Korean Dining in Cebu, Kimstaurant @ The Greenery (with menu)

Over the past years, we’ve been noticing a distinct growth of Korean restaurants in the Metro. While it’s easy to fall in love with the unlimited meat offerings that many of these establishments have to offer, Paolo and I still found ourselves talking about how we haven’t really experienced the other side of K-dining. Obviously, they don’t just eat Samgyupsal all day… or do they? *someone send me to Korea so I can verify*

But with this notion, I was set on bringing Paolo to Kimstaurant, a popular Korean brand from the shores of Bacolod which had just opened at the Gallery in Mabolo. I was previously invited to their media launch and so I was confident in bringing Paolo there because it was obviously “Issa approved”. I had gone back several occasions which I fully documented on my Instagram stories (follow me @issaplease).

There are a lot of things I love about Kimstaurant, as it has slowly become my favorite Korean resto’s- I love their staff, their amazing service, I love their interiors and I love their food. It’s so worth the visit!



side dishes

Kimchi Bokkembob- P280.00

FAVE! Japchae – P 300.00

Beef Galbi Jjim – choice of either spicy or regular braised short beef ribs – P400.00/ P750.00

Yukhoe – Korean style raw beef with egg – P750.00

Also try their Haemul Pajeon- it’s the best, possibly the only, mixed seafood pancake we’ve had in Cebu. It is soo good!

I’ve never been good with words when it came to describing food but I would highly recommend Kimstaurant to anyone who’s looking for quality Korean food. They import their ingredients straight from Korean so you can rest assure that you’re getting the cream of the crop with every visit.

For reservations, call +639459885541.

Operating hours are from 11:00 am- 11:00 pm with unlimited Samgyupsal, Deji Galbi & Kosal from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm


See you there!

Issa P.

Seafood Fiesta Buffet Fridays with Montebello, Cebu

A huge part of our 2019 is to lose weight the HEALTHY way and what other way to do that than to start heating and living healthier? While Paolo and I admit that finding dining options is a bit hard and avoiding meat completely has been quite a struggle, we can kick back and relax on Fridays knowing that Montebello now offers a generous and delicious spread of seafood for us to delve in.

I experienced the happy treat last Friday and it would definitely be my pleasure to share the experience with all of you!

While I’m not going to dive into each and every dish, I would highly recommend indulging in the seafood appetizer section- I surprisingly found myself making my way back and forth throughout the night.

Plus, Friday’s are such a great time to drop by Montebello especially if you’re looking for a place to unwind with friends and family. Drop the day times for awesome photos *pro tip* lol

For reservations and more information, follow them on Facebook

Issa P.

#FreeStuff with #TheAbacaGroup Promo Cards

The Abaca Group is hopping into 2019 on the right foot by keeping the festivities alive and feeding us with unlimited opportunities to enjoy even more of their sumptuous offerings.

With a heavy line up of well-loved and sought after restaurant chains such as Maya, Abaca Baking co., Red Lizard, Phat Pho and Tavolata- diners can now get the chance to win free treats from their favorite spots!

If going on major food trips is on your bucket list the year- make sure to drop by your favorite Abaca Group as soon as you can to get your pretty little hands on these amazing deals that await you!

Fore more updates & information regarding the promo cards visit www.theabacagroup.com/cards and follow them on Instgram!

Issa P.

Bisaya Fan Fest Part I


I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would get to this point and yet, I feel like this is just the tip of the iceberg for me. I feel like it’s just the start of greater things and I just really can’t wait to get the ball rolling and the pee peeing.

Issa P.

80’s Themed Party & #OOTDs with Cebu Pacific x Providore x JGC Summit Holdings Inc

I love playing dress up- the whole reason why I got into fashion blogging was because I wanted more opportunities to play dress. I don’t know if any of you feel like this but because my sense of style is so erratic, I feel like I thrive better when given a set of rules- a dress code, to be exact.

A week ago, my media friends and I got invited to a bloggers appreciation night hosted by Cebu Pacific x Providore & JGC Summit Holdings Inc. It was 80’s themed and I took the chance to strut my best stuff- a thrifted outfit that I’d been keeping in my closet for the last 6 months. I knew it would come in handy one day and that was the day!

It was a really fun night, we played a bunch of games, we ate, I won tickets to Puerto Princessa and I even matched outfits with my really good friend, Ching!

Here are more photos from that night:

Issa P.

My Amazing Sinulog Experience

My last few weeks and days have been absolutely dreamy. Of course, not everything was great, but I’m really glad that I got this experience anyways.

I wanted to share these photos with you because these are big things, my friend. Big, big things!

My eyebrows are super freakin’ itchy right now but I will sleep well tonight and wake up better in the morning. ♥️

Sleep tight!

Online Shopping with FashionMia!

The search for online shops continues! Initially I agreed to these fashion clothing posts because I wanted to provide my readers with other options as compared to the typical online retail shops but as I keep going about with these features, I am realizing how extremely dangerous they may be for my pockets!

But moving on with these features, FashionMia is another online retailer that I will be talking about in this series.

If you’re a noob with it comes to online shopping and you don’t know where to start, one of my biggest suggestions is to start with your sexy maxi dresses. Maxi dresses are usually of similar cuts and do not require exact measurements so there’s very little chances for disappointments. Also, majority of the time the tailoring is usually on the length of the straps or the hem which can be easily fixed at home rather than having to spend more elsewhere.

I’ve been checking out FashionMia’s maxi dress collection particularly as I’m feeling a little bit like I need some breeze and twirl in my outfits. So far, here are my top choices! Luckily all the items that I’ve been eyeing are on SALE!

I super love the style of this dress and the fabric is especially something that I would LOVE to have in my closet. I am def thinking about taking this out!

I wouldn’t really know where I would wear this piece but it’s definitely something I would keep in my closet for a special occasion.

I feel like this dress is a little too blocky for me, especially in terms of print so I’m a little bit on the fence with this one but I feel like it’s such a statement garment that it wouldn’t hurt to have it in safe keeping… my closet! HAHA

What do you think about my fashion choices for this entry? Would you consider shopping at FashionMia?

Let me know in the comment section below! Don’t forget to check them out and to tell your friends about it!

Issa P.


It’s The Start of a New Baginning!

Since I was already on the look out for new clothes to add to my wardrobe, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to check out some new bags. I honestly don’t buy a lot of bags to begin with and usually just wait for my mom to throw her old ones at me but this time, I was more keen on finding a tote bag with zipper. I usually carry around a large purse and I find that I would’ve wanted a deeper bag so I can stuff my envelopes and clip board inconspicuously. lol.

As I was searching, I checked mail and found Baginning which is this cute little website that sells nothing else but bags. Here’s the tote that I picked out!

While I’m not exactly looking for a small backpack, I couldn’t help but admire the ones that they’ve got. They’re so cute and trendy, I wonder if my 28 year old self can handle it! I’m seriously considering putting them in my shopping cart but since I just watched Maria Kondo’s Tidying Up, I’m gonna have to give it some more thought. HAHA!

Make sure to check out Baginning for more of their items!

Issa P.