TREND ALERT! Tinted Shades & Gingham

I believe it is safe to say that 90’s fashion has officially made a comeback!!! I think I’ve said this already somewhere on this site but in case you are new here, let me say it again: THE 90’S ARE BACK!

I realize that there are two sides to this flashback with the first point being: wasn’t the 90’s fashion kinda tacky? and secondly… well, that’s the only point I can think of right now. But who cares? I don’t!

I was born and raised in the 90’s and though some of the styles are a little bit over the top e.g. holo skirts and neon everything, I grew up spending hours browsing through glossy pages of magazines imagining of one day being able to pull off those styles… and that time is now!

L_U_E_U_R sent me a package with this gingham crop top and pink tinted shades and I was shookt! Here’s how I wore it:

The rose tinted shades and gingham were already pretty bold statements so I decided to mute it out by just pairing it with some denim jeans. For footwear, I would top this look off with some white Keds (if I had any!)

I’ve got a whole lot of OOTDS I cannot wait to share with you all- I’ve just been a bit busy with work and spending time with family. Please bear with me, I love you all!


Issa <3


Let me know what you would want to see in the comments below!

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IssaTalks (Episode 25): Long Vacation Feels- Exploring some of the best places in Cebu, Philippines and some current events according to me…

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Wearing Bree Esplanada + Photo Diary

My family received the most amazing surprise a couple days ago when our papa flew in from the States to surprise us. My entire family is set to move back to there in the next years so sharing these fleeting moments with them means the absolute world to me.

For a special occasion, I decided to wear a special jacket from a special person- Bree Esplanada. He’s one of the designers I trust my life with for obvious reasons and if you know designers, you’d be able to spot a Bree Esplanada creation from a mile away.

Aviators: Forever21| Body suit: Forever21| Jogging pants: Adidas| Sneakers: Vans

Casual wear for now but I can’t wait to transform this look into something more dressy!

Does not understand the appeal of sulbing,
Issa P.

IssaTalks (Episode 24)- Getting Drunk Live w/ Nina, Zeke, Panu & Angie

OFWs, Cebu, Whale Sharks, Start Ups, Bai TV & Harry Potter VS LOTR

I got two strangers on the show to talk about travelling to Cebu, DIY traveling, canyoneering accidents and some really random shit in between.

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No Bathing Matter- My No Ligo Look ?

We’ve all been there, right? You know, days when you just had to pull yourself out of bed and didn’t have the time to shower? No? Ok then, that’s just me.

Here’s my situation: I am extremely kandingun aka in english, scared shitless of cold water. I only function in warm water but we haven’t gotten around to setting up our heater yet so I’ve had to succumb to ice cold baths ’til godknowswhen. So some days, like this day, when I have to wake up a little earlier than I usually do and bathing is purely optional (I bathed the night before OKAYYY), then I’ll just throw on something cute and head on out.

I was dragged to a meeting I didn’t have to be at with the promise of food and grocery shopping after. I simply could not resist the thought of hash browns and a replenished pantry so, yeah.

When you go out batheless, the last thing you want to do is state the obvious so a chic outfit is always necessary but at the same time, you don’t want to try too much. If you weren’t in the mood to shower, what makes you think you’re in the mood to actually dress up?

I just threw on a light brown dress from Let’s Stylize and an over sized kimono paired off with over-sized glasses (to hide my make- upless face) and some mules I got from ParisianSee, I look like I actually tried. My fashion tip: Keep a statement kimono, cover up, jacket on hand to spice up an outfit. I do it all the time!

Women Human Hair Wigs,Full Lace Wigs,Lace front wigs,Extensions 
Face as round as those shades.

formal dresses uk

What do you think of this look?

Also, who wants to buy me a wire for our heater?

Issa P.


Spoiled and bratty. Those are the two things people who really know me will actually tell you if you asked them to describe me. Of course, those aren’t my only identifiers but considering I did not grow up with a silver spoon, it’s a pretty entitled thing to be- for anyone, actually.

