[VLOG] How I Lost 10 Lbs Before My Wedding

Hi everyone! I wanted to share this with all of you who wanted to know more about how I lost weight before we got married.

Coincidentally, today is our 1st month anniversary as husband and wife and I couldn’t be happier!

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Issa P.


Bridal Diaries: Our Cebu Wedding Details (Bridal, Entourage, Set up & Suppliers)

Paolo & I wed last April 27, 2019, officially making me a Mrs. (lol. what? I still can’t believe it!) We were engaged for a year and 4 months which gave us more than enough time to explore all of our options, suppliers and ideas. While we didn’t initially have a theme, looking back at what had come into fruition, I would like to believe that it was somewhere between the lines of “Sprinkles & Sparkles” or you know, just fun colors.

I look back at our wedding with such joy and contentment knowing that was everything I had wanted it to be. It was more of a personal experience for me more than it was a visual because what we lack in decorations (flowers), we made up for with bright spirits and CRAZY stories to tell after.

But while those stories will just have to wait for their time to shine, I wanted to share other stories of the wonderful bodies that made this wedding come together and hopefully they can help any and every couple out there!


Bridal Robe: Bree Esplanada & Hoarder’s Closet
I’ll be doing a separate blog just for my dress alone. Sorry, I can’t help it! I just love it SO SO MUCH!

Customised Bedroom Slippers: Cheeky Chic
Fun fact: These were gifted to me by the owner of Cheeky Chic and I loved them so much, I brought them with me to the reception area and spent the entire night dancing in them!

HMUA: Shyra Qyumbi

Shoes: Maggie’s Box
These shoes were custom made for me for only P 1,500.00 (plus shipping)! I got to choose to add platforms, the color and the height of my heels. It was perfect because I have size 4 1/2- 5 feet. lol

Hair, Nails, Body & Face: Mira Beauty by Design

Flowers: Blush Flower Creations & Events


Suit: Infini (Ground floor of Gaisano Country Mall)
Fun fact: Paolo burnt his suit from deciding to iron it the night before. CANNOT. UNSEE!

Shoes: MendrezSocks: Zara

Grooming: TUF Barbershop

Rings: MyDiamond
Engagement ring: Royal Gem


Bridesmaid giveaways: tote bags, robe, pajama set – H&S Clothing

Bridesmaid dresses H&S Clothing


Groomsmen boutonniere : Lazada (link)
I really think this is the best alternative if you’re trying to stay away from flowers!!

Groomsmen giveaways: Lazada
Their goody bags came with a wallet & a rubber belt. We opted to keep the belts though cuz they were… rubber.


Tokens – Cheekychic
I super love the gifts we had custom made for our Godparents because we were able to customize them to our liking. Inside the side table notepad contains different sheets of paper that says thank you in different languages in printed paper that matched our theme! It was soo special!!

Flower girls

Dresses & Hair piece: H&S Clothing
I went back and forth with the possible alternatives for my flower ladies. I felt like head dresses were a bit too feminine and I couldn’t succumb to letting them carrying flowers so I really had to rack my brain for an alternative. Luckily, my friend Banisa gave me an idea after playing around with scarves that were given out during an event and thus, the floral wrap arounds!


Geometric candle holders: Lazada (link)

Our Wedding Set Up

The Inspiration

How cuuute is this ... #Repost @littlebigballoonco with @get_repost ・・・ It’s party time #LittleBigBalloonCo #AdelaideBalloons with…

I made the backdrop myself with the help of my staff and Alyssa! Unfortunately I wasn’t around during set up so I wasn’t able to even out the fringes so it’s a bit bulky on the top and thin in the middle. I was too meh to care anyways. 

Check out this DIY wedding glow stick bar, so cute!

Center pieces

Host: Ryan Uybengkee
If you’re reading this, thank you so much for everything, bro! You really brought so much life to the wedding and your games were BOMB!! ALSO, THAT PLAYLIST! FTW!!!

