to know and understand each other so much more from this experience. So if I haven’t said it enough, Thank you and I love you, mommy! xx



Making The Cover with Sun Star Weekend


 A couple of weeks ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to grace the cover our local newspaper’s weekend special.

It was such a wonderful opportunity to be able to be on the cover of Sun Star magazine because I got to tell my wonderful city about the things I love: working for our family business and blogging. For those who weren’t able to catch the article when it came out, here it is:




 OF WRITING AND WEARING. The bubbly Issa Perez, who keeps the fashion blog, also runs a garments company that supplies custom- made apparel for schools and companies.


 Easily Stylish Issa- Issa Perez lights up her world through fashion

By Deneb Batucan

WITH her upbeat demeanor and infectious smile, Issa Perez lights up any room. Her bright and bubbly personality shines through her small frame and eyes lock on her with every step — she greets everyone and plants a kiss on the cheek.

Issa has a knack of doing things her own way. Even though she studied nursing because of her parents’ wishes, her goal has always been into fashion. “Growing up, when people would ask me what I wanted to be, I would always say fashion writer or fashion designer,” she said.

Fast forward to today, Issa, a non- practicing registered nurse who passed the board exam even without reviewing, is creating her own path- just like what she has always planned. And fashion blogging has been her way of proving to herself, to her parents and to everyone else that her future lies in fashion.

Issa was just a 12- year- old girl when she started blogging. “I was in sixth grade at the time and it was just a personal blog or a diary that I kept online. I still keep that blog until now but I don’t advertise it as much as I do for my public blog,” she said.

She started, her publiv blog, five years ago when she felt more confident about herself and in telling others her stories. Not only does she blog about style and fashion, Issa also tries to mix up her content by writing about her travels, food adventures and other random things she finds interesting. “I want my blog to be relatable to people, which is why I talk about the things that matter to me, like my apparent quarter life crisis, friendships, saving tips, make up secrets and anything that I think my readers will like. By being honest with myself and the things I want to talk about, I’ve learned that my readers really do enjoy reading my posts,” she said.

But fashion is one thing that Issa concerns herself more. “For me, fashion is a lot of things. It’s an expression of who you are and at the same time a gateway to who you want to be. It can also be an escape when you’re too tired of being someone everyone expects you to be,” she shared.

Issa loves  to wear loose tops and sneakers- a clear example of who she is: an outgoing, somewhat boyish and sporty kind of woman. But Issa thinks that as a woman she needs to be more feminine. “By playing with my fashion style, I was able to explore that side of me that I wasn’t very familiar with. I was able to mix it with my personal style,” she said.

Aside from being a fashion blogger, Issa is also an entrepreneur. She is the proprietor of Citi Wear Dress Shop, a garments company that supplies custom- made apparel for schools and companies. It was founded in 1998 by Issa’s parents, Cathy and Lander Perez. Tired of working in the US, they opted to start a business here in Cebu to provide a better future for their children.

“I stated working for my parents as early as high school, but I was really able to take full control of the business some time last year when my parents decided they want to go back to the States. We’re preparing for that right now,” Issa confided.

Issa works hard on these two important aspects in her life: fashion blogging and the family business. She wants to see where these two aspects will take her. But what Issa ultimately wants in life is to provide for herself and her family without having to depend on anyone else. “I want to be able to repay my parents for all the sacrifices that they’ve made for me because they’ve put their 100 percent trut in me and my dream, which I know is something that can’t be easily done, especially for an extremely ambitious girl like me,” she shared.

And Issa is indeed ambitious. She wishes for to go into a more commercial side and wants to try out modeling or even delve into the entertainment scene since it’s something she could see herself doing. She also wants to open up a retail store and try out high fashion. Currently, she’s venturing into vlogging, which is more or less like blogging but in a video platform. “Honestly, everything interests me, so I’ll most likely try everything at least once. I also really want to buy a pug,” she laughingly shared.

These ambitions will most likely be attained with hard work, perseverance and a bit of luck by her side. And with everything that she does, Issa will always have that signature smile- on sunny days and rainy days and even during hurricanes.


Here are a few Behind The Scene photos from our photo shoot:




A big thanks to Alfred Bartoleme, Deneb Batucan and the Hair & Make Up team of Sun Star for this wonderful, once in a lifetime experience!

To more wonderful experiences like this,


Why Haven’t I Been Updating You?

I know I always have a million and one reasons for not updating you but life just has a way of sucking you into it without you even knowing it. Life has been topsy turvy lately and I find myself constantly talking about work, family and friends. Wait… did I ever talk about anything else? Sigh.

So here’s a quick run by of what I’ve been up to in the last couple of months:


I was on the cover of THAT.

// 61// did THAT with Giordano and Movenpick


I got a romper from Zalora and

// geeked out at the Kiss and Make Up workshop. I’m sure we’re discussing our love for cheap alcohol in this photo, by the by.

2015-08-19 05.08.14 1

I did a little spring cleaning.


I hung Barbie. JK.


I got a tan!!! By tan I mean Lagum.


Shot for the Beauty and Beyond campaigns.


Did an interview with Zee magazine

and more…

So do you forgive me now?

Also, I will be leaving for a quick trip to Hong Kong in a couple of days. 

