Budget Shopping @ WeDo Shop

Every woman’s weakness is a good shopping trip specifically when it involves the words bargain, sale, discounts, everything must go (this one is the best!) and the like. Throw in even more special words like American/ Korean/ Brand New and you’ve just created a lethal combination of words we cannot resist. So allow me to make a combination of words that I know a lot of you ladies (and even men!) will fall for:

Discounted +Brand New + Korean Items (++ make up, fashion, household items & more!)

you’re welcome.


WeDo Shop is a Korean lifestyle brand with 7 existing outlets in Manila and 1 at the Talamban Times Square right here in Cebu.

They boast of affordable Korean products from make up, fashion items, household fixtures/ decorations and other quirky items for as low as P49.00- imagine the possibilities!

So whether you’re hoping to stock up on your personal supply of beauty regimens or if you’re looking for cheap yet cute gift alternatives, WeDo should be on top of your list.

I helped myself to their counter of nail polish and some other beauty items which I’ll be posting on my Instagram within the week so make sure to follow me there!










WeDo Shop is located at 2nd floor of The Talamban Times Square and is open from 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM on weekdays & 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM on weekends.

Follow them on Facebook for updates/ inspiration 😉


And when you’re done shopping, drop by Munch Bistro on the third floor to fill your stomachs!

Good luck to your wallets,

Issa P.

Domestic Disputes

I have become the official psychologist of my parental/s (not saying which one/ones)

And I realize that you can be 26- 36- 46- 60 and still go through the same problems. Hopefully, in my lifetime, only once. Just this once.

I learned that we all have the same needs: love, affection, honesty, acceptance, grace, contentment and assurance whether from ourselves or the people we choose to be with.

Yes, choosing to be with someone or by yourself is a choice. I believe that now. But it is a choice your heart and your mind make collectively. Your mind may say be with this person because he/ she is good for you when your heart says something else- and if those two things don’t match… you gotta do what you gotta do.

I also believe there is no shame in giving up sometimes because it is in giving up that you are preparing yourself for something better. We might not know what they are right now but one day, we will and it will make all the struggles make sense. We decide what is best for us, through God’s guidance, and if we have to let go of certain things for it to be so, then so be it.

Lastly, I believe that we should not surround ourselves around people who bring us down or who put us in a weird place. Or people who do not put your mind at ease and cannot see the good in you.

I thank God everyday for the chances He has given me and the opportunities to make my life right. For giving me multiple restarts instead of game overs.

I feel like I have left a weird place and my comfort zone was always in my solitude and not allowing myself to be absorbed and influenced by others. I feel like I am here again, I am peaceful.

That was a weird couple of months… a weird year, in fact. Screw it, it’s been a weird life but it has been well spent, to say the least.

To more weirdness!

No Rhythm, No Rhyme

I often wonder in my waking days

if people actually do have the strength to change

If there is hope to fix their ways

To make it through their darker days


I often wonder if there is hope for people like me

To stick to a thought

No matter the cost



Yes, there is.

There is always hope.



No MiSTEAKS @ St. Moritz, Cebu


I thank the Instagram and Facebook Gods yet again for leading me to a humble hotel/ restaurant that is quietly tucked away in the heart of my most loved city. If you’re a bit over 40 years old, St. Moritz might not be a secret to you as it is to us younger folks- apparently, it’s been around for a while.

Aged is definitely one of the words I would use to describe St. Moritz as it differs completely from the bustling, concrete walls and minimalist designs that oh-so-often fills our news feeds. Here, cold metal stools are wooden bar stools and linear furniture are cozy, comfortable floral fitted chairs. Sure, the interior may be a sight for sore eyes in some ways but it’s its quirkiness that grows on you plus their steaks are pretty damn good.



Mother- daughter dates are always things that I look forward to especially if my mom gets the bill when it’s somewhere new and fun. I had already heard of St. Moritz and had added it to my list of places to go to so when my mom suggested to bring me there, I could not say no. Come on, who wants to eat a steak alone? No one.

We ordered a 450 gram rib eye steak for P1,100.00, had it slices into two and some pasta on the side just in case. Truthfully, we hardly even touched our pasta nor do I remember what it was. The steak was more than enough and I still have dreams about it until today…



I usually prefer my steaks medium rare but after much contest from my mother who paid for lunch prefers her steaks grilled medium, I had no say in the matter. Either way, I fairly enjoyed it as the meat was juicy, soft and it melted in my mouth. In fact, I opted to skip the steak sauce and eat it as it is because it was pretty flavorful already and steak sauce would feel like an insult.


Oh hello, I forgot about you…

Now if you can’t afford a steak or if you’re just looking for a new place to dine, try out or hide at then here’s a their full menu for you to contemplate on but I would push for the steak, of course. I wouldn’t wait too long to go there though, word around the city spreads fast and it is the Christmas season, after all.








Lemme me know if you’ve had any of their other dishes and what you thought about them!

