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I’ve been on the lookout lately for cheap clothes for women. While online shopping isn’t really an option for me to take advantage of right now, I can only assume how the economy will be after we make it out of this. Having said that, I still want to be able to wear cute clothes but definitely pieces that don’t break bank but still allow me to look cute and fashionable.

Thus, my obsessive online shopping lately.

I’ve been looking a lot at fashion dresses especially those that would look good in my Bayhana videos. I just think it would be so cute to go out again in cute, sophisticated dresses like the ones that I’ve picked out today.

Luckily Callabuy has a pretty good selection of pieces to choose from, depending on your style. I wish they were a little younger, if I’m being completely honest but if it’s practical outfits- this is definitely the place you should be checking out!

Check Callabuy out noow!

Shop smart!


Online Shopping with

With the current lockdown I’m left here, day in and day out on my laptop. Hours on end of nonstop scrolling. I’ve kind of run out of things to do that I’ve ended up searching for cute clothing even if there’s not really anywhere to go nowadays. In a way, it’s been therapeutic because I look at the clothes and imagine myself wearing them somewhere, someday and it gives me a sense of hope which is something I’ve been needing a lot of lately.

It’s a bit odd to be looking for tops online, especially at a time like this but I can’t deny that these pieces are still really cute and i would love to be able to own these pieces one day. Either that or just being able to look at them has brought me immense joy.

Ninacloak has a lot of interesting pieces. I have my eye on a couple pieces, especially the ones that I highlighted in this post. While I do find some of their pieces a bit dated, they’re still great for a sunny summer day or a casual day out and I still think anyone can pull these pieces off.

Check them out at!

Life has been so hard lately. Everyone in the entire world is suffering and I’m stuck at home, not really able to do anything. I’m not saying I haven’t tried- because I have. I try to be a mix of everything I can be, given my “influence”.

I am trying to set a “good example”, “provide relief”, “give an educated distraction” and “reach out from my home”. All of this because I don’t have much to offer. I only have my voice and my platform.

We have staff to worry about. Bills to pay, debts that won’t be put on hold despite all of this. I saw the worry in my husband’s eyes and for someone who generally keeps it together, i heard him say- haay, nag rigor gyud akong ulo. How can I make this work? And I wished I had more to offer than just a hug. He apologized this morning for us potentially having to move in with his parents and i asked him why he was sorry. I sunk in my seat because i saw the weight I had put on him more than ever. I felt so bad.

I worry about everyone. The people who depend on us, the people I am able to influence, my family, the people I don’t know, the people I want to help but cannot or I haven’t figured out how to help yet.

I don’t think I’m a bad person. I know in my heart I am not selfish, I never pretend to be someone I am not. I think logically, reason logically and am unbiased. I may not be perfect but I never use my imperfection as an excuse. I own up to my own shit. In fact, I get bullied because of it. And how come the ONE TIME I defend myself I am the villain?

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