Bridal Diaries: The Anatomy of Wedding Invites for the DIY Brides (How To Make Your Own Wedding Invitations IN DETAIL)

I am a DIY bride through and through because 1. I would like to believe that I am perfectly capable of doing everything on my own but really 2. because it’s so much cheaper that way. If our wedding invitations were not gifted to us by Paolo’s brother in law who works in the printing industry (Thank you soo much, btw. We are soo super grateful!) then I would’ve went ahead and printed our invitations on my own using my handy dandy Canon e470 that was gifted to me a couple events ago but we can all imagine what a nightmare that would’ve been!

Also, I am a VERY fickle minded person and I felt like no designer could deal with my unending uncertainty  and since I know how to work my way around Photoshop anyways, it just made sense that I torture no one else but myself.

Needless to say, I made A LOT of mistakes with our invitations because who cares about details anyways but I also did a lot of rights which I am going to share with all my fellow thrifty brides today! So I hope this helps!

STEP 1: Find your pegs

Like everything else in regards to your wedding, it’s always good to start with an idea. I tried to be as original as possible and started sketching on pen and paper but later realized that I’m not as creative as I thought I was so I quickly turned to Pinterest. Ladies, if you’re not on Pinterest by now- are you even getting married??

Of all the amazing invitation pegs there I gravitated towards the first three photos below. Basically I wanted it to be as quirky as the first photo, as simple as the 2nd and as informative as the 3rd WHILE incorporating the 4th photo which is basically the template for Filipino wedding invites. Lastly, it had to be a design that I would be able to print and create on my own or something that was at the lowest cost if I had it printed elsewhere.

Here are the designs I started with. Please if may mas gusto kayo compared to our actually invites, wa’g nyo nang e sabi. Masasaktan lang ako. LOL.

STEP 2: Decide on your invitation size

I’m not super sure HOW important this step was but I had just imagined it being easier just in case I had the invitation printing outsourced. In the end, deciding on a STANDARD invitation size worked out for the best for us because we no longer had to spend on custom made envelopes and were able to buy ours at our local bookstore. I spent P85.00 on a set of 10 envelopes so yey!

For those wondering which size we opted for, we got the 6.75×6.75″

STEP 3: Get your creative juices on!

I’m such an over thinker that it literally took me 5 months to decide on our invitations only for it to look like this. HAHA. I mean I’m not crazy about my work but honestly, I don’t really care about invitations anyways but the point was to be able to have formal invitations for our families.

Paolo and I don’t really have a theme for our wedding cuz like, is it really that important?! But when people ask, I just say Bario Fiesta because we wanted to go with something colorful because we’re “colorful” people. If black was actually a color, sure. joke lang. Masayahin naman ako misan noh.


1 OK so dito masaya, noh? Apparently my invitation layout is wrong and all the invites have been printed so whatever but APPARENTLY, the GROOM’S name is supposed to come FIRST followed by the BRIDE’S. But I was basing it off the Pinterest invitations wherein the bride’s names come first. Paolo and I were super meh about this “mistake” though. Not like we can’t get married cuz of it. So in the end, who really cares?!

2 Our coordinator instructed us to place the time 30 minutes before the events especially for the church. If your wedding starts at 1, the church mass will for sure start at 1 and you don’t want your guests walking in while your walking down the aisle. Alam mo friend, filipino time. Same goes for the reception.

3 Make sure all your names and titles are correct. You don’t wanna hurt anyone.

Just a screenshot of my working space. May math included pa.

Spice up your envelopes:
I didn’t do this na but it’s an option

photo care of Pinterest

Our actual invites:

All in all, we are very happy with our actual invites. I honestly feel like Limtong Press gave us invitations that we didn’t deserve because they gave us fancy paper and we’re just bond paper people. LOL. I fully acknowledge and accept that invitations will eventually be thrown away (I personally do NOT keep wedding invites) but Paolo and I will definitely be keeping (and FRAMING) ours.

If you want a template, you can also check out these websites:
Greetingsisland|Canva or you can also consider order of service (or other sites online!)

