Serious Sundays: Is He Sincere?

It’s another Sunday and another episode of Serious Sundays with ME! ūüôā

This weeks question is from a very sweet reader of mine who I have had the pleasure of meeting and actually becoming friends with. Hope my advice helps you, L!

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Keeping It Casual

2015-11-23 08.08.13 2

2015-11-23 08.08.12 2 Dressed up pretty casually for a Saturday afternoon well spent with my siblings to watch the final installment of the Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay. 

Not a lot of things to say in this post except that during the movie I ate an entire meal set from Greek Taverna that included a salad, a wrap, fries and a drink. It was pretty smelly but I ate it so fast that I highly doubt anybody noticed. 

Totally irrelevant, I know. Also, kids these days dress way better than I ever did in my day. I just need to ask: where the heck are they getting there moneysss? Boo. 2015-11-23 08.08.11 2

2015-11-23 08.08.10 32015-11-23 08.08.10 4

Crop top: Forever21| Shorts: DIY| Sneakers: Adidas| Shades: Rayban| Watch: Fossil| Bag: Sister’s

2015-11-23 08.08.08 2   

Sister, sister A photo posted by Jean Louise Perez (@issaplease) on

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Serious Sundays: I Hated My College Course!

Happy Sunday, everyone! (Yes, I know it is a Monday but it’s still¬†Sunday¬†somewhere¬†in the world)

I am dedicating this post to my sister, to the many like her and to the many like me who took up a course they despised in college or who are in this crossroad right now and don’t quite now how to handle it.

It’s tough having to figure out what you want to be for the rest of you life but even if my advice may not be the best, may it offer you some sort of relief to know that¬†you are not alone!

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Issa & Paolo Halloween 2015 Edition



As an October kid, I LOVE Halloween! Well, honestly, I can’t really think of anyone who doesn’t really like Halloween because everybody loves it. In fact, I love it more than Christmas especially now that I actually have to buy people gifts. lol.

As a part of Paolo’s 25th birthday gift to me, he agreed to dress up as my favorite video game protagonist’s counterpart. If you haven’t figured out who we are by now, we are actually Ellie & Joel from The Last Of Us.

Here are a few photos and awkward selfies that we took before heading out to celebrate the festivities.

Honestly, nobody really knew who we are and in fact, a bunch of people actually thought we were portraying our inside joke of father and a daughter (for obvious reasons. We are only 3- 4 years a part, by the by!) BUT it didn’t really phase me. I was just happy that we got to do this together and that I got to party in sneakers!







A big fat THANK YOU to Liana Uy who did my make up on that day.

If you want to get in touch with her for your events and photo shoots, you may contact her through her Facebook page, mobile (0935 534 8952), Instagram or email (

P.S. The make up above and below are a bit different as I had to re-do my make up. Paolo threw me a surprise birthday party and … I cried :>



How was your Halloween?


Serious Sundays: Amanda Bynes Is My Inspiration In Life

Happy Sunday, errbody!

Here’s today’s edition of Serious Sundays and if you have a question you’d wanna ask me, you can leave a comment below and I will try to feature it on a vlog entry like this.

It’s your time to shine,


In Light Of The Past Two Days’ Events

A lot of horrible things have been happening around the world- the events in Paris, the killings and all that horrible stuff I try my best not to break down at every time I catch it online or on the news. But despite all these things, I can’t help but think:¬†who do I hate more?

  1. The person nga nakikisawsaw – Marks themselves safe when they are faaaar from the affected zone. How idiotic do you have to be to not understand how insensitive and not to mention, unnecessary this is?
  2. The kontrabida – OK¬†honestly,¬†I admit I did have my moment for a while but in my defense, I was doing a public service by telling people what NOT to do (^ look up). But the ones that bug me the most are those who question your support and go against you. Why are you changing your profile picture?¬†Well for one, because I have prayed for them, I do not have money to give but I want people to know that I am against what is happening right now and that I care for them- that’s why. NOT LIKE IT’S ANY OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS, thankyouverymuch. Nganu mu kontra man gyud ka ug tao, may nalang gani na kaysa nag comment2 ug “MAYRA NA HITABO NA SA PARIS.” lagot ko.
  3. The people who spread FALSE news or say that we are only glorifying a certain location or culture and yet disregard other places where this happens all the time – Pahuway, utro sad ra ba ka. Unless you know all the shit in the world, stop running your mouth. Also, GET YOUR NEWS STRAIGHT. Don’t say _____ did it when you’re not even sure. Don’t encourage that kind of hate in the world.

I know I’m no good either by cultivating ill feelings but you know, I wish everyone would just stop, shut up and love each other. We keep pissing each other off and it is so unnecessary.

Good bye now. I don’t even want this to ruin my day.

UPDATED Vlog: How I Apply My Gel Eye Liner

Check out how I use my Tony Moly gel eyeliner that I love to D.E.A.T.H. from Dara Beauty Market along with their other awesome Korean make up!

If you love this look and decide to try it out for yourself, make sure to tag me, @issaplease, on Instagram so I can see your looks! <3

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Freaky Fridays with Food Panda

It’s no lie, Food Panda has been my savior on hungry days when I’m too lazy to go out and look like a human to eat or cook for myself which I cannot do to save my life.

I also know a lot of people who look to Food Panda when it comes to their food delivery needs especially during long nights of playing computer games with friends or while drinking the night away.

If you’re any (or all) of these people then you will surely enjoy Food Panda’s latest promo:¬†Freak Friday!

Food Panda


foodpanda Freaky Friday Mechanics:

  1. Win up to P100,000 every Friday when you order from foodpanda with a minimum amount of P500 (during foodpanda operational time 10am- 11pm)
  2. November 13, Friday ‚Äď P10,000
  3. November 20, Friday- P20,000
  4. November 27, Friday- P30,000
  5. December 4, Friday- P40,000
  6. Winner will be drawn randomly by DTI representative every Monday morning
  7. All winners will receive their cash prize upon notification from Marketing Department in foodpanda Head Office
  8. National promotion across Metro Manila and Cebu
  9. Open to all mobile app and web orders
  10. Not in conjunction with any existing foodpanda promotions
  11. Notification and confirmation to winner will be valid until December 15, 2015 ONLY.
  12. No confirmation and redemption from winners until said deadline will forfeit the cash prize.

Per DTI – FTEB SPD Permit No. 16403 Series of 2015.

Download the FoodPanda app on your Android or iOs.

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Serious Sundays Vlog: Questions From No One

Wow guys, I am on a roll today!

A little late, Filipino time wise, but it’s STILL Sunday SOMEWHERE in the world. Also, since we’re already giving excuses, I would like to know WHY MY INTERNET SERVICE IS SO SLOW, ________?!?!?! You have ruined scheduled blogging/ vlogging for EVERYONE. *eye roll. slap. kick. stab*

So yeah, I hope you guys enjoy this video as I am truly having a wonderful time discovering myself better through vlogging. I feel like it’s a better outlet to talk and express myself and show you guys a different, more annoying side of me (that you will all learn to love).

If you want to ask me ANYTHING, check out the description of the video for my contact details.