Look At Me, I’m 23

Dress: Blind Clothing

So this is how I decided to turn 23 this year… in a tiny red dress at the corner of my tiny room feeling like I had the worst luck in the world. I was wrong. Thank God.

Let’s be honest, I’ve never been the happiest person in the world,  I’m always busy being mad at something or bitching about anything. But to be sad on your birthday is something I would never wish upon anybody.

 It really just felt like the day would never end and although I didn’t have a good reason to be sad (aside from the fact that I had no internet AT ALL), I was anyways.

But I guess life is weird like that. I guess I was lonely because it was my first real birthday without my family (last year I was in Bantayan) or maybe I’m bipolar and doomed for all of eternity. But whatever I was going through just got a whole lot better over dinner with my family and Paolo.

Me, the family girl, who would’ve known.

My life has changed soo much. I’m definitely not the 22 year old who didn’t know what she wanted.

I’m the 23 year old who knows what she wants and just wants to get it.

I hope you do too.



7 Replies to “Look At Me, I’m 23”

    1. Happy birthday to us, Twin! 🙂

      Thank you and I love you too.
      I forget to mention, the dress was one of the best things about my day. I feel soo sexy in it. <3

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