Hope this helps!


Weeks & Days

This week we celebrated our last monthsary as boyfriend and girlfriend

In about a month from now, we’ll be married

Today we will be sending out our invitations

Tomorrow we’ll be fitting your suit

In 20 days our friends and family will be home to celebrate with us

In 28 days all this chaos will be over

But it will still be you and me


And that’s all I’ve ever prayed for

Bridal Diaries: Things I Wish I Knew About Planning A Wedding

I know they say that a woman’s wedding day is the most important day of her life but if I’m being extremely honest with all of you, I’ve always felt that I’ve been the most unenthusiastic bride to ever walk the face of the earth. I’ve always wanted and dreamed about being married one day and I’m glad that I get to marry the love of my life but I never actually dreamed about the wedding day itself. Sorry to offend anyone out there but I’ve always kind of despised weddings. Maybe it’s the grandiosity of it all or maybe because it wasn’t mine but the point is, this mindset of mine made it extremely hard to even just make the first step of wedding planning.

As we eventually moved along into the wedding process, I constantly found myself questioning why I wasn’t looking forward to the wedding and concluded that maybe because Paolo and I were already living together and a wedding seemed kind of irrelevant at this point. Maybe because there were so many requirements to accomplish and there were so many other things I felt like I would rather be doing than to listen to a seminar telling me how NOT to have a baby (we’ve been together for 8 years, I think we’ve mastered that by now, ma’am).

Maybe it was because a wedding required so much money, money we didn’t necessarily have or planned to use for our future. Maybe because I was anxious of past family issues springing up and me having to face them after so many years of sweeping them under the rug. Whatever the reason are, I kind of had to muster up my feelings and tell myself that I only get married once and I might as well enjoy the process because I’m lucky enough to even be able to get married.

We are 2 months shy from the wedding and it’s been an emotional roller coaster mostly caused by people who don’t really matter. I feel like I’ve had a good support system through it all but also I’ve never been afraid to tell someone to fuck off so it’s been a party but I wanted to write this down and share it with the world anyways just in case you needed it or felt like you needed some comic release.

Here are Things I Wish I Knew About Planning A Wedding:

1. Everyone has an opinion and will impose said opinions on you.
From coordinators, suppliers, HMUAs and venues- anyone who’s been married will immediately force their opinion on you assuming that you thought their wedding was to die for. This can get quite annoying but I picked this notion up quickly and decided to not talk about my wedding so much amongst people whose opinions didn’t matter. I was never secretive about the details or what not, I just didn’t want people shoving their ideas down my throat.

2. People will immediately assume that you want to blow all your money on one day.
I personally blame women who dream of the perfect fairy tale wedding for this and wish that Pinterest wasn’t so damn aesthetic. But this really was an issue that I find myself having to deal with on a daily basis because people really think that you’re willing to spend 5 digits on wedding invitations that people will eventually throw out and whatever else money you have on shit people pay absolutely no attention to (center pieces, cakes, etc.).

I constantly have to remind people that Paolo & I are not fancy people and are not relying on wedding gifts to pay our excesses. We also do not believe in getting 20 sponsors who come from money so we can pay for the wedding using the money they gave us because Ninangs & Ninongs are meant to guide you in your marriage not pay for your wedding.

3. Apparently, flowers are a big deal at weddings.
No matter how much you bitch and fight, flowers apparently are more important than the bride herself on your wedding day and you will be pressured to shell out more than you wanted to on things that will die right after you pick them. I really hate flowers and contested against them but eventually had to give in to appease everyone in my life. I cannot tell you how many bitch fits I threw because I really wanted to go without the flowers but at the end of the day, it was just easier and your bridesmaids need something to hold, I guess. Whatever. Fuck it. I still hate flowers.

Fortunately, I was able to come up with some alternatives:

Boutonniere alternatives

Fake flower crowns

Decoration alternatives

4. Everyone wants to be invited to your  wedding.
If you’re Filipino or Chinese, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I don’t know if this is culture or FOMO but everyone and I mean EVERYONE will want to be invited to your wedding. Remember your first grade seat mate? No? Well, he/ she does and is not so secretly waiting for you to invite them.