 Prior to moving out and living on my own, I had only occasionally cleaned at school (where I would even try escape), I had never really learned how to cook, I had never washed clothes (except for my ?) and yaya was my favorite word.

Justinne of BabeForFood tried to help me on a couple of occasions with an agreement that I would share my little knowledge of fashion if she taught me how to cook- we decided to turn it into a Youtube series which was short lived due to our busy schedules. You can watch the videos and be the judge….

The first two times I moved out, I moved to my grandparents’ house and paid rent but even then, I was never required to clean my room, cook or do my own laundry. I was out most of the time anyways so I never had to cook! On one occasion, I tried to sweep the floor at my office due to a confetti related incident and bruised my rib- sweeping in 3 inch heels probably wasn’t the best idea but hey. lol.

When I FINALLY moved out to live with my big, bad self, I eventually learned how to clean my space but I would call my yaya nonstop asking her for help with the dumbest things which she would blatantly reply to me with a, “HAAAAY, ISSA! UNSAON NALANG NIMO UG MA MINYO KA? WA JUD KAY NAHIBAWAN!” which I would reply to with a, “kuyog man ka nako forever.” It’s been about 2 years since but honestly, sometimes I still call her but this time just to say hi and that I miss her.

Yaya Chris with “other” child ? (and our other helper, Baby, who also had a baby. lol)

Earlier this year, P & I decided to get our own place which is when it dawned on me that I had to learn how cook… and fast! He has always been the chef between the two of us, having been able to take culinary classes at a local school here in Cebu, and while he was so great at cooking, little Issa was even too scared to touch raw meat. I didn’t want to learn how to cook just for P, let’s get one thing clear. But let’s be real, at 26 years old, it was about time- hell, it was overdue! We don’t live in the early 90’s anymore where help can easily be found- we can’t afford a kusinera or a helper and more than that, I also don’t feel like starving.

Coincidentally, it was also around this time that I had been invited to more and more food events and some of them would have activities where they would teach us how to make certain dishes. This sparked my interest in food and though I could only make the dishes that were taught to me, I would proudly bring these new found semi-skills home and show them off to P.

Slowly, I had developed an interest in food and in eating healthier which encouraged me even more to learn how to start cooking or “assembling” food. I would spend hours on Pinterest, as I still do, pinning recipes for inspiration. Here’s my board!

I started out with breakfast bowls because I had the intentions of eating healthier and well, for the obvious reasons that it’s freakin’ easy to make. Here are a few of my creations:

Bfast bowls turned into salads and sandwiches which is honestly the same thing except now you have to cook ham or your meat of choice:

And since I learned how to cook rice (after a couple weeks of either cooking it too dry or too wet. You literally just add water and yet I still had such a HARD TIME getting it right), I decided to make a deconstructed onigiri bowl after learning how to make an actual onigiri at a previous event:

I was getting homefood sick and I missed Pinoy dishes like humba, sayote with that brown sauce and soo much more! I decided, with the little skills that I had to just go ahead and try it out. I had to learn how to slice, defrost, steam and everything else by watching Youtube videos because that’s how ignorant I was and let me tell you, Youtube has EVERYTHING!

I also sought help from Chef Lau & Chef Jac who encouraged me to make humba and even taught me how to do it- I searched for a recipe online to guide me and here was the final result:

I also made a breakfast burrito wherein I even made the tortilla from scratch!

My biggest achievement though was learning how to make monggos because I really, REALLY love monggos. I started out with this pork belly with mong seeds dish (according to my uncle), which was really the opposite of what I wanted to achieve:

And now, I can literally make this dish with my eyes closed!

Since I’ve made an effort to learn how to cook, I’ve made a pretty good improvement and my friends, family and P can stand to eat my cooking without pretending to like it anymore! haha.

Image result for yummmm gif

I’d love to share my recipes and experience with you on this blog because if I can do it, ANYONE can do it! And hopefully, there’s a little girl out there in the big bad world, hungry to their gut, wishing they could cook reading this and is thinking, “if Issa can do it, so can I!”

Bon Appetite,
Issa P.