Life is good.

1 more month til I turn 25. Hoping to throw a magic party!




Things I Love: Ginabot Dates with My Mom


Someone needs to tell my mom we don’t want to see her underwear. Not me. She might stop paying for stuff if I do.

You know you’re Cebuano if you [1] love ginabot/ chicharong bulaklak and [2] are willing to eat it at the side of the road, plastic in hand.

I didn’t start loving this Cebuano delicacy (is it a delicacy?) up until I was in college but since then, I occasionally find myself dragging my mom to our favorite secret ginabot spot by the guard house of Horse Shoe Hills in Guadalupe.

So here’s me being a typical Cebuana girl, with my typical Cebuana girl needs. I hope you enjoy this!


Kaon ta bai,


Issaplease for Beauty and Beyond (Official Photos and Behind The Scenes)

 Things here at Issaplease have definitely been looking up! I’ve been getting more sponsors and endorsements along with invitations to photo shoots lined up for me which can only means 2 things: that I am very lucky and that my stress levels will also be off the chart in the next weeks to come.

One of the brands that I am currently under is Beauty & Beyond Facial and Slimming Center. I am truly lucky to be with them as they take so much care of me and my bodies needs like my bi monthly facials, laser treatments plus, my slim and sculpt services which have been making a remarkable difference in the past month.

My favorite part about all of this would definitely have to be the photo shoots. For a girl who hated  having her picture taken 5 years ago, A LOT has changed and honestly, I couldn’t be happier! Enjoy the photos 🙂






Behind the scenes:




19746378478_8fd9a5eb52_owith my co- ambassador: Toni Pino- Oca of

Make sure to drop by Beauty and Beyond for your facial and slimming needs! They are located at the 2nd floor of Streetscape which is located along Maria Luisa road.

Make sure to follow them on Facebook promotions!

See you there,


Can 24 Year Old’s Still Wear Crop Tops?

2015-08-28 05.39.57 1

2015-08-28 05.39.50 1

What do sick girls do to kill time? We blog. I’m probably supposed to be in bed right now but I’ve been so unproductive for the past 2 days that I just wanna get up and run a marathon or something. Ugh. Thank God for back logs!

Here’s something that I wore a couple of weeks ago before I recolored my hair and thought that showing off my bra-strap was acceptable. It’s not, but I did it anyways. **arrest me**

2015-08-28 05.39.48 2

2015-08-28 05.39.44 2

2015-08-28 05.39.43 1

Crop top: Forever 21| Darth Maul necklace: Lilila Primitive Art| Shorts: Department Store Find| Sneakers: Adidas Superstars

This is probably why I’m so sick, because I forgot to put clothes on in this insane weather… -.-

AND YES! 24 year old’s can wear whatever the heck we want!

Stay Healthy,


Bank On Basics with Giordano x Movenpick x Cebu Fashion Bloggers

CFB 40

Together with Giordano and Movenpick, the Cebu Fashion Bloggers were tasked to create looks that reflected our individual styles with a basic tee from their Bank On Basics campaign. With today’s fashion constantly changing, it’s always refreshing to go back to your roots and revisit styles that will last for ages and Giordano has definitely provided the fashion world with great basic investment pieces like my neon tee.

For this challenge, I let loose of the inner tomboy in me as I opted for a neon colored shirt, dark pieces to tone down my bright top without washing it out and then sneakers to complement my statement piece. It was a simple look that went a long way.

CFB 58

CFB 60

No matter what your style is be it sporty, girly, androgynous or whatever; basic pieces will always have a special place in everyone’s closet.

How would you style your basic?

CFB 61

CFB 62


Location: Movenpick Cebu

Basic top: Giordano from Bank On Basics Collection

Photography: Burtz Roilan of Blinkbox photos



Dressed for Success feat. Shop Back



My romper game has officially reached a whole new level and who would’ve thought that sleeves would make all the difference? I’m super glad that I got this beaut from Zalora through ShopBack for cashback! If you guys haven’t tried ShopBack yet, you should definitely check out my blog review about it here and then consider doing some major online shopping.

Fashion wise, this romper has really got it going on. With it’s bardot sleeves which is made even better with it’s gartered sleeve, sweetheart neckline and perfect length- I cannot count the many occasions wherein I plan to wear this wonderful piece. It’s perfect for brunch with friends, special occasions or even just a lazy day where you still wanna look fabulous.

Click here for Zalora’s amazing designs, coupon codes and cashback.



Something Borrowed off shoulder romper from ZaloraShades: Forever 21



Outdoor Shopping @ The Outlets at Pueblo Verde


Yes, I am still wearing this romper (and this skirt) and yes, I am still as in love with them as I was the first moment I laid eyes on them. I guess there are just some things that do that to you- you know, make you want to love them until you cannot love them any more.

Just showing everyone the many possibilities that are possible with rompers in case you’ve been iffy about actually buying one of your own. I had just come from the beach before dropping by The Outlets at Pueblo Verde and the combination of my silhouette skirt and floppy hat made shopping outside breathable and protected at the same time.



If you’re wondering where I had my outfit photos taken, this was done at The Outlets at Pueblo Verde. Check out my review about this awesome place here.