I’ve learned to tell people that we only want a small wedding and to therefore not expect an invitation until we finally finalize our guest list. No hard feelings, we simply just can’t afford to invite everyone. They’ll eventually get it and if they don’t then that’s why they’re not invited to the wedding. But please, don’t self invite yourself; start a group chat asking if you’re invited or suddenly start waving at me on Facebook even though we’ve NEVER talked before. Not cool and trust that I’m talking about your antics amongst people every chance I get.

5. Grooms are not into wedding planning
Now I wouldn’t exactly say this is a bad thing because I’ve always been a control freak and prefer doing things on my own. Some of my friends feel greatly saddened when their partners aren’t really involved in the wedding process but come on, guys don’t really care what kind of paper you use for invitations- they just want to know how much money they need to put out for it. #truth

Prior to wedding planning I sat down with Paolo and asked him if there was anything he wanted specifically so I could take it into consideration but he’s basically just been an able body helping me move requirements, get to places and what not. I don’t hold it against him, I understand he’s not a girl and if planning this pains me what more him? I’m good doing everything on my own, we’re good.

6. Coordinators are your best friends for the next number of months.
While we only opted for an on the day coordinator, I’ve sought refuge from my coordinator on more than one occasion. She’s been more than helpful and it helps that she’s basically an all in one package- coordinator, florist and stylist. I really wanted to avoid having so many suppliers to avoid communication mix ups and higher risks on the day of the wedding.

I admit I haven’t been the easiest to deal with especially because I’m so damn stingy but she does try to level with me whenever she can and she is the voice of reason during these stressful times.

Achi Karen, you da real MVP

6. It’s your wedding, your money, your rules.
A lot of things will stress you out throughout this entire wedding planning process but it’ll soon be over and you’ll find yourself bored out of your mind without anything to do. lol.

The best piece of advise anyone has ever told me is that it’s your wedding and you’re in charge of what you want- unless your parents are paying for it and are extreme control freaks. Nevertheless, you’ll be out of your house soon anyways and you won’t have to be controlled by them anymore. Otherwise, you might really need to start exerting dominance this time.

The point is, it’s your wedding day and you should be able to have the wedding of your dreams or in our case, the wedding of your reasonable price range which can also be your dream wedding.

I hope you enjoyed this little rant of mine. I feel like I’m doing this more for myself more than anyone else because I badly need an outlet to vent. Tomorrow is Monday and I still need to work on our wedding requirements so I’m just taking advantage of my down time.

Issa P. very soon to be G.

Bridal Diaries: Wedding Requirements in Cebu

Congratulations! You’ve just gotten engaged and you’re now planning the wedding of your dreams. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and I definitely know what that feels like. Mapping out the day itself is a feat in itself but lemme tell you, ladies, the requirements are one hell of an adventure, as well.

The main goal is to get your Wedding License. This is crucial before you can say your I Do’s inside a church or on a beach or in court. Without this, you can’t move forward so I highly suggest that you prioritise these above everything else.


Got this checklist from the Civil Registrar at the back of the  City Health office

Requirements Where To Get It Link/ Notes Cost
Latest certified true copy of PSA birth certificate Online/ PSA P 330.00

(if you go to the branch, it’s cheaper)

CENOMAR Online/ PSA P 430.00

(if you go to the branch, it’s cheaper)

Certificate of family planning & responsible parenthood City Health Department * Bring your voters ID if you can because they WILL badger you for one. P 150.00
Valid ID Passport, PRC ID, NBI Clearance, Voters ID, etc. (photocopy only)
CEDULA City Hall P 60.00- P 200.00
Marriage license application form (Form 90) City Hall P 150.00



Requirements Where to get Important information Cost
Marriage license City Hall
Baptismal & Confirmation Certificate Church where you were baptised/ confirmed.





