I hope you can have pets in heaven.

At 3 am last night, one of my best friend’s dad passed away.

I woke up this morning with the horrible news and I felt my entire body go numb. I had to just sit for a moment and ask myself- what can I do? How can I help my friend? Is there anything I can do?

At this point, not much.

It’s so hard when people pass on because they forever leave the people they love behind. They move on and we get left here forever trying to heal and I don’t think we ever do.

I hate death and the fact that I can’t hug one of my oldest friends.

Tito, you will forever be loved & missed. Thank you for always calling me putot and gamay.

I hope you can have pets in heaven.

Online Shopping with Presstars [AD]

We’re at it again- online shopping for cheap maxi dresses in hopes of being able to wear them out sometime soon. lol. While they have lessened the restrictions here in my city, I find it best to still just stay inside the comforts of my own home but it does help lessen the cabin fever when you have new pieces heading your way. Especially when you’ve gotten them at such a steal of a price!

What do you think of these pieces I’ve been looking at?

It’s not exactly the season but I personally don’t think it hurts to stock up on cheap summer clothes especially because the one place I plan to go after the pandemic is over is to the beach!

I miss the feeling of sand between my toes and of course, the opportunity to take a beautiful sunset photo. Gaaah.

In the mean time- I guess we can all enjoy some good ol shopping.