Unleash your inner champ with Taiwan Excellence gaming rigs

If you have ever imagined a gamer’s dream room, it would possibly look like a hub full of enormous action figures, dramatic led lights, and multiple wide gaming monitors. There are no rules on how cyber athletes should decorate their corner, but setting up a comfortable and modern playground helps you sharpen your competitive edge further.

If you haven’t had the chance to remodel your gaming space into its best version, Taiwan Excellence brings the most advanced devices that can help you unleash your inner champion within.

Take gaming experience to the extreme. The Acer Predator X27 monitor is equipped with HDR ultra technology, which gives the darkest blacks and brightest lights for a more realistic game. Whether you are inside a cave or atop a mountain, the monitor’s stunning pictures help you clearly see the gaming terrains for a more immersive battlestation.


Couple your premium monitor with Gigabyte’s TOP Gaming Motherboard. With Smart Fan 5, you can seamlessly juggle three games at a time, or play while listening to the music without overheating the processor.

Bring the adventure outside. MSI introduces its GE63VR Raider, a high performance gaming notebook you can use anywhere. It has 120Hz panel with ultra-fast 3ms response time that allows the device to keep up with rapid movements. Moreover, it has enormous surround sound speakers that provide a wraparound feel as the action starts.

On top of these, MSI also crafted the VR One – the Virtual Reality (VR) backpack PC. This helps gamers avoid tangled cables, and distract them for their battles.

Approved by NVIDIA, a market leader in the design of graphics processing units, this equipment is exceptionally suitable for gaming scenarios such as theme parks, cockpit simulations, and military trainings. Due to its unmatched performance, it has been selected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as a training equipment for astronauts, and by Sony and Bandai as the go-to option for their VR projects.

Redesign your gaming station with Thermaltake’s View 31 Tempered Glass Edition Mid Tower Chassis. This processor house features a dual durable 4 mm thick tempered glass window with colorful led lights to set your mood. Aside from its stylish front, it has a powerful dual graphics processing unit (GPU) that ensures crisp visuals.

Channel your inner beast and conquer your enemies with these Taiwan Excellence-approved gadgets. These innovations are carefully evaluated and sealed by TAITRA with the guidance from the Bureau of Foreign Trade to promote Taiwan’s revolutionary products.

For more information about its accredited products, visit taiwanexcellence.org, or like Taiwan Excellence on Facebook.

D&M Cafe: Home of Cebu’s Best Burgers, Cookies & More!

Allow me to go out on a limb and dare use the term “best”- besides, how often have I ever used this to describe a burger before? Only one other time and it was for this episode.

I don’t like throwing the word best around because we tend to use it so lightly nowadays but this time, I truly believe that I have found the one when it comes to burgers and let me tell you why:

Its price. At P75.00 for a regular burger and P90.00 for their signature cheeseburgers heavily smeared with their special cheese dip, you’d first take a look at it and think that 1 burger might not be enough- WRONG.

Because of it’s tightly packed meat and generous toppings, one burger is actually enough. It also goes well with a bottle of soda for P15.00.

The flavor. At D&M Cafe, they use the finest quality ingredients, making sure that this brings out the best taste in their recipes. From the fresh, soft buns; tender & flavorful meat and especially their special cheese sauce that you can also order separately as a dip.

The taste. While some burger joints like to garnish their burgers with overbearing sauces, I find my favorite aspect of this cheese burger is that I still know what I’m eating, I can feel the extra kick & flavor they’ve added to the dish and everything works so well together, creating a wonderful harmony in my mouth. It’s not a combination of a million things that leaves you wondering what you’re eating- it is simply a burger and that is, after all, what I came for.

The effect. I walked into D&M Cafe thinking with my stomach and not my head. I had this grand illusion that I was going to eat everything on the menu and go back on my merry way- WRONG AGAIN. While a full stomach is good, it was the effect of such good food that impressed me the most. You see, I blog about food round the clock almost and so, it’s become hard to come by a dish/ dishes that blow me away, but here I am, not only blown but completely swept away by the food & the charm that D&M Cafe has to offer.

Admittedly, this cafe is still in it’s early stages of life having just opened about a month or so ago. It is currently run by the American & Filipina chef couple who recently moved to the Philippines to share their love of food & pastries with us Cebuanos.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, make sure to stock up on their cookies & brownies because they are absolutely bomb especially the fudge brownie and the butter scotch which are my faves!