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino Celebrates Buwan Ng Wika w/ Celebrity Chef Couple + August Promotions

In line with our Buwan Ng Wika, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino brings the countries culinary power couple, Chef Lau and Chef Jac Laudico, to Cebu to share with diners their own twist and take on all our classic Pinoy favorites.

For P898.00/ person, get to experience Chef Lau and Chef Jac’s interesting takes on Filipino food such as their adobong krispy kang kong, kinilaw with a hint of their specially made sauce and many more! Diners are also invited to enjoy Waterfront’s buffet offerings from the Uno Restaurant




Aside from having celebrity chef’s over, Waterfront also has a couple of offerings that you, your friends and family are sure to enjoy:


    If you’re celebrating your birthday this month, you’re in luck! As a special treat to birthday celebrants for the month of August, celebrants get to dine for free when and will receive their very own birthday cake when they come with four other guests. Just make sure to bring 2 valid ID’s.
  2. 10 + 5 PROMO
    Come in a big group to Waterfront’s Cafe Uno and 5 diners out of a group of 15 get to eat for free!

For more updates and promotions, follow Waterfront of Facebook

For reservations: (032) 232-6888 ext. 8605 / 1-800-10-9376688
or visit their official website

Thanks for the cooking tips, Chefs!

Issa P.


The Problem With Bloggers & Vloggers: Thoughts, Insights & Harsh Realities From A Blogger

It’s been a rough week for the content creators of the Philippines whether it be online or offline… but let’s be honest, almost everything is online nowadays or will eventually find it’s way there. Whether it be about newbie bloggers & vloggers forgetting their social etiquette, Mocha Uson (NOT! hyperlinking her ever) or whatever grievance there is out there, it’s been bugging the hell out of me and of course, I would like to take the chance to air out my grievances in a semi- long blog post whether Filipinos actually take the time to read it or not. jab!

I’d like to believe that I’ve been in the blogging/ vlogging or as I’d like to generalize it as, the online content creation industry, long enough to be worthy of writing this post. Although I’ve already been blogging personally for the past 11- 12 years, I’ve only been a public blogger (jumping from URL to URL) for the past 5-6 years and a vlogger for the past 1-2 (but I did vlog back in college if that helps strengthen my point).

I’d also like to believe that I’ve been through the bests and the worsts of blogging as I will fondly and blatantly share memories in my career with all of you. I was there when blogging was somewhat “new” to businesses and traditional media wherein people would question our mere existence and say, “what are bloggers?”; to a time when bloggers where deemed as “vips” (which was quickly outlived, btw); to being “just another blogger”.

My favorite memory of this was when I met a prestigious, well traveled and highly respected senior writer who, after I had introduced myself as a blogger, plainly said- “Ah, I’m never going to remember you- anyone can be a blogger nowadays but not all of you can write!” At first I took this comment as an offence but I quickly came to the realization that she was in fact right. Based on my poor use of punctuation marks and run on sentences, I’m sure you would all agree with said senior writer and that’s fine!

I have been around top bloggers, pioneer writers/ reporters/ bloggers, mass com OJTS and newbies in the industry. I started as someone who had just as much no idea what I was doing at a press con, to someone who was given special services and attention at an event, to “just another blogger” who has hopefully earned the respect from her peers and seniors both in the online and traditional media world.

I am writing this article not to spread hate but to hopefully shine light on some pressing issues us bloggers and vloggers are having to face today. Our facebook groups have been buzzing with non stop discussions regarding the current situations and well, if no one is going to defend us, let me be the one to do so but not without sharing my own piece of harsh realities. So without any further ado, here are a few things that are wrong with bloggers and vloggers:


Just like any other industry the business of being online is all about numbers- how many views you make in a day/ week/ month, subscribers, followers, etc. I was once introduced to an online whatever-she-was who came up to me and said, “Hi! I’m _______, I make 100,000 views in a month. And you are?” Since I don’t pay too much attention to things like this, I simply introduced myself and stayed as far away as possible from her for the entirety of the night.