Depends on your church
Pre Cana Interview Church Paolo and I are planning to get our pre cana at the Archbishop palace for P 1,500.00 for a half day session. We’ve been told that you can do it cheaper for the whole day, with other people and that Discovery Camp is another great option!


Marriage bans Church closest to you As soon as you book your church of choice, they will present wedding bans to you that you need to present to the church nearest to you. This is basically a PSA to everyone that you’re about to get married and if anyone has anything to say about it now they can do it now and not during the wedding. P 150.00

If there are any corrections, please feel free to let me know!

I hope this helps all us brides! <3

Issa P. soon to be G.

My Bag Was Snatched! And Everything I Had To Do Afterwards…

A hot minute ago, my precious bag and all  my possessions inside of it were stolen from me. I talk about that story in the video above so if you’re a sadist who enjoys a good crying episode- don’t hesitate to subscribe to my channel!

I figured I would make a good situation out of something bad and since I technically lost every single valid ID possible, I felt like this would be helpful to anyone who might need it.

Here’s what I lost:
* Valid IDs: Drivers license, Passport, PRC ID
* iPhone, Hard drive, wallet with cash & an issued check, important notebooks/ organizers & bag

Here’s what I did:
1. Checked all CCTV footage in the area for any information from the recent incident.
My bag was snatched in front of the FLC building so I was hoping that there was footage that could lead me to anything that could have been useful. I was also advised to message Bantay Mandaue- Team on Facebook in case they could access the other CCTV’s in the area. They did reply, not everything they said was useful but it was a reply nonetheless and I was pretty thankful for it.

2. Called up my bank. I only have debit cards and while they’re generally safe, I still wanted to make sure that even if the guy who stole my bag was able to punch in the right numbers, I had already secured my money.

3. Cried. Cried a lot. Just kidding. Or not.

4. Tried to see what I could do with my phone. I had very important documents on my phone so I had to make sure that even if I would never get my phone back, the thief couldn’t get through to my important notes and what not. I had an iPhone and had some issues because of the two point authentication codes so in the end I had to call up the Apple hotline and ask them what they could do to help me in my situation.

5. Called up the police. I was feeling a bit dazed and confused with so much that was going on that I just had to call the police on the phone and ask them what the next step was. They did advise that I go in and get a police report so if in case anyone tried to use my identification IDs they would know that it wasn’t actually me. They said that I could walk in any time that I wanted to and that I didn’t have to pay anything so I decided to go a week after because I really wasn’t in the mood nor did I have the willpower to do anything.

6. Because I came in so late, I had to secure an Affidavit of Loss from my attorney first. There are 2 ways that you can do this, print your own affidavit online and have it notarized (or so I’ve heard) at City Hall or you can walk into an attorney’s office to have one made. I paid P500.00 for mine at my regular firm and it only took me 3o minutes. It wasn’t so bad that I had to get an AOL since I would eventually have to get one for my drivers license and passport anyways…

What To Do With Lost License:

7. I haven’t really done this yet part yet mostly because I have no interest in driving anytime soon but there are articles online and here is one with enough information.

What To Do With Lost Passport:
8. I’ve been advised to prepare my AOL and Police Report. I do happen to have a scanned copy of my passport so I’ll make sure to send it over along with my NSO (because I don’t have any valid IDs at the moment). I’ve heard that getting a passport right now is hell but we might try out luck elsewhere. Luckily we haven’t planned our honeymoon yet so we all good…. so far.

What To Do With Lost PRC License:
9. Instructions here


Losing your organizer might not feel like a lot but because my work notebook had a list of all my clients and our current collectibles which also reflected on my planner along with the exact times and dates that I or my staff were scheduled to pick up. I opted to choose my safety first and drop any/ all events, commitments and meetings that were reflected on my planner. It just seemed like the safest thing for me to do so needless to say, I spent majority of my time inside the house.

So that’s basically it. I hope this helps at least one person.

Love you all,
Issa P.

Sunnies Face, Now Open In Cebu (SM City Cebu & Ayala Center)!

