Crafted To Perfection: Tanduay Asian Rum x Kenneth Cobonpue Launching in Cebu

The Philippine’s world class recognition is represented through many aspects that are proudly Pinoy whether it’s furniture, music, food and now our very own Tanduay Asian Rum.

For this brand, Tanduay Asian Rum chose to partner with Cebu’s pride, Kenneth Cobonpue, because of his embodiment of the brand’s tagline: “crafted to perfection”. Cobonpue’s advances in the world of design truly demonstrates a talent that is pure, raw and proudly Pinoy which also perfectly represents this brand.



Kenneth Cobonpue has always been a globally-recognized Filipino talent through his furniture craftsmanship and designs. Starting with a humble beginning but with a burning passion and ambition to showcase Filipino heritage worldwide, Kenneth was able to craft the Philippine name with his designs through resilience and hard work throughout the years. Kenneth’s eye for details and achievements in carrying Filipino pride made him the perfect partner of Tanduay’s globally clamored Asian Rum.


Cobonpue’s emblem for the brand incorporated ingenious Filipino elements that showcase craftsmanship, resourcefulness and creativity of Filipinos. This marks his trust to co-bear the Asian Rum which is truly why he deserves to be this brands newest ambassador!





Drink moderately,

Issa Perez



I am no longer oblivious of the fact that it is not and it was never you.


And I have been ok with the thought that it will never be you.

It’s been a long time coming and I’ve finally had the time and the heart to write the end of this series. I am unapologetic, I am fearless and I am finally free from the pain which comes with the thought of you.

I no longer look for you in familiar streets, I no longer miss the millions of memories I’ve shared with you in a million places I can never erase, I no longer miss you nor do I miss the thought of you… honestly, I don’t even remember you. Which is sad because I spent so much of my life with you. But it has truly come to that.

I am finally ok with knowing that I lost. I am ok knowing that we both failed but most of all, I am ok with the thought that it will never be me.

I am ok that we are strangers again and that we will never be friends.I am ok knowing that my world has to change completely while your life will always be the same.

I have finally accepted that it was as much as my fault as it was yours. I have accepted that if we were meant to be together then this never would have happened but it did but I know God has something greater for me so I am grateful that this happened. I am finally ok with the things that I cannot change- the years, the plans that never came through, the billions of feelings, the loss, the losing you… I am finally ok.

I thought this would be a lot harder to write, like how it was hard to get you out of the corner of my room were I carefully tucked you into. The books are hidden, the photos are gone and so is the pain I used to feel whenever I thought about you and with that, I am at peace and I hope you are, too. I am finally at peace with the thought of you.



Shopping for Chic Clothing for Women with

StyleWean online shopping platform for independent fashion designers, aims to provide customers (mainly from the US) with original, unique and high quality easy favorites pieces of clothing for women regardless of size, shape and style.

Their wide selection of clothing whether it be dresses, tops, bottoms and other pieces are great for any occasion day in and day out. I took a few minutes (which easily turned into hours) and found myself gawking over their dresses which I would easily love to add to my personal collection. Here’s a quick look of my favorite pieces:






Check out more of their pieces, which by the way, are on SALE here


The designers behind StyleWe

Check out what their happy customers have to say about the brand on their reviews page.

Happy shopping everyone,

Issa Perez

The Flying Fish Hostel @ Dumaguete

 Decided to take a long overdue and well deserved vacation during the recent long weekend to the city of smiling people, Dumaguete. It was a sweet but short trip which would not have been as wonderful as it was without our awesome accommodations at The Flying Fish Hostel.

Located at 32 Hibbard Avenue Bantayan, Dumaguete City which is about 5 minutes away from the famous Boulevard, The Flying Fish is a great place to seek refuge after a long day of soaking yourself in Dumaguete’s rich culture. It’s also a great place to lounge around and meet a lot of interesting people from all over the world whether alone, in twos or even large traveling groups.

The architecture, beautifully deconstructed interiors and the overall ambiance of the place was completely captivating and if that isn’t enough to convince you to make a trip down south, their affordable prices definitely will!





The common area where guests can exchange stories with one another over coffee or beer.





1st floor common lavatory


2nd floor lavatory









Locker space for dorms





For reservations/ inquiries, follow them on their official websiteFacebook and Instagram

You may also contact them at +63 35 422 0167, +63 921 265 4342 or through email at

To our next adventure,

Issa Perez

Becoming Blue (It Was Always More Than Just Hair)

Psychology suggests that when a woman goes out of her way to make a significant change in their physical appearance, especially hair, it is a desperate attempt to take control of something or anything in their lives.

When I first started bleaching and dying my hair, I didn’t really put much thought into it except for the fact that 1. I was bored and 2. that I was never allowed to. When I finally got a thumbs up to coloring my hair, I admit I went into a full on rebellion and instead of getting a subtle light brown (that I knew would please my grandmother especially), I went crazy and jumped straight into attempting to achieve a grey, almost white hue. 

I like to joke and tell people that I lost all sanity the moment I bleached my hair but it really is a lot more fact than it is fiction. Having feeling extremely lost and confused with the direction I was going in my life, I found that the simple yet extremely challenging decision of changing my hair color was in fact very liberating and it allowed me to take control of my life. So in retrospect, I had to lose myself completely in order to be found and it was in simple things like changing my hair color where I had chosen to begin this journey. In a way, I felt like if I could change the color of my hair then I could definitely change the things I wanted to in my life and unknowingly, I started to do just that.
Hair cuts, extreme hair transformations, break ups and new beginnings all go hand in hand and I would be lying if I said it wasn’t happening to me. I hate to be the cliche but it was the cliche that I needed and with every hue that my hair had become, I felt like I was gaining control of my life slowly but surely. I was gaining my confidence back, I was starting to regain hope and most of all, I had started looking forward for what was in store for me- just a few things I thought I had lost completely.




It was no coincidence that I had chosen to go blue the moment that I did. It was actually something that I had put a lot of thought into, it was something I had prepared myself for and it was something that I used to signify a certain moment in my life. It was me quietly telling the world that I was ready to be blue and not the sad kind but the blue that is responsible, secure with herself, confident and finally, peaceful.

I may not be there quite yet and just because I change my hair again doesn’t mean I’ve stopped trying to be that person but it’s simple gestures like this that ignite my fire. It’s me putting thoughts into actions and telling the universe that this is who I will be and if this doesn’t make sense to you then we can’t be friends. Just kidding. I’m weird in lots of ways and I don’t expect you to get on my level but since this is MY blog, I will go ahead and write what I want.



At the end of the day, it’s just hair and it grows back eventually. And if you can’t even change the color of your hair, then what else can’t you change?

Life is all about change so you either stick to what you’re comfortable with or you roll with the punches. I’m just trying not to knock out while trying to look good doing it. har.

I’m Blue da ba dee da ba daa,

Issa Perez