During huddles, people will talk about someone and account how many followers this person has and question his/ her authenticity, their “claim to fame” or whatever else there is to talk about. Online, there are a million and one articles on how an online influencer can increase their views/ following and most of the time it involves buying followers (which I am strictly against) or other somewhat helpful tips like bandwagoning, strategic titling, engagement, quality content creation and the like.

Now, I’m not saying that all these things are bad (except for buying of followers) especially because numbers are what companies look at first but as I’ve mentioned in a similar post:

“Sometimes you’ll meet an Instagrammer (influencer that posts purely on Instagram and has a wide following) that has a buttload of followers online and yes, while that’s great and all, sometimes the following doesn’t match their engagements aka likes/ comments. Instagram is a tricky place I tell you and I struggle with it quite often. A harsh reality is that followers, likers and comments can be BOUGHT (enter, Google!) so look for an influencer with a strong following, an engagement and mostly, someone who you think would be a great reflection of your brand.”

Every business is about numbers but when it breeds hatred and competition, it makes things go bad- really fast.


I recently read about an online content creator who walked into an establishment and demanded for certain services because of the fact that they created content online.  Whether or not the accounts of what happened were true, it’s not the first time I’ve heard it happened. Yes, I’ll admit, some of us do have a strong sense of entitlement and believe that they deserve more than they actually do just because of the fact that they can write or say anything they want about an establishment and get away with it (or can they?). My 2 cents on this is that, you don’t have to get things for free and if you want to try out something on your own, spend your own damn money! If you can’t afford it, then simply don’t write about them or like in the case stated above, demand for something without even coursing through the necessary mediums.

It’s not wrong to ask for something especially if you know your worth and have proven it to whoever it is that you need proving yourself to. Since I’ve taken blogging as a full time job, I will kindly request to be paid for my services, especially for promotions and I will even reach out to brands for possible collaborations by introducing myself to them in hopes of a deal. If the answer is no, I’ll put on a good face and understand that I am simply not what they are looking for at the moment and will pray that the day will come that I can work with them.

I also make sure that once a deal is set, to enumerate my expected deliverables and to actually deliver. It’s not rocket science and it’s good etiquette- one cannot simply ask for something without giving anything in return. Business is business.


In the day and age wherein creating content can be easily accessed and achieved, we no longer find ourselves having to represent anyone else but ourselves. Personal branding is what I believe a lot of us lack and just because you can say and do whatever you want because it is your brand, doesn’t mean that you should. Yes, you have the freedom of speech but it doesn’t mean you have to act like a complete nincompoop.

I’ve heard many stories of a blogger/ vlogger acting out of line during events to the extent of irking professionals in the media thus, creating a bad name for the other online content creators. I’ve seen it happen and as a human being, it is really f’in annoying to have to witness that in real life.

Recently there was a debate about the tupperware blogger (I don’t know who you are nor did I do the research about you, fyi), that vlogger who had their camera in a celebrity’s face during a press con completely blowing it for the other media people around, a vlogger who was too eager during an event and personally, I think it’s pretty bad. Although bloggers do not represent a certain establishment, company, etc. you have to remember that you are representing yourself and that is the most important thing.


It’s true- I’ll be honest, that’s what I aim for but never at the extent of ruining everyone else’s opportunity. Wanting to have the best content out there is something we should all aim for but this should be done in our own means. Having been able to speak to a lot of traditional media professionals, many will express their dislike of the new age of bloggers and vloggers and to be completely honest, I don’t blame them. In fact, I share their sentiments. They too want the best content and their jobs require them to do so but they work in their own professional terms- so why can’t we? That’s the keyword: Professionalism. They show up to an event, listen intently, interact and keep their social graces at par. They don’t whip out their cameras mid event and steal the spotlight for their intros nor do they get in a person’s face shoving their cameras so close you can see their pores to get “extraordinary” shots and most of all, they don’t go over the top and disrupt an event just to do so. I cannot speak for every single traditional media person out there (just in case the nuisances do exist in their community) and I’m not saying that ALL bloggers/ vloggers are like this- a lot of us will make our introductions before showing up to an event or will simply find a strategic way to spice up their vlogs/ blogs but hey,  if the shoe fits, you might want to reconsider your choice of shoes.