I often find myself saying that the Sunnies moguls- Georgina Wilson, Jess Wilson, Bea Soriano-Dee & Martine Cajucom could sell me a scalding bag of poop and I would still buy it. When they first came out with Sunnies my initial thoughts were, “why would they decide to sell sun glasses? Aren’t my fake Raybans enough?” and yet every time I pass by a Sunnies Stand, I can’t help but feel the urge to steal buy every piece of tinted glass on their shelves.

Then they came out with Sunnies Optical, it sort of made sense but then I thought- “I doubt they’re going to replace the long standing optical brands we’ve been getting our glasses from for the last 2 decdes” and yet here we are, 2 years after, 5 frames in (4 broken, 1 lost) and I’m still getting my prescription glasses from them. Many will argue and say they’re fragile frames and that you can get the bang for you buck elsewhere but that’s never stopped me. Except for now since… I’ve give up on frames.

AND THEN they came out with their Sunnies Fluffmate line and I was like “get the fuck out of the house, I’m so tired of their shit” but guess who almost had a panic attack when she wasn’t able to check out her lipstick when their website crashed? me. Guess who set her alarm 30 minutes before the website launch so she could possibly get every fucking color? me. Guess who now has 3 of the colors after JUST vowing to not buy lipstick? me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know it looks like I would walk off the face of the earth if these ladies would ask me to but in all honesty, I do not aspire to be or look like them. I don’t stalk their social media accounts nor do I feel the need to breathe their air but I do respect them and I do admire them and what they’ve done for fashion girls like myself. They’ve given girls the ability to express themselves in the smallest yet most impactful ways- take eye wear for example: to some of us, it’s just a piece of metal, plastic and glass that you put on your face but now it’s an article of clothing that allows someone to get an idea of who you are: classy, quirky, fun, sophisticated- you name it. Same effect with lipstick. That, and the fact that their creamy texture, gorgeous colors at the sweet; sweet price of only P345.00 really hit the spot. In truth, I have yet to have an opinion about their highlighter and brows duo kit but so far the women of the world say yes.

I didn’t really understand the “IT Girl” effect at first but as I stepped into Sunnies Studios in my plaid dress, boots and beret on opening day and allowed myself to revel in the all the fashionable looks that each girl was wearing I suddenly felt like that was the one thing missing in my life all this time- a space to be myself, to feel good and be that girl I always wanted to be from the magazines.

Call it whatever you want but 9 year old Issa would never think that 20 something year old Issa ever would get to wear boots and a beret in Cebu so I still win.

Welcome to Cebu, Sunnies Face- this blog is unnecessary but once I started writing it I couldn’t stop.

can’t wait for the next thing hopefully within decent time periods cuz you know, we have a wedding to pay for…

Issa P. very soon to be G.

House of Lechon Opens 3rd Branch in Don Avila St., Capitol

Cebu’s Famous and loved House of Lechon’s 3rd branch is an actual house this time! Located along the bustling streets of Capitol closely situated near schools, churches, tourist hotels and busy establishments- it seems but fitting that their largest branch to date would be here.

This 200 sqm property is fully equipped with ample parking space and lots of space for families, friends and colleagues of up to 150 people to gather in celebration. They have closed off sections, particularly Lana 1 that can accommodate around 40 people and Lana 2 that can carry up to 100 guests for those who wish to hold private functions. While it’s best to make reservations of up to 2 days in advance, you can even order entire an entire lechon for as low as P6,000.00  that go great with their other food offerings.

And just in case you’re forgetting, House of Lechon doesn’t just offer any lechon- they offer Car-car lechon. While every Cebuano has their lechon of choice, it’s undeniable that Car-car’s lechon paired with their signature “drippings” is a hard contender.

Lana 1 on second floor


Another fun addition to this branch is that they will be adding a Summers ice cream shop within the restaurant. Summers is just one of the many names under the Page group of companies including House of Lechon! Til it’s open, sweet tooths can still indulge in HOL’s sweet offerings- my personal favorite being the broken glass dessert.

For inquiries/ reservations contact them through the following:
Landline – (032) 231 0958

See you there!
Issa P.