For more information check out their official website

For reservations/ questions, contact: +63 32 231 1148| +63 32 231 2408| +63 32 231 2477| +63 32 231 3436

Email: info@stmoritz-cebu.com

Operating hours: 7:00 am – 12:00 mn| Monday – Sunday

Live long & prosper,

Issa P.

A Collection of Thoughts, Feelings and Explanations I Probably Don’t Owe Anyone But Myself



Went back and forth on whether I should pursue uploading these OOTD’s from Singapore considering the fact that I had decided to cut ties with the people on this trip shortly after coming home. It might not be the best story to tell but what happened happened and I figured that if you’re not going to hear it from me, you’re going to hear it from someone else, so you might as well hear it from me.

So let’s talk.

In a nutshell, 2016 has been one of the weirdest years in my 26 years of existence. I feel like when the universe gives you something good, it also gives you something bad to keep you grounded and in my case, I definitely got the right mix of both and I don’t even know how I got by. This year was the first time I found myself jobless; almost homeless; boyfriend-less; (and what felt like) friendless and mistakenly family-less and if you’ve never been in this situation, lemme tell you- it f’in sucks! I guess everything in my world was crashing down on me and when you’re in a hole that deep, it’s hard to even be the slightest bit grateful or to recognize a blessing when it’s right there in front of you. Sure, I am exaggerating a tad bit- others definitely still had it worse. But I’ve always been quite sheltered so this was pretty bad.

So I decided to start my life all over again- new place, new-ish job, new boyfriend, new friends and a new perspective on life. I was so ready to just be a completely brand new person and forget everything in the past that ever hurt me and live a life anew. Problem. That’s not what life had intended for me… just yet.

 dscf4453 dscf4452 dscf4450

You see, we can have an image of who we want to be or who we want to become in our heads and we can try as hard as we can to be that person but when life says, “no, this isn’t what I want for you just yet”, you must be resilient.

I learned the hard way that you can try your best in something or with someone and still not have it be enough. And as much as I absolutely hate the thought of it, in actuality (and in my case), sometimes it’s not a bad thing. People might not believe in you or see the goodness of your heart, they may judge you instead of get to know you and when you decide that enough is enough- it is OK to pack up your bags and leave. I have no regrets.

Chapters, songs, meals and even life end, sometimes a little bit sooner than you expect but that doesn’t mean that you have failed. Their roles are just done in your life and so is yours in theirs. There really isn’t any use crying over it because if it was meant to last, it really would have. Unfortunately, life just really likes giving us things that hurt us sometimes. pffft. CURSES!! Totally kidding.


My life used to revolve around relationships- boyfriends, friends, family but never with myself. There are so many things that I want to do but I always seem to hold them off because I become dependent on another person. I latch on to them so much that I become them and in the end, I find myself wondering who I really am to begin with. It’s taken a lot of not so sober nights and hard hitting conversations for me to realize this but I’m glad that I did anyways.

So for those who are so emotionally invested on my (love) life, here’s the real deal: I got my heart broken twice this year but you know what they say about heart breaks, it doesn’t just happen once or twice, it is a series of breaking and mending and then breaking again so I probably died 98711351356 times already. OK, I don’t actually know who says that about heart breaks but I felt like it added that dramatic effect so, yeah.

I am ok. I am really ok. So thank you for all the warm wishes!

dscf5100  dscf5106

I don’t prefer talking about my personal life, which is why I am very selective about what I am posting in this blog entry. I hope you all understand that there are still some things that I would prefer to keep to myself and the little I am divulging has taken me a really long time before I actually decided to post this but like I said at the start of this post, I’d rather it come from me than from anyone else.

So as I bring this blog entry to a close, consider this a part of my letting go. I am letting go of all the things that hurt me, of all the things that people have said about me, of  everything that just wasn’t working in my life anymore and everything else.

I am grateful to those who stayed and came back and to everyone who has watched me just stand back, reevaluate my life and allowed me to concentrate on myself. Yesterday I watched a movie alone and it was awesome. Next week I’ll be traveling for work and as soon as I’m done publishing this entry, I’ll be getting ready to attend the Cebu Lit Fest- alone. It’s all very exciting, I tell you. I bought myself a hedgehog named Cotton and I have since them become obsessed with loving this pointy creature. I am enjoying the scent of my room, laundry, cleaning up and just sitting in silence.

So thank you to everyone, to the people I’ve met, to the people I’ve loved, to the person who constantly put up with me- thank you.

Those chapters, parallel dimensions, alter ego’s and weird phases are done now. I’m ready to come back home.

All my love,

Issa P.

A List of Things I’ve Been hearing Lately

Things happened so fast…

Give yourself a break…

It’s been a hard year for you…

Grabeha oi!

You’re strong, you’ve always been strong. you’ll get through this.

Everyone knows you’re not like that. Why would he even think that?!

Ga lagot ko niya!!!

Mas ganahan jud ko ni ______, mayta mag balik pa mo.

Nganu ganahan man jud ka ug weird pets?

Sauna pagyud ka ana.

Boang gyud ka. Na dala paman ug joke joke. 
— oh wells.