I would like to go back to the senior writer who told me that anyone can be a blogger but not everyone can write well- she was brutally honest and it hit me to the core but I won’t lie and say I’ve never said it before either, but just because this statement does present a harsh truth, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

The internet is a magical place and it’s given us opportunities we could have only dreamed of. In the next 20 years, I imagine that every single person will have their own blog or vlog because there are no requirements in doing so which is why I give workshops about it because the truth is, anyone can be a blogger or a vlogger but not everyone can do it right and I really want it for all of us! When I say “do it right”, it is in the context of all the things I have stated above. I will never tell another person what content they should make and how to make it because that is something we all need to figure out on our own and by all means, we ought to do it.

My local vlogging community was outraged a couple days back at someones’ remark that vloggers shouldn’t use their phones and some other personal tips at how to make “good” videos online. Now, while I don’t disagree with all her points (I agree with you but it doesn’t mean I like you), I contest at that the thought of mocking someone for even trying. Anyone can blog or vlog but you need to ask yourself WHY you’re doing so and WHAT you want to achieve from it and HOW you are going to do so. If it’s by putting down another person, you’ve already set yourself to fail but if it’s by improving your craft by learning from others and being a decent human being then you do you.


Someone once told me that the internet loves drama therefore, a lot of content creators will try to breed drama whether it be through their titling strategies aka click bait (much like this post. OK, I’M GUILTY!) or will create their own. This might not be applicable to the majority of content creators but, it is a reality that we still cannot deny and it’s something I want to talk about.

For the record, I could care less for drama but when the only thing you can post about on your social medias of choice is just that whether it be #chesmes or anything that breeds bad juju then don’t be surprised if people end up having a bad perception of you. Again, ask yourself WHY you are doing it and WHAT you can benefit from it. If your intentions were to catch attention and have people talk about you then there, you created drama- congratulations. Now live with it.

Like I’ve said, the internet is a magical place and we are all enjoying our moments in the sun being able to write or say anything we want- much like what I am doing in this post, but let’s go back to self branding and… well, you can figure it out for yourself.


I wish I could list down more things but it’s 11:30 in the evening and there is still so much work to be done and I’ve reached a point of peace as I’ve been writing this which is a good indicator for me to stop. It’s probably too long anyways. I guess the bottom point of this extremely long banter is that we could all use a little bit of respect whether it be respect for ourselves, the people around us, the people we work with and even to the ones we consider as competition.

Bloggers and vloggers or online content creators are not going away any time soon and we all just need to live with one another- we don’t need to like each other, we just need to learn how to live harmoniously. At the same time, we should at least try to be people who others can stand to live with.

We all have a voice and we all have a voice we want others to hear. To those listening, we might not always like what we’re hearing (like now) but people are going to talk anyways… so tuff (for you AND me).


If you’ve made it this far in the blog, thank you and if I offended you along the way- ask yourself why. I’m not playing God and saying I’ve never made these mistakes myself but it’s a never ending journey of living and learning which is what this post was meant to do- educate. I give workshops to share experiences and to help my attendees improve their craft and at the end of each segment, I always tell them to follow their passions and to strive for the best whether it be in through their content, editing styles, writing and most importantly themselves.

What are your thoughts?


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GRWM- Rose Gold Make Up Look

Here’s the make up I’ve been using:
Foundation – L’Oreal Paris Philippines True Match foundation in N4
Concealer – MAKE UP FOR EVER
Banana Powder – SEPHORA
Brows/ Eyeliner – Nichido Cosmetics
Eye shadow/ Mascara – Urban Decay Cosmetics
Eye shadow – BH Cosmetics
Contour – theBalm
Blush/ Powder/ Mascara – Benefit Cosmetics
Lipstick – Aido/ Tory Burch
Highlighter – Sleek MakeUP

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Issa P.