Cake: D&M Cafe
My brother and sister in law are pastry chefs from the States and I am so happy that they decided to make our cake for us! My sister in law was soo adorable because she was literally stressing out because our actual cake didn’t quite come out the way we had initially planned it. I had first asked for a naked cake with the sprinkles showing and buttercream in the middle but things changed and they opted for a buttercream cake with cookie dough filling instead. In my most honest opinion, I think it turned out so much better (especially in photos) and it tasted even better than it looks! Seriously, I LOVED IT!

On the day coordinator/ Event Styling/ Flowers: Karen Go

Sounds & Lights: Matte Box Productions

Hope this helps!!

Issa G. (!)


Bridal Diaries: Our Studio Pre Nup with James Jayson Ty

It’s been a wonderful 2 weeks and a half since the wedding and now that all my family members’ have peacefully returned to their homes and Paolo & I have slowly settled into the married life (which isn’t quite different from our bf-gf life, btw), here I am getting back into the rhythm of blogging.

So let’s start with our PRE NUP!

Paolo & I had a total of 3 pre nup shoots for our wedding- the first because it was a gift from my aunt, second because I wanted my good friend to shoot us in our natural state at home (photos to follow!) and third, because we chose it to be a part of our wedding photography package.

By the third pre nup, and with this shoot being so close to the wedding, you can only imagine how little Paolo (and I) actually cared about it. But I tried my best to make the most out of it and while I’m not surprised, the photos came out great!

I’m really  happy that I chose to have a studio shoot because it really allowed James, our photographer, to focus on Paolo and I as a couple. We got to experiment with a lot of different moods, lighting and props which include our eldest son, Cody; confetti and fairy lights. You will also see by the end of this bridal series that I also opted to have most of our post nup photos back inside James’ studio because I just couldn’t be bothered with the heat and having to travel to locations.

Here are my favorite shots:










As it is in my core being to over think and over analyse everything, I also really took the time to question why Paolo & I even agreed to having a bunch of photo shoots anyways. I obviously either love, or am used to photoshoots but it’s not necessarily something Paolo would jump at the idea to so why force him into something he’s not excited about?

But a friend of mine told me that photos are a nice way to look back and things and remember the fun, silly or whatever moments that happened in between. While Paolo may not have thought this was the best experience, we definitely had fun playing with Cody, just being ourselves, it got us in the wedding-y mood and hey- I have tons of blackmail photos for him now. hihihi.

What do you think of our set? 🙂

Photography: James Jayson Ty
Venue: James Jayson Ty Studio
HMUA: Shaira Qyumbi
Grooming: No Strips Waxing Salon
Hair: Mira Beauty by Design

Issa NOW A G!

7 Days Later

A week ago Paolo & I got married. I woke up early (FIRST!), we actually managed to fill up a church and show up on time, we said our I do’s to each other & to God and we spent the rest of the night partying it up with (almost) everyone we love. It was pretty amazing.

Everyone is now asking me what being married feels like and while I joke and say that nothing much has changed, everything has changed.

I am now a wife. And not just anyone’s wife, Paolo’s wife. I am my best friends’ wife. Do you know how amazing that feels like? For one, we’re not “hiding” the fact that we live together and our union has been blessed by God, our friends and family. It’s special. It sounds silly to me that a ceremony changed all that but that’s just how it feels.

The dust has barely settled. I’m still swamped in photos and congratulations’, I barely have time to go to through photos, I have to go back to work, my secretary is leaving me in exactly a week and I still don’t have a replacement for her, family is still over, the house is a mess but I’m still on a chaotic; euphoric high.

In a couple of weeks, our life will return to normal and we’ll be entering the “real” married life- whatever that’s like. Honestly, I’m excited for our lives to actually start. I’m ready for the highs, the lows, the normal-ness of it all. I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with Paolo, as I always have been, it’s just crazy that this moment is finally here.

And so to my husband of 7 days exactly, this entire week has been a dream. A dream come true. Thank you for buying me kitchenware and for allowing me to spend time with my family and friends, for waking up every morning and calling me your wife with a smile on your face as if it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Thank you for waiting up for me and for giving me the peace I never thought I could ever have and for choosing to spend the rest of your life with me. Thank you for you for you.



Mrs. Jean Louise I. Perez- Gandionco