Other must tries are the rice toppings that sell for P65.00 (Chicken Teriyaki) & P75.00 (Pork Stroganoff & Sausage Gravy).

D&M Cafe is located at 93 E Urgello Rd, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu <for directions, use this map!>

Operating days/ hours:
Mon-Fri 11AM–2AM
Sat-Sun Closed

For promos/ reservations/ inquiries, follow them on Facebook!

D&M Cafe is perfect for study sessions alone or with friends, meals with friends and family. Cash only.

Indulge in the cookies & cream slushies. Image result for drool emoji

Issa P.


I just wanted to let you know that everything in my life is dandy.

The start of the year was a bit meh but I feel like I’m in a good space right now where I’m finally learning how to handle my life a lot better. On some days I wish I could be richer and buy myself a Jimny or a Juke but you know some of us just don’t have that luxury. lol.

At one point, I felt like God was listening to every.single.prayer I made which made me realize that I wasn’t being very specific with the things I had been asking of Him. For starters, I prayed that I would be soo busy that my days would be soo filled that I no longer had space in my head to think about the loneliness I felt and He provided so much that I didn’t quite have time for anything. So I decided to pray for dog days that it eventually made me soo bored I could almost hear the ants marching on our counter table- it was horrible. So I learned to be smarter with the ways that I asked God/ the universe for things.

Now, I just want my days to be filled with opportunities that will allow me to grow in my craft; business; knowledge and the like. That I have time to come home to my family and enjoy Facebook video calls or watch Paolo play on his PS while I write down this blog entry or even binge on a documentary like I’ve been planning to. I pray for enough time to camp out under the stars even if it means rushing from an event to the mountains and you know… stuff like that.

I pray for head space and clarity and long, thoughtful moments of emptiness that I can fill with my most wildest thoughts and imaginations…

You know, the normal stuff.

But in general, I wanted to let you know that I am happy. I am contented but I am still thirsty. I am curious and eager to learn. I am also hungry at it’s already 11:28 pm.

I also might have a fever so I’m gonna watch some Harry Potter and not charge my phone until the morning cuz I left my wire in the car.

Love you & thanks for listening. I miss you.



[Vlog] Earth Tone Lookbook- Cebu Fashion Bloggers’ 9th Year Anniversary

Happy anniversary to the Cebu Fashion Bloggers whose love for fashion, food, travel, lifestyle and everything else in between; has filled the internet over the past 9 years!

Thank you so much to Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa for creating and providing us with the wonderful backdrop of our event, for filling our stomachs with sumptous food and our souls with the happiest of memories.

As GM René D. Egle mentioned during his welcome speech, “it is only so often that groups last THIS long- so celebrate!” And we sure did!

We would also like to thank:
Executive Chef Roshan Fernando & team
Banquet Manager Neldon Rivera & team
Ms. Cassandra Cuevas
Ms. Jacque Bulawan
Ms. Feirlyn Decasa

Special shout out to all the bloggers/ content creators seen in this video:
Issa Perez– @issaplease
JL Arnaiz – @joymiearnaiz
Jesse Jake Daan – @jessejakedaan
Marco Paulo Diala – @countocram
Kätrinä Enrera – @keiseee
Sweet Aurestelle Veloso-Selma – @sweetvselma
Jean Candice Yu – @jeancyu
Ching Sadaya – @chingsadaya
Sophia Sanchez – @iamsophiasanchez
Ronah Frances – @rondoesthings
Doyzkie Buenaviaje – @doyzkiebuenaviaje

You may reach out to Cebu Fashion Bloggers for sponsorships, collaborations, partnerships, features and inquiries!

Happy blogging, everyone!

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[VLOG] 1950’s Retro Fashion Lookbook

Lookbook shot at: Lady’s American Diner

Issa Perez – @issaplease
Sophia Sanchez – @iamsophiasanchez
Jesse Jake Daan – @jessejakedaan
Kätrinä Enrera – @keiseee
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[VLOG/ BLOG] Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrow Microblading| Philippines

It is said that the beauty industry is valued at a whopping $445 BILLION right now and with the ever changing beauty trends that I’ve seen over the years, it is really no surprise. Make up products are constantly flying off the racks (I’m talk about you, @sunniesface) and recently semi permanent make up has been the greatest thing since cheese. I take that back, NOTHING IS BETTER THAN CHEESE. But you get the gist.

It took me a while to get on the bandwagon for the reason that the industry was so new and I couldn’t take any risks. Up until this day there are semi permanent make up artists popping up left & right and it was crucial for me to watch the industry grow so I could eventually weed out the choices and select the one artist that I absolutely trusted. It’s not being elitists or anything ha, bati na gani ko ug kilay daan delikado ug ma bati pa gyud ug samot.

I have no regrets in trusting Mikee Libi of Winked because her light hand & keenness to detail is really what you are investing in. Anyone with hands can learn how to micro blade but it takes someone with her skill and precision to turn a clump of hair on your forehead into a set of beautiful brows you can actually be proud of.

If you watch the video, you will see how anxious I was about the entire procedure but now, I have no regret in my heart that I trusted Mikee. You will also see that I bombarded her with questions pre-procedure because I really could not risk anything going wrong but the results were and are AMAZING!


Shocking, I know.

And while this is only the 1st part of my blog/ vlog entries, you can tell as early as now that the transformation is nothing short of amazing. At P8,000.00/ 2 sessions (1 month interval per session) for brows that will last up to 2 years, I would definitely say that it is worth the investment.

Should you be interested in contacting Mikee Libi, feel free to message her Facebook and/ or Instagram.

Winked is located at Le Beau Monde Salon, Rivergate Bldg., Gen. Maxillom Ave, Cebu City.

Advance booking is preferred!

Issa P.

[VLOG] Asking My Waxpert About Brazillian Waxes (PLUS an Embarrassing Storytime)

I’ve previously talked about NoStrips Waxing Salon on this blog before and I constantly rave about them on social media. In the last 3 months, I’ve consistently relied on them to take care of my eyebrows, upper lip, underarms, lower legs and my Brazilian waxing and/ or threading.

It felt a little risque to talk about something COMPLETELY NORMAL/ NATURAL as a vagina on Facebook and Youtube but I’m a woman and I am not ashamed to talk about the part of my body that gives me so much power and surprisingly, the outcome was pleasant.

If I’m being honest, I think it’s so taboo and so unmodern of people to be ashamed to talk about their vaginas and the care that it needs. Not only is it naive, it also brings up a larger problem such as: are women given the proper education about their bodies?

At a party I attended recently, I shared the importance of Kegel exercises in women especially after birth and other vaginal exercises which are important for any and every woman and I was surprised at the reaction of my peers. It was so foreign to them that in return, I felt like I shouldn’t be talking about it so openly. But you know, I never know when it’s ok or not ok to say stuff so I have nothing to be sorry about. It’s just a vagina. It’s not like I was being racist.

So I decided to create this video where I sat down and talked to my waxpert Jen about Brazilian waxing and everything that any typical person would ask them. I am literally just touching the SURFACE (literally & figuratively) in this video, but the feedback I’ve received has definitely made me realize how much more we still have to learn. I like that I am realizing these things though.

I would love to talk about it so more but maybe in another post as I think there is potential for this topic. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this video and the insight I have to share with you this afternoon.

Again especially to the ladies, do not feel ashamed to get the care/ help that you need. It’s so liberating.

Issa P.

[VLOG/ BLOG] Things To Do in Cebu: Astro’s Space Park, SM City Cebu

Looking for a place that will allow your child to release pent up energy while encouraging them to use their imagination through interactive play areas with a magical, space themed background? Encourage interaction, tactile skills, physical & imaginative play on your young ones at Astro’s Space Park, Cebu’s only space themed play zone for kids!

Not only is it a huge indoor playground for children, it is also a great learning zone for them as it mixes traditional play, tech play, along with a little bit of science in between! I specifically like how it sparks curiosity among tykes, encouraging them to ask “why and how”. I don’t have kids yet but when the day comes, I would love for them to challenge me with questions because it means they are eager to learn.

ALSO. IT’S SPACE THEMED AND OMG HOW COULD YOU NOT LIKE ANYTHING SPACE THEMED?! Comment below if you wanted to be an astronaut growing up! :p

Astro’s Space Park is located at the 3rd level, SM City Cebu, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City. For questions, inquiries, reservations and the like, you may reach them here